The UK’s GMC is at it again—challenging Dr. Skinner! Your help is needed.

What in the world is up with the medical system in the United Kingdom??

UK thyroid patients report it’s almost impossible to be on natural desiccated thyroid–a treatment which simply gives a thyroid patient back the T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin that a healthy thyroid would be making.

And now, the General Medical Council has decided to once again challenge a doctor who DARED to treat symptoms with a lab result in range, even though the patient clearly has hypothyroid symptoms. Thyroid patients are INFORMED patients, and we know the difference between what a man-made fallible lab range shows, and how we feel, especially the lousy use of the TSH lab test.

I first wrote about the Circus of Shame concerning the challenge Dr. Skinner’s fitness to practice here, which was 2006. Finally, five years later in 2011, you can read about Skinner being exonerated of all charges here! It was exciting. Sheila of TPA-UK outlines concerns with this entire fiasco here.

But it appears the General Medical Council wants to keep playing this broken record. They now have 5 more charges against him–i.e. the same old stuff about treating within the reference range. MANY patients have been treated with their lab test in range and report their lives changed!!

Says Sheila Turner of TPA-UK stated today, Feb. 18th, “Dr Skinner has 3 working days to get his defence together, he was away last week, and came back yesterday to find a big bundle in his post from the General Medical Council. The following is what I posted to all of my members yesterday. We have heard nothing more from the GMC or from Gordon’s legal team as we are now into the weekend, so will have to wait until Monday morning. As much as I know I have written below. See the last day of the GMC hearing and the Panel’s decision at that time. It just beggars belief. here .”

YOU CAN HELP!! Use the following to email short messages of support about being treated successfully with a lab result within the so-called normal range: with Dr. Skinner’s name and reference, C1-462487326 by this Tues 21st. The hearing (with hardly any notice) is on Wednesday 22nd Feb.

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5 Responses to “The UK’s GMC is at it again—challenging Dr. Skinner! Your help is needed.”

  1. Clare

    On the 29th August 2013 I travelled 145 miles to see the wonderful TOP DOC Skinner. The next day I had an appointment with a GP at my past Surgery 30 August 2013 , I was asked if Dr Skinner had any restrictions on his GMC registration , I replied yes and the reasons why – The GP’s reply was “Yes indeed you are right he does a restriction on his GMC registration fitness to practice ” My reply was , why did you ask me if you already knew the answer ? Its my belief this underhanded GP was going to report Doctor Skinner to the GMC if Id said I was not aware of this , since I have learnt Dr Skinner must inform patients he treats that he has a restriction to Practice, which of course Dr Skinner does – This behaviour by Doctors is appalling and beyond belief , Doctors are supposed to be “Honest and Open” , clearly this GP is less than truthful

  2. Kitty

    From the above You Tube: NHS Drs hardly dare go against the guidelines put in place by they RCS and the BTA despite over whelming scientific and historical evidence that they are wrong about thyroxine only being best treatment, and the TSH blood test is also not as gold standard as they would have you believe. This lady had to go to TEN specialists before getting any help, the type of which she will mostly have got ideas about from talking to others on forums. There are other treatments and other reasons for not getting well on thyroxine. Other viable treatments which the Drs either avoid or are ignorant about. As well as Thyroid UK there is Thyroid Patient Advocacy with great advice and Drs who advise them, or in the US google Stop the Thyroid Madness (also for excellent treatment advice ie what to look for in a Dr too) and Real Thyroid Help. Don’t put up with them fobbing you off with antidepressants and weight loss advice this is serious stuff. Lack of T3 is implicated in fibromyalgia and thyroid disfunction in chronic fatigue syndrome. Many serious health risks are associated with thyroid disorders, but if NHS Drs step outside the ”guidelines” they can find themselves up in front of the GMC, so they don’t, they let you suffer. They could give you some triiodithyroidine or Armor natural or its generics, if you don’t feel well on other treatments. Just some of the disgusting policies in modern medicine. Dr Chris doesn’t tell you the alternative here either does he? Neither does he debunk it but shhh we may get into trouble.

  3. Mary Garito

    I just wanted to share the letter I sent to the legal team who is going against Dr. Skinner.


    My name is Mary Garito and I wanted you to know that I am one of millions of people treating my hypothyroidism with dessicated thyroid medicine. I am also one of the many who do not use the TSH lab test to determine how sick I am.

    From what I understand your group is skeptical about this kind of approach to treating hypothyroidism. I’m not sure why you feel this way but I want to assure you that this is not something that you need to be afraid of.

    I used to have all these strange issues with my health. I called it “Mary’s Mystery Sickness.” I could never figure out why I was always so thirsty and cold and tired.

    No doctor was ever able to figure out what was wrong with me. Unfortunately all my symptoms did not line up with the only lab they would run: the TSH lab. It took over ten years of worsening health for a thoughtful doctor to pose the idea that perhaps I had a thyroid issue. She said, “all your symptoms sound like hypothyroidism.” She wasn’t even a endocrinologist or a thyroid doctor.

    So I started on my journey of intense research. I read everything I could. I slowly started to be convinced that I had hypothyroidism. Every symptom lined up. I found a doctor who agreed that I probably had that. The TSH lab didn’t reflect that I had it at first. But another year went by and FINALLY the lab test caught up with reality. By then the lab test didn’t even matter. I knew what was wrong and I finally started on dessicated thyroid medicine.

    Well the turn-around my body went through was nothing short of extraordinary. I now feel like I did when I was 6 years old. Happy alive excited! I’m rarely tired, never thirsty, and never colder than anyone else. A list of other symptoms the length of my arm have also lessened or gone away. To this day my fiance is so proud of me for figuring it out. My life and his life (and our relationship) is renewed and we couldn’t be happier.

    It is with the help of thoughtful doctors who look at a person’s symptoms that we could all benefit. I hope that you can open your mindset and allow for people to treat themselves how they see fit.

    If your reasons for attacking Dr. Skinner is because it undermines the drug industry’s ability to make money or because it shakes the medical status quo than I think you should take a moment as a human being and decide if that is good for the world. Why do you want millions of British people to suffer? Americans are thrilled to feel energetic and warm and excited for life for the first time in months, years or decades because they found dessicated medicine and a doctor who knows how to read symptoms and various medical labs. Why withhold this same right?

    Mary Garito

    This is in reference to the case:
    Dr. Skinner

  4. Sally

    Hounding this good Dr like this is outrageous.
    Treat us patients and NOT the blood tests.
    Who feels threatened by this Dr and others like him?
    Someone has to; there are at least three other Drs in the Uk who have been hounded in this way by the GMC.
    Dr Skinner has not killed a patient yet he has made many thousands of us well and they want to strike him off the medical register or force him into retirement, it seems.
    Drs are frightened to put their head above the parapet knowing this is how they will be treated. This prevents us getting good treatment in the future.
    I am frightened for the future and for my daughter and her children, if this is the future of medicine in the UK.

  5. Rachel

    I wonder if it is ALL Endo patients such as diabetics etc. who face struggles getting treatments such as Pig insulin and struggle to be allowed to have a blood sugar level in a range that feels live-able as opposed to synthetic treatments and strict lab numbers? I don’t think that thyroid endo patients are alone in this matter.


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