Important information about Cytomel, Dr. Skinner in the UK, and Missy Elliott

ARE YOU ON CYTOMEL? If you haven’t gotten a refill of your Cytomel lately (a synthetic T3-only medication), it’s important that you know that the former makers, King Pharmaceuticals, was bought out by Pfizer Canada, Inc last October 2010. Why is this important? Because as thyroid patient Mare found out the hard way recently, your local pharmacy may think it’s not made anymore, and scare the pants off of you by saying so.

In reality, your local pharmacy needs to contact Pfizer Canada about getting re-stocked. Says Mare, “The pharmacy’s inaccurate data caused me a great deal of angst this weekend as I was now totally out of the only thing (Cytomel) that’s even remotely made a bit of difference and now they were telling me I couldn’t get it anymore (do we patients always have to do everything ourselves??!!!)”

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WHY WOULD ANYONE BE ON T3-ONLY?? Did you know that if you have too high or too low cortisol levels, and/or low ferritin/low iron, there’s a good chance you may need to be on T3-only for awhile? Yes, when you have ongoing chronic issues as a thyroid patient, your body will respond by converting the T4 you have to excess Reverse T3. And excess RT3 will hog-and-clog the very cell receptors that would be receiving T3. Thus, you become hypo all over again. You can read more about it here. But if you want even more good detail about T3, how this active thyroid hormone helps you, the causes of RT3, and how to dose T3-only meds, get the Revised STTM book. It’s VERY worth it.

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THE CONTINUING SAGA OF DR. SKINNER IN THE UK: If you aren’t aware of the incredibly shocking story of beloved Dr. Gordon Skinner in the UK—a man who dared to prescribe thyroid treatment in lieu of a “normal” TSH lab result (which is a lab test that informed thyroid patient worldwide know is completely bogus)—you can read my 2006 blog post about him here, followed by the 2007 post here. Also, Sheila of TPA-UK gives detailed information here.

And everyone should know that his General Medical Council (GMC) hearing is coming up: July 28th and 29th, plus August 1st, 2nd and 3rd. This is to assess whether further action is needed after his 3 years of conditional practice are now up (as of late last year). Says a strong supporter of Dr. Skinner (and there are MANY): “Please let people know that their support is extremely valuable. Dr Skinner has asked for the hearing to be public and the GMC should accommodate everyone.”

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HIP HOP MISSY ELLIOTT HAD RAI FOR HER GRAVES DISEASE: How many informed thyroid patients groan when they hear news like this concerning the use of RAI (radioactive iodine)! Thyroid patients worldwide bemoan the use of Radioactive Iodine treatment because of its potential for immense side effects. And all over the net, we read that’s just what was done to Missy Elliott in her battle with Graves disease aka hyperthyroidism. See the People Magazine article here.

Says the Atomic Women website:

Rheumatoid arthritis is also an autoimmune disease. But, fortunately, limbs are not being amputated nor radiated.

Diabetes mellitus is also an autoimmune disease. And, fortunately, the pancreas is not being removed or radiated.

What is the point of irradiating and killing thyroid glands, which are fundamental for life?

We, as thyroid patients worldwide, wish the best for Missy. And we hope that if she is like many who eventually become hypothyroid, she will discover and learn from Stop the Thyroid Madness!

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8 Responses to “Important information about Cytomel, Dr. Skinner in the UK, and Missy Elliott”

  1. Terri

    “Dana said on Jul 24, 11 at 4:02 pm: I use Cynomel from Mexico. My doctor’s office told me about it, and it sure is cheaper than Cytomel!”

    I have a few questions: Do you cross the border, or mail order it? Where is it sold and what is the generic name there? When I looked it up a few years ago it came in one dose only–time released 75mcg. If you could send me a link, or information on how to find it in any of the border towns along CA it would be very appreciated!

    • Elba

      I see so many that are being treated with Cytomel by it from Mexico. I would like to know which places are good to order from. Is it possible for you to tell me? Email me here:

  2. meg

    I was on Cytomel for several months, but am no longer taking it. It was causing heart palpitations, at first only occasionally, then several times throughout the day – to the point where I was afraid I was going to have a heart attack. My labs showed my TSH was 0.08 – way below the normal range. Since being off the Cytomel, the palpitations have disappeared. So, if you’re on it, be aware of the side effects.

    (From Janie: actually, unless you were taking much more than you needed, Cytomel doesn’t have side effects like palps, unless you have undiscovered or undertreated adrenal dysfunction, or low iron/low ferritin. Then it can cause those palps, patients have learned repeatedly. So they do the right labs, then the right treatment, and they do great on Cytomel until they can transition over to desiccated thyroid. and )

  3. Dana

    I use Cynomel from Mexico. My doctor’s office told me about it, and it sure is cheaper than Cytomel!

  4. Christine

    I was treated in 2008 with RAI treatment and I also have Graves Disease. I’m currently 40, I workout daily and eat well and I’m on 100 mcg of Synthroid 6 days a week and 88 mcg’s once a week. I feel great. I recently completed my first Triathlon. The key for me is working out. I mix it up. I bike, swim, walk, jog, Yoga, and do P90X and I believe this is why I have NOT had any bad side effects these past years. This is a disease that is livable. I try to keep a positive outlook. I tell myself all the time, it could be worse. I’m in good hands with my Endo.

    (From Janie: Just to keep in the back of your mind–some people do report doing well on Synthroid…for awhile. But it seems to catch up to all of them, in their own degree or variety, whether adrenal fatigue (because your adrenals are kicking in to keep you going on a poor treatment and you don’t realize it), or rising blood pressure or cortisol, or the need to nap…or your own manifestation of one or more of other issues, which you can see here: Good luck, and glad you have a positive attitude. Just look for the signs.)

  5. Lisa

    I too was told RAI was my ONLY treatment option. My DR NEVER once mentioned drugs were available to suppress my hyper active thyroid or that Graves goes into remission eventually. After RAI I have NEVER been healthy again. Even on best days I am not 100% and I don’t believe I ever will be again. MAYBE RAI was my only option BUT I deserved to be told ALL of my options before permanently destroying such an important part of MY body.

    If you are considering RAI and aren’t healthy enough to advocate for yourself find someone who can concentrate, think straight, remember the facts, etc. before destroying your thyroid FOREVER. If I had it to do over I would NOT have RAI again.

  6. Alana

    One of my favourite singers, Sia Furler, was diagnosed with Graves fairly recently – I remember her announcing it on twitter in 2010 – she seemed relieved that she wasn’t going crazy – that there was a reason for her anxiety etc, being her thyroid condition (I remember feeling exactly the same thing when I found STTM in 2009 and realised my bipolar symptoms in 2001 were actually caused by my thyroid condition and that my lingering hypo symptoms ever since weren’t all related to inability to control my anxiety/my personality/some weird undetectable virus/being lazy etc).

    I’m pretty sure Sia ended up getting RAI soon after being diagnosed with Graves. One of the below news articles I’ve linked to mentioned she ended up having her thyroid gland removed completely (unsure of it’s accuracy). I mentioned the risk of hypothyroidism with RAI and the STTM website on one of her fan websites but unsure if the info ever got to her – I hope it did.

    Here’s a few links to some articles about it (unsure of their accuracy):

    and her twitter account:!/SIAMUSIC

    I hope she’s doing better now – I listened to her latest album ‘We Are Born’ a lot during my initial attempt at full recovery from high RT3 levels in 2010 which always helped lift my spirits (and boy, did T3 only treatment make a huge and positive difference to my health!) Currently going through another ‘bump in the road’ in my recovery thanks to being able to access proper health care for my thyroid condition whilst living in Europe recently, but confident I’ll get through it.

    Catherine Zeta Jones also comes to mind when I read your blog post – she’s recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder after what I can only imagine would have been an extremely stressful time for her, supporting her husband fighting cancer. In my opinion, bipolar disorder is a result of hypothyroidism and related hormonal imbalances – with high reverse T3 levels seeming to be quite a common cause of the hypothyroidism in bipolar (often resulting in low normal TSH levels and high normal fT4 and even fT3 levels – so when tested, thyroid is too quickly ruled out as a potential cause of the bipolar symptoms and so starts the psychotropic drugs, many of which make the thyroid condition worse).

    I hope both artists find STTM and are able to restore their health. I can’t help but feel selfish enough to hope they find a way of using their fame to help us, as a large body of thyroid patients worldwide, prompt change in the way thyroid conditions are currently being diagnosed, monitored and treated in the future. Change is so desperately needed.

  7. Gina

    Several years ago, I unfortunately also had RAI for my Graves. I was young, and like so many people, trusted my doctor when she said, “This is your only treatment option”. I was uneducated about thyroid disorders, and at that time I had no idea the roller coaster ride that I was in for with Graves and consequently hypothyroidism. About 8 years later I am managing ok, but even on dessicated thyroid I have a mix of odd symptoms, both hyper and hypo. I often wonder if this is the lingering impact of my RAI. I wish I had found this community before undergoing this treatment and I commend you for the efforts you make in educating and supporting thyroid patients. Thank you.


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