Recall of certain batches of Armour–US, Belgium, UK

If you have 1/2 grain (30 mg) tablets, a label error caused some one grain tablets (60 mg) to be labeled as 1/2 grain tablets (30 mgs). That would mean you could be overdosing yourself if you are taking 1/2 grains. Both sizes need to be returned to your pharmacist with this information and exchanged. i.e. COPY THIS when you take them back.

NOTE: they would be Lot #: 1077413 with an expiration of 9/30/2011 This is what your pharmacist would need to know.


Armour Thyroid (thyroid tablets, USP), 1/2 grain (30 mg) , each tablet contains 19 mcg levothyroxine (T4) and 4.5 mcg liothyronine (T3), 100-count bottle, NDC 0456-0458-01. Recall # D-231-2011
Lot #: 1077413, Exp. 9/30/2011
Recalling Firm: Forest Pharmaceuticals Inc., Earth City, MO, by telephone and letters on October 6, 2010.
Manufacturer: Forest Pharmaceuticals Inc., Cincinnati, OH. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Labeling: Label error on declared strength; some bottles are mislabeled as containing 1/2-grain tablets but actually contain 1-grain tablets. The entire lot is being recalled even though some bottles are labeled correctly because bottles of 1/2-grain and 1-grain could be shrink-wrapped together.
31,172 bottles approx.
Nationwide, PR, Belgium and the United Kingdom

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One Response to “Recall of certain batches of Armour–US, Belgium, UK”

  1. Victoria Page

    Armour has been recalled many times over the years. Many pharmacists order prescription drugs in large quantities and decant them into their own bottles with their own labels. While their label will have the manufacturer, it usually does not have the lot number or any other identification for what batch it comes from. Unless, the pharmacist contacts the customers, the customers have no way of knowing if they are taking an Rx that has been recalled. Whenever possible, request your Rx in the original manufacturer’s bottle. If that is not possible, request the pharmacist put the lot number on their label.

    When I was paying attention to the recall pages over about five years, some years ago, I do not recall Nature-Throid ever being recalled. However, the initial batches I was getting in early 2010, after they were gearing up again after their epic backlog, it was some bad stuff and probably should have been recalled. However, it seems to have recovered its quality.

    Your newsletters are great, Janie, and I’m glad to see them more frequently. I’ll be buying your book very soon. It looks great. In fact a pharmacy technician I was ordering from told me the pharmacy had bought it and they were all reading it there. I didn’t mention it. She brought it up.

    You stress adrenals a lot as relating to thyroid. I’ve never had my adrenals tested. I am generally never at a loss for energy and don’t suffer from tiredness at all, as long as I have enough thyroid. If I have abundant energy, do you think it’s still worth getting adrenals tested? I do have a fair amount of stress., but most of the listed adrenal symptoms I don’t have.


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