How LDN, Baking Soda and ALA cured her cancer–very remarkable story!

I meet many amazing individuals via the internet who have struggled with thyroid problems and clueless doctors. And my latest internet thyroid friend is Francie.

Francie is the owner of an Multiple Schlerosis group that uses LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) in their treatment. And besides having dealt with MS, she is a thyroid patient who had half her thyroid removed due to a cancer threat. Afterwards, her doctors never suggested that her fatigue, feeling cold, and weight gain was anything except in her head while pushing SSRI anti-depressants on her. She asks “Why can we not keep it simple? Why do they think that we need powerful prescription drugs when a simple hormone can do wonders? “

But Francie’s story goes beyond her thyroid issue. She played a huge role in CURING HER UTERINE CANCER through the use of LDN, Baking Soda, and ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid). I was SO amazed that she gave me permission to post it here. Read this!

I have found three cheap, easy and safe suggestions to combat cancer: LDN, Baking Soda and ALA.

LDN is Low Dose Naltrexone. I originally started to use it for my Multiple Sclerosis and it honestly gave me my life back. I kept reading about others who were using it for cancers (and other auto-immune diseases, too, like Hashimotos), but that did not affect me, so paid little attention other than to note that the treatment adds Alpha Lipoic Acid, which is a very powerful antioxidant, among other things.

Then in September, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Upon examination, it had apparently spread to the cervix, since that area was white and not good looking. Since I could not get an appointment for a couple of weeks (we have no insurance and the only option in this country was the University of Louisville teaching hospital) I decided to do all that I could to combat it during the wait.

I added the ALA (two 300mg capsules daily on an empty stomach) and along with that, infusions of baking soda in the uterus and then a soaked tampax next to the cervix. Within two weeks, the cervical lesions were gone.

Two weeks later, when I went to Mexico for surgery (I really did not need that uterus at age 62), the pathology showed that there was no evidence of cancer on the cervix or surrounding tissue. I attribute that to the constant sodium bicarbonate environment.

There was also no evidence of cancer in the adjacent lymph nodes or pelvic fluid. I attribute that to the LDN and ALA. It was obvious that the cancer predated my use of the LDN, which enormously improves the body’s own immune system, and there was no indication that it had metastasized outside the uterus. Inside the uterus is very hard for anything to penetrate as it is designed to be walled off from the body’s immune system, since it is made to hold what is recognized as a parasite to the host (baby in a mother.) So it is not surprising that the tumor was not killed in the uterus.

I also refused chemo and radiation. With the clean pathology, all of the Mexican doctors recommended that I take care of myself stay as healthy as possible. All of the US doctors recommended chemo at $10,000-15,000 per treatment. If they don’t recommend it and something happens, they can be sued. If they do recommend it and they kill you with it, they cannot be sued. That does not say much about my part in the equation.

There are excellent videos that explain these treatments. Doing a Google for “LDN ALA and cancer” will get lots of info. There is also a yahoo group called lowdosenaltrexone with more than 9000 members, including very knowledgeable doctors to help.

To do some research, one cannot do better than get Dr. Berkson’s book: “The Alpha Lipoic Acid Breakthrough”. He has cured even pancreatic cancers and has the scientific research to prove it. You can see his speech on YouTube here:

Like me, you probably want to really beat the bushes and use anything and everything that seems logical, makes sense and CAN DO NO HARM, especially when they are cheap as well. That is what baking soda, LDN and ALA all promise.

Not one of my US doctors suggested any of these, and yet there are people who know that they have cured or stopped the progression of horrible diseases with just these cheap and available products. Our American medical system is drug and money driven. We are sadly, not much healthier for it, in my opinion.

My best wishes to all,


Changing the pH factor makes a huge difference in most living things on earth. We all live in a very narrow pH range.

For this reason, I am always shocked that people are willing to take expensive and life threatening drugs for toe nail fungus, like the one sold on TV for instance. Soaking the feet a couple of times per week in a vinegar solution (1/3 vinegar to 2/3 water) will kill it right away. It can take a year of soaking while the big toe nail grows back, but at least you are not taking powerful drugs in the whole body to affect a small area. Same thing with fingernail fungus. Just keep a pill bottle of diluted vinegar near where you work or sleep and dip the finger in each day or so.

So, it was no surprise that changing the pH factor might inhibit cancer. My main hesitation was the leap to believing that cancer is actually a fungus. I am not so sure that it is. HOWEVER, I can imagine that fungus sets in with an unhealthy environment and I can also imagine that fast growing cells (cancer) would be more affected by a pH change than normal cells. So, I don’t have to even believe that cancer is fungus to give a change of pH a try. It is cheap and easy and the main question to me is, “why wouldn’t you?” We are talking your life. It is worth saving.

I think that cervical cancer and skin cancer would be the BEST ones to try and probably the most successful for exactly the same reason listed above. You are directly treating the affected area rather than having to change the whole body environment, like with brain or lung cancer.

The cervix is the opening to the uterus. So, if they said cervical cancer, then it is not the same as uterine cancer (I am hoping it is not both, as it was with me.)

If I were your girlfriend. I would douche with a sodium bicarbonate solution. In Mexico, it is sold in drug stores as bicarsol, which is a 5% sterile solution. This is what I had my doctors rinse the pelvic region out with before closing my incision from my hysterectomy.

I don’t think that you need sterile for douching. I used a much more concentrated solution, but after talking with a doctor that I trust, he feels that a VERY concentrated solution could burn the healthy tissue in such a delicate region, as opposed to on the skin, where I read that patients use a baking soda paste. As a suggestion, I would dissolve a tablespoon full in a cup of water, which should give a nicely basic solution. After douching, do not rinse out the solution, but leave it with that high pH all day.

No matter what else the doctors recommend, you can still do this. My cancer was also in the uterus, so we did infusions of baking soda solution directly inside the uterus. We have medical backgrounds and were not intimidated by this, although I apologize to any who are offended by talking about private areas 🙂 . I don’t know if it helped there, as the tumor was already quite large and I only had a couple of weeks between diagnosis and the surgery to remove it.

I am personally opposed to chemo and radiation and was determined to not go that route. With my use of LDN and ALA (low dose naltrexone and alpha lipoic acid), I feel comfortable that I am doing more and living a healthier life than if I poisoned myself as recommended by western doctors. I believe that in future decades, we will look back on that practice with bafflement and horror, like we look back on bleeding people to cure the plague in the dark ages.

Don’t let your girlfriend be traumatized or intimidated by her doctors. I found the US doctors cavalier, haughty and offended that I had my own ideas and did not instantly treat them like gods. They were horrified that I would go to Mexico for surgery at 1/10th the price that they wanted to charge for the same thing. Not one of them offered something that I could do while waiting for them to wave their magic wands, as if they have any cure other than surgery, chemo and radiation. They did not mention healthy eating, pH factor or immune system improvement or anti-oxident supplementation. They were close minded and dogmatic.


From Janie: please note that I am not posting this for you to take things into your hands, or to direct you against radiation or chemo. Each person, along with working with a trusted and good doctor, has to make their own decision. But I found it VERY impressive and worth educating you about.

You can read more about Low Dose Naltrexone here.

Important notes: All the information on this website is copyrighted. STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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  1. Jenna

    Baking soda is awesome if you get the kind with no aluminum..I get mine at the health food store & organic apple cider vinegar does work for fungus in my experience 🙂

  2. N Max

    Its pretty clear Big Pharma wants everyone on Soma… even if you only have hangnail… this seems some political agenda… hmmmm And for the nay sayers… There is a French doctor who is absolutely curing Cancer with baking soda… even large tumors – he is injecting B/S into them — it has something to do with cancer can’t grow in an alkaline environment — and B/S creates alkalinity – I take 1/2 tsp per day just to keep my body less acidic so its not a breeding ground for disease — most of the foods today are highly acidic… meat and vegetables seem to be the safest things to eat these days, depending on where they come from – I’d avoid foreign meat which is very prevalent — they’re not checking it all that well and I believe a lot of the ALZ, ALS and Parkinsons is coming from this foreign meat – China is now processing most of the chicken and now pork… buyer beware – I’m buying all of mine from Whole Foods – all American…

  3. Christine


    I’ve had burning in the thyroid area four months before having a multi-nodular toxic goiter full of small hot nodules with some cold and a partial cold lobe. Anyway, The burning in that area continues and my “natural doctor” wanted to put me on Gabapentin. I asked if I could just go on Alpha Lipoic Acid after reading it can be used as an alternative to Gabapentin. With being new to having my thyroid out, my ferritin levels low, no cortisol levels yet, and just starting the 2 grain range of NDT four weeks post op, I have read that Alpha Lipoic Acid can interfere with thyroid hormones?

    Does anyone know if this is true or not?

    If so, I’m taking 250 mg in the morning and 250 mg at night atleast 4 hours away from taking NDT. If this does interfer, does anyone know how much extra NDT I would need to take to counter this?

    I’m also taking hydrocodone (a half) some times four times a day to try to keep the burning (neuropathy pain down).

    Would this interfer with my thyroid hormones too?

    My natural doctor thinks that once my thyroid hormones are working properly, the neuropathy will go away yet I’m taking ALA so I don’t have to take so much pain medication. I also started taking some malic acid with magnesium with my pain meds to help with neuropathy pain.

    Any help would be great.

    Tomorrow will be four weeks from a total thyroidectomy and I’m still homebound most of the time. I can have a good couple of hours mostly in the evening and then the next morning, I’m down again. I rarely have energy, there are nights I don’t sleep well, there are times of great anxiety and weepiness. There are times of great burning pain in that area yet like yesterday, my last half of a hydro was 10:30 am. and I had no pain for the rest of the evening. It wasn’t until being woken in the middle of the night did I have pain. I did take a pain pill before bed in hoping to avoid this. Please help.


    p.s. Atleast the burning in my body has gone down a great deal. Only get it in my face a bit once in a great while.

  4. DONNA

    whats the best and safest tampon to use??

  5. DONNA

    How did you soak the tampons in baking soda and insert them?? and what is the safest and best tampon to use??

  6. Mila/AK

    Melissa, don’t be afraid for as long as u have no severe bleeding and pain I don’t think you need to do the hysterectomy. But u need to change your diet and lifestyle. Most of all take control of your health and EDUCATE yourself as I do. Matthew7:7 have FAITH in God. In my opinion it makes sense Dr. Simoncinis baking soda treatment. I was diagnosed with pre-cervical cancer cin 2-cin3 To be honest I was confused with medical system, they said at first I don’t need to worry about it, can go away on it’s own butI need to go to specialist . After seeing the gyneco/oncologist everything became too fast for me where I had LEEP procedure done. there’s no waiting to see the success or fails of the LEEP to know how i’m feeling. They only asked if i want more kids if not u don’t need ur reproductive organ. it became like a fashion or trend to be a woman without your repro 🙂 It’s not for me. Every parts of our body is important from head to toe. I believe in traditional conventional but make sure it makes sense. You assess your habit of eating, stress our lifestyle u know something u did not to right that needs correction, in my case I don’t eat cruciferous veggies raw etc. I need to correct that and more. Study how the body works we can access now everything in the internet. Wish you the best.

  7. Melissa

    Hi Francie,
    Thank you for all of your posts and info. I was recently diagnosed with “fragments of endocervical adenocarcinoma-at least in situ.” So, cervical cancer, basically. I also had pappilary thyroid cancer about 12 years ago. I did opt for a total-thyroidectomy back then because I was young (26 yrs old) and scared. Since this isn’t my first rodeo, and I’ve been taking all natural thyroid replacement for 7 years now, and educating myself on treating the whole body, I’m not interested in getting a hysterctomy at age 37. I don’t like the approach “You-have-cancer-let’s-cut-it-out” as my only option. I’m curious as to how often I should douche with the baking soda solution? And how often to use the soaked tampon? I’m going to get on this right away. I also wanted to add that my first pap smear about 4 weeks ago came back with carcinoma cells. My second pap smear performed by an oncologist about 5 days ago came back clear (no carcinoma on endocervial pap) however after a biopsy (a small sample that was taken from my cervix) came back with “fragments of endocervical adenocarcinoma-at least in situ.” So, I really feel like I can knock these cancer cells out myself! They are pressuring me to move forward with a “cold knife cone” surgery which sounds just lovely! 😉 And get this, the oncologist said even f I did the cone procedure and it came back clear she’d still want me to have a hysterectomy! That just seems insane to me. I just wondered if you could share any thoughts or advice on the amount, or how often to douche, etc… I am anxious to get started. Thanks so much. I’m a total optimist. I really struggle with today’s approach to treating cancer through our conventional means of cutting-chemo-radiation. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Thanks so much for any input you would like to share!

  8. Kelly

    Just wanted to note that Alpha Lipoic Acid is strongly contraindicated if one has amalgam fillings or any sort of mercury toxicity. Google “Andrew Hall Cutler PhD” for more information on how to safely use ALA for chelation six months after fillings have been removed.

  9. jagadish

    Thanks for sharing.So you did undergo hysterectomy for your uterine cancer and did sodium bicarb douche as well along with LDN and AlA?Thanks.

  10. nancy geissler

    help with hypothyroid….dx 4 months ago…..tried synthyroid and armour………..dose not right….ended up being hyperthyroid and had to go to hospital………….now he said take nothing til september……..feel much better now, watching diet, and taking t-throxine and kelp natural supplements……………thanks, hope you are doing well…thanks

  11. Linda

    Go to youtube and search Burt Berkson M.D. ALA/LDN
    Videos of him speaking at different symposiums in his use of ALA infusion and LDN for different types of cancer. Fascinating stuff.

  12. Francie

    Beth’s question about the partial thyroidectomy: In 2000, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and had an MRI of the brain and spine. From the MRI, they identified an enlarged thyroid and suspected cancer. They said that they could do a biopsy, but it might miss the cancer and would not prove anything, so surgery was scheduled.

    They removed the enlarged side and sent it for biopsy and when it came back perfectly normal, they left the other half in.

    For two years, I was more and more fatigued, but the neurologist blamed it on the MS, I guess not being aware that the half thyroid had been removed, even though I was under her care when I went for surgery.

    Once you have one problem, the doctors tend to blame everything on it. My neurologist could not see past the MS diagnosis, so she was surprised when I refused to take anti-depressants until I had thyroid tests. She agreed, once I required it.

    At the same time, once one centers on thyroid, I think that it can be missed that other lowered hormones as one ages can cause many of the same symptoms. If a person is of peri-menapausal age, consider getting tested for estrogen, progesterone and testosterone and consider supplementation with bio-identicals only.

    I take 3 grains of armour thyroid daily. Often when a person starts LDN, they can lower their use of thyroid medicine, as the LDN improves the immune system and the thyroid health improves. But since my use of thyroid medicine is from surgical removal, the LDN has not changed my dosage.

    I think that thyroid supplementation is important, but also want to emphasize that until I started iodine supplementation, the armour alone did not cure my cold hands and feet.


  13. Francie

    I had not read the comments and I apologize for not responding earlier.

    Priscilla is right that the “white and not healthy” is not a cancer diagnosis. But the large tumor in the uterus was definitely cancer, confirmed from biopsy and the cervical region is normally removed with the uterus, so it was not specifically or separately biopsied.

    When Dr. Simoncini proposed that cancer is composed of fungus, his evidence was that the cancers were white (among other things.) I was surprised that the region at the opening of the uterus was white and lumpy when starting the baking soda soaking and weeks later was pink and healthy looking after the baking soda soaking. Everybody can draw their own conclusions, but after looking at these facts, I would be tempted to believe that the baking soda certainly did no harm.

    Priscilla is also wrong in that the uterine infusion does not require cervical dilation once a woman has had children. My husband and I do Artificial Insemination horse breeding as well as embryo transplants and have much experience with infusing the uterus in endangered species. We also have our own ultrasound machine and equipment. A fairly fine straw can be inserted in the uterus with no problem and does not take either drugs or a doctor to do it. Having said that, I do NOT recommend it for somebody who has not had extensive training, as perforation of the uterus could be life threatening. It is not something that one can easily do on themselves 🙂 In addition, I do not claim that it made any difference in the tumor, as I had surgery within weeks of diagnosis.

    As far as toenail and fingernail fungus, Priscilla is both right and wrong. It IS a fungus of the nail bed, but you CAN cure it with vinegar. It is important to cut the nail back as far as possible and even use a dremel tool or nail grinder to remove as much nail as possible to allow the soaking to penetrate the lower layers. It works and should be tried by anybody, especially those who are contemplating taking internal system-wide drugs to do the same thing, but at much greater risk.

    I have presented my story, from my point of view, along with the conclusion that I drew from it. I come from an extensive medical background, but am not a doctor, so will refrain from giving individual advice, other than to say that if I have cancer, the three things that I can and WOULD do to combat it are all cheap, safe and available: Low Dose Naltrexone, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Baking Soda.

    I hope this clarifies some points a bit.


    • Janie

      Thanks for your replies, Francie.


    • Linda

      I have had 2 lletz treatments and over the years the cells progressed and was due for more treatment and decided to research natural remedies,
      I found Dr Simoncini’s site and by administering the Bicarbonate soda to the area for over a few month the CIN3 has gone . when I went for my check up and treatment during the Colposcopy nothing showed up , 5 months ago I could obviously see the white abnormal area , but this time I could see nothing , the doctor insisted that It must be deeper and in a different area , but I could see he was lying or just confused … it couldn’t have moved !! He still recommended cutting the area to remove the cervix even though their was nothing their to see… he even recommended a hysterectomy, I asked for a recheck of cells but he said NO… he would only refer to the biopsy results from 6 months ago … I said I didn’t need the treatment, I know it is gone and I feel so much better, I will gladly share my story and what Dr Simoncini recommends to anyone who will listen … The truth must be shared..

      • Ann Yacoel

        Hi Linda. I don’t know where your cancer was, but I have uterine cancer stage 1A. I have emailed Dr. Simoncini, and am still awaiting a reply. Can you give me any advise or guidance. I thought with a douche it would reach into the uterus ( the baking soda I mean). Is that not so?
        Please let me know, as his web site protocol page is a little confusing to me and he still hasn’t replied.
        Thanks in advance


        • Lynn

          Find a naturepath Dr who will work with you. There are many different ways to use sodium bicarbonate for healing . Sometimes bathing in a solution helps. ER at hospitals use it intravenously for emergencies. Don’t give in. Keep insisting. Be your own advocate.

      • Ann Yacoel

        Hi Linda. I don’t know where your cancer was, but I have uterine cancer stage 1A. I have emailed Dr. Simoncini, and am still awaiting a reply. Can you give me any advise or guidance. I thought with a douche it would reach into the uterus ( tghe baking soda I mean). Is that not so?
        Please let me know, as his web site protocol page is a little confusing to me and he still hasn’t replied.
        Thanks in advance


      • victoria

        My story is that I read this doctor article years ago …my 7 year old had a fungus on his head and it kept getting bigger deeper and full of puss and hair loss going deeper into his scalp 8 month into this cream doctor decides to give pills that could kill my baby…7 year old the space infected on his head was the size of a small orange …out of fear of the pills and the grossness of the fungus I was looking online I saw this Italian doctor…cancer is a fungus….one night visiting grandmas house …we made a paste of baking soda and water and put it on this fungus by the next morning puss was leaving and hair was growing….my son has super long beautiful hair no patches from fungus…..I went back to the doctor after this 8 month ordeal and told him what I had done to cure my son and he turned to his assistant and said oh she a smart mom …..doctors are out for money he would have killed my kid with his meds I saved him .69 cent baking soda box……sharing this for the first time …..repost if you wish… Dont care they just want to give you medicine….without solving the problem….first creams more creams wound just got bigger and full of puss his last solution was to give him medicine that could have destroyed all his organs….I researched the medicine and that’s why I was so scared and looked for an alternate solution…it worked and I trusted this doctor with my kids for years…..if I’m so smart as a mom and he’s the doctor what does that make him???? Not so smart or just caniving because he explained to his assistant in front of me why the sodium works ….because it creates an alkaline environment and it litteraly works almost over night……thanks for helping me share….

    • CherylAnn

      Re toenail “fungus,” an alternative perspective: following years of desperately attempting to overcome toenail “fungus” with everything from alternative & drug treatment, even having a podiatrist remove both large toenails to NO AVAIL: two summers ago I was sunning myself with my sister in law who is a veteran cosmotologist…. and she simply stated, “My god, you have a horrible case of keratin build-up on your toenails!”

      “What? Not a fungus?” She showed me how to file my nails flat (so they’d look healthy), and the rest was up to me: if I was depositing anything in excess that wasn’t being absorbed & assimilated, I had to look at that firstly. As she so eloquently stated coming from decades in the beauty field, “Anything appearing on the outside is indicative of what’s going on within; these (hair, skin & nails) are our tattle tales.”

  14. Victor

    ALA is *antagonistic* to thyroid function. Start here and work forward:
    Segermann J, Hotze A, Ulrich H, et al. Effect of alpha-lipoic acid on the peripheral conversion of thyroxine to triiodothyronine and on serum lipid-, protein- and glucose levels. Arzneimittelforschung 1991;41:1294-1298 1991.

  15. travis

    i have much faith in alternative treatments. doctors know alot, but there is so much they dont know! there is know way they could know it all. unfortunately, doctors follow a belief system, and often it is faulty. I’ve had two different doctors give me a different diagnosis on the same thing. i believe the woman who diagnosed a small lesion when my normal doctor shrugged it off as something normal on the skin…and they are very dismissive when you suggest something other than synthroid… pisses me off! it does……..

  16. peggy

    I myself regret that I had no alternative resources in 2001 when my thyroid was removed. I am on Medicaid and you get no choices in treatment. I now have a doctor who has no clue about my steady weight gain and fibro. I have to take things into my own hands just to try and better my life. I WANT and NEED to feel better.

  17. Beth

    I am curious about Francie’s partial thyroidectomy. Reason being, I have had one myself and wondering how she has faired thyroid meds., doctors etc.


  18. Michelle

    Thanks for the article. Doug Kaufman of Know the Cause has been saying for years that cancer is caused by fungus.
    With all the news I hear from others about curing cancer with anti-fungal (candida) diet and using fungus fighting supplements. I believe!

    • Lynn

      So TIRED of closed minded medical minds not open to alternative options for healing. Modern western medicine seems to operate out of a very tiny box. Doug Kaufman, Dr Sircus both good sources for sodium bicarbonate alternatives. Oddly enough you can get a good ebook barnes and noble titled SODIUM BICARBONATE loaded with good info. Be your own best advocate. Your life depends on it.

  19. Priscilla

    Honestly? I do not think this woman had cervical cancer. And her story does not make sense. There is no way she put infusions of baking soda inside her uterus: this would require cervical dialation, something she could not do herself at home.

    Janie, this story simply does not ring true. Her cervix was “all white and didn’t look good”? That’s not a cancer diagnosis.

    She is also not correct WRT toenail fungus. A nail fungus is not a topical infection. it is an infection inside the matrix of the nail bed; a soak in vinegar will not cure it. It will kill the external manifestation, but not the internal.

    This is dangerous misinformation.

    I think those who have interacted with me on the forums know that I am not opposed to alternative treatments and natural medicine, but the things Francie is saying simply are not true.

    • Janie

      Priscilla, I appreciate reading your concerns. I hope Francie will respond, because you have a good point about how one would get baking soda into the uterus. I do know there’s a way to do so for the lungs. For the rest, I am personally impressed with what I’ve been reading in patient groups about the positive effects they’ve gained from the use of LDN, ALA and/or baking soda. So I don’t want to cancel that out. I think it’s all worth looking into with a critical mind. Do know that with ALA , there’s research evidence that it can cause problems int he conversion of T4 to T3, so if one was on it, they may have to talk to their doc about adding a slight more thyroid. There’s a good yahoo group called lowdosenaltrexone that can help with exploration.


      • Rebecca

        Hi, having been recently diagnosed with metastisis in my lungs I would be very interested in details on how you get soda bicarb directly into the lungs.

        • Janie

          Hi Rebecca. You would use what is called a Nebulizer. There are several on the internet but you might be able to purchase one where you live. Then do an internet search about its use with lung cancer and baking soda and see what you think. I’d also try and find a doctor who will support you as you do this. Second, read the website by Dr. Sircus–search for that, too. Finally, here’s my own ongoing blog post about working to kick my husband’s recurring bladder cancer with the same method, though he can drink the baking soda:

        • Mark

          Try a nebuliser with bicarbonate of soda in it!

      • angela

        Pricilla keep getting your advise from doctors and they’ll have you on a thousand different medications if someone is willing to give you their testimonie why not take their word. I really don’t think ppl will wakeup and blog a lie. I’m all for ppls testimonies. ive cured myself from diseases by other ppls testimonies. my husband had bladder infection and instead of taking what the doctor wanted to prescribe him I gave him baking soda and honey cured his infection and cough.

      • Lynne

        Skeptics…good things! If one were not skeptical, we would all just follow like sheep whatever physicians say. Even (or especially) in cancer treatment a lot of treatment options…whether mainstream or holistic, are a crap shoot. in my case, I was first diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2011, I had Davinci (robotic) surgery …total hysterectomy and node removal…30 days after diagnosis. Afterwards, the surgeon from highly rated cancer center decided that we would just adopt a “wait and see” attitude, since they had taken such wide margins. All looked good till 2.5 years later, when cramping and vaginal blood appeared. I was then sent to larger teaching hospital center …one of the “12 Centers of Distinction”. There it was found that a large tumor had grown at the vaginal cuff and was interfering with the rectum….and…you guessed it …more surgery was recommended. So three weeks later I was split from belly button to vagina, the tumor was removed, again with wide margins, and the rectum was re-sectioned. After months of healing and several infections, life returned to normal. Results lasted 16 months when again pain and blood. Back to the center, and the cancer had returned in three sites…spine, cuff area (jammed between rectum, vagina and bladder) and right ovarian area (remember, ovaries gone). So now esteemed surgeon says the I must have a total exenteration, and have rectum, bladder and vagina removed…an extremely morbid surgery with poor prognosis. Said no chemo or radiation would help. I left in a panic, went back to my original small hospital cancer center and begged them to come up with and allow me another treatment option. After much debate, and because of the large area now needing treatment, it took some time to come up with a radiation plan. But they did, and after 15 high dose treatments, two of the areas were tumor free, and only a remnant of the larger cuff tumor remained…the most serious one, and they felt it was necrotic (dead or dying). Only 7 months later, it was back. They wanted to proceed to the dreaded surgery. Again, I begged to be given another option. So we proceeded to chemo…cisplatin and doxorubicin. At end of treatment, it had shrunk by 2/3rds but not disappeared. Again…the exenteration surgery thrown out as only remaining option.

        Nothing left but to take matters in my own hands. Researched the “net” till my eyeballs were throbbing from the exertion. Found baking soda protocol, vitamin d overloading, aspirin therapy, magnesium soaks. Started doing them all. Baking soda douches every other day (1 tablespoon to 1 cup alkaline water), baking soda water tampon used only at night , 325mg aspirin daily. 25k vitamin D3 daily, 600 mg ALA…. Went for check up 2 months after final chemo, tumor had shrunk again by 1/2. 2 months later, CT showed no change. 4 months later… no change. Today again, after 4 months…no change.

        So I told the surgeon and head of the Oncology dept what I had been doing. He looked me straight in the eyes, nodded and said “Just keep doing what you’re doing…nothing you’re doing will hurt you…see you in four months!” A traditional Dr cannot tell you or recommend natural or holistic treatments…they could be sued. Cured? Not yet. But a long period in total remission with no side effects. I’ll keep you apprised as I go forward.

        • Lyn

          Lynne, you can also add Zeolite in your self-treatment for cancer. Zeolite is a remarkable volcanic mineral that has proven to be highly effective at destroying cancer cells. In fact, results have been so impressive, anyone fighting cancer or wishing to prevent cancer should be using Zeolite. It is a powerful detoxifier and improve the alkalinity of your body. It is listed as a cancer killer because of its ability to activate the P21 gene which tells a cancer cell to die, and because it can literally destroy the nucleus of cancerous cells. Read about it in the link –

    • Kymberlee

      I was also curious about the infusion in the uterus however i have known SEVERAL people that used the Braggs organic apple cider vinegar on toenail fungus and it has never returned. I myself would put it on a cotton ball put a bandaid around it for 20-30 min almost every night and it went away my nail grew back and that was 2 years ago and it has not returned


      I think you need to look up Dr. Tullio Simisimi that Proves with a camera cancer is a fungus and is indeed White


      It amazes me how negative people are and they can’t deal with reality because it goes against medical convention…GREAT Story… also heard about the woman that CURED herself of uterine cancer in Italy…ANOTHER fantastic story😃
      Geez PLEASE DON’T sound like a Negative Nurse…
      To say you do not believe her story is insinuating she is a complete fabricated liar…
      I personally have known and heard about so many people curing themselves with baking soda..
      Most of the negative out here on these blogs ARE with the medical community or have close friends or relatives that are. The medical community is taught a certain way and no other way. Diet and nutrition have never been included in a wellness program to prevent treat or cure. Which to me is the stupidest most lacking in knowledge

  20. Fran

    It is my understanding that you have to take LDN for the rest of your life. Lets hope the FDA leaves it alone.

    (From Janie: to continue getting the boost to your immune system, yes.)

    • Lad

      ‘Cure’ is not the correct term, ‘remission’ is correct. When you understand that, you understand the need for lifetime treatment, and that’s the reason many cancers return after being ‘cured’. The cancer was put into remission, only to return when treatment stopped. I wish more people understood that.

      • Cured

        Cancer CAN BE CURED. Once cancer is removed from the LIVER as last part of the treatment…all cancer removed from the liver…your cured. Monitor to make sure it’s gone.
        Your life-style must make sure your not feeding fungus to start cancer again. If your pH & acid is balanced high probability it won’t return. 60-70% alkaline pH and less than 60% acid. Cancer does grow in a above 70% alkaline body environment.


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