Tongue-in-cheek yet sincere thankfulness from Thyroid Patients…and more

As the United States approaches Thanksgiving, it’s appropriate to offer our thanks as thyroid patients to the following:

THANKS go to the American Thyroid Association (ATA), who in their Nov. 10th email newsletter, had a NATURE-THROID desiccated thyroid ad right under their logo and gave us a great chuckle! Why? The ATA has always rigidly recommended T4-only medications and the TSH–both which have failed too many thyroid patients for sixty years. Loved your faux pas, ATA, in the name of making $$!! Are we going to see it again? Huh??

THANKS to Forest Labs, who though patients feel they ruined one of the oldest and best desiccated thyroid medications ever made when they reformulated it in 2009, gave thyroid patients the memory of a desiccated med far superior to press for from other pharmaceuticals in the future after the FDA gets their act together about the safety and efficacy of desiccated thyroid. (p.s. chew your Armour thoroughly before swallowing for better effectiveness, say patients)

THANKS to Erfa in Canada, who makes their own version of desiccated thyroid just like the old Armour, where we can do it sublingually and where it still has a touch of sugar to help with dissolution. Glory be to Erfa!

THANKS to the FDA, who had enough wisdom to allow thyroid patients to order Erfa desiccated thyroid from Canada–a far superior product than the lousy T4-only medications for a huge body of thyroid patients. We hope your wisdom continues.

THANKS to all the makers of important supplements–many which have played HUGE roles in the lives of thyroid patients trying to undo the damage done to us thanks to T4-only and the TSH lab test. They include high potency B-vitamins, selenium, minerals, sea salt, iodine, and so many more. We are behind you in the freedom to choose nutritional supplements without a doctor’s prescription.

THANKS to the growing body of doctors who have been listening to patient experience and email me of that fact. We bow to all of you who have LISTENED to the whole body of knowledge thyroid patients have learned, which is also Chapter 3 in the STTM book with more details.


FULL BODY SCANS AT AIRPORTS: should thyroid patients be concerned?

If you are going to fly anywhere and are a thyroid patient, you may need to understand that you could be subjected to radiation in a full body scan. And since thyroid patients in various groups have expressed concern about the effect of radiation exposure on their own thyroids, this can be a concern.

Oh sure, John Pistole of the Transportation Security Administration says they keep us safe. And the FDA website is saying that these X-ray scanners pose “very low health risks.” But the FDA is also the agency who has always approved a certain kind of thyroid medication, T4-only, which has left millions of us with lingering hypothyroid symptoms for years, and which calls a medication which HAS worked for over 100 years as “unapproved”.

So, if you are going to fly anywhere while this controversial procedure continues, you might want to choose the intrusive pat-down instead, or look into a train.



In the same vein as my comment above about radiation scans when you fly: I received an email from a gal who feels that a cosmetic laser device has not only injured her eyes, but may be the culprit in the fact that she now has hypothyroidism and a pituitary tumor. And she’s not alone, as others are wondering the same thing with support groups on the net. These laser devices are used to correct sun damage on your face, improve acne scars, improve rosacea, tighten skin, remove melasma spots, and even help with eyesight. She called herself and others with damage from these devices “modern day radium girls” . If you want to be more informed, research this on the net and decide for yourself.



The publishing company will do the work for you, sending a book as a holiday present for to a friend or loved one who needs to read what patients have learned. Included will be a holiday card with your name in it, or you can remain anonymous. Go here.



A gal emailed me, asking if I knew of something that would help her terrible nasal congestion. She found out the hard way that using Afrin, a strong nasal spray, caused her thyroid to ache. I then recommended she look into a Neti Pot, which can do wonders to clear your compacted nose, and I faithfully use it if I do have congestion (which I did last week when I failed to take enough Vit. D at the onset of symptoms of an upper respiratory infection). Check it out here. And when you first try it, don’t panic. Let it do its miracle, because it really works!





Important notes: All the information on this website is copyrighted. STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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6 Responses to “Tongue-in-cheek yet sincere thankfulness from Thyroid Patients…and more”

  1. k

    i would be less hung up on whether my medicine is natural and think more about whether it is working well. too much of my life have i wasted with this thyroid condition

  2. dlm

    Erfa supplies desiccated thyroid hormone in Canada; it is the only natural thyroid hormone sold in Canada. The company is very helpful — I’ve even been able to speak with their medical director to try to find a doctor to prescribe and treat thyroid but the province I’m in seems to think if a ‘normal’ TSH should be treated at all it should not be with natural — apparently all the other provinces have no difficulty — if I had more energy and less chronic fatigue, I’d travel to another province. We may have universal health care, but politics and medical associations decide what and how to treat.

  3. Patricia Berman

    Thanks to the FDA who had enough wisdom to allow patients to order Dessicated Thyroid from Canada. That is what you stated above.

    The FDA has no control over allowing thyroid patients to order ERFA. Anyone can with a prescription. It is a legal pharmaceutical medication. They cannot pull it off the market unless this medication is FDA approved. Does the FDA control ERFA meds? If they don’t, that means it is NOT FDA approved. Which means, ERFA did not pay to have it FDA approved. If it is FDA approved, then why won’t they approve it for Forest Pharmaceuticals?

    Also, this statement contradicts what you stated about Forest Pharmaceuticals and the FDA. Why does the FDA have to get their act together about Dessicated Thyroid Medications? Will you consider to elaborate on what you really mean? It seems to me there is a contradiction.

    • Janie

      Patricia, the FDA used to require a form, Form 1572, before we could “legally” order Erfa as US Citizens. They then relaxed the rules, allowing us to order it with our prescriptions only. Erfa’s Thyroid is approved by Health Canada, by the way.

  4. Patricia Berman

    Why do you feel the FDA needs to get their act together for Forest Pharmaceuticals? The FDA does not approve Dessicated Thyroid because Forest Pharmaceuticals does not want to pay them to have it FDA approved. There is an expensive fee involved to accomplish that. Also, the FDA does not have a problem with Dessicated Thyroid Medication.
    It seems you are implying that the FDA does have a problem with it. Is that what you are trying to state?

    • Janie

      Hi Patricia. I’m referring to the FDA getting their act together about the “safety and efficacy” of desiccated thyroid in general, not towards Forest Pharmaceuticals in particular. The FDA does not approve desiccated thyroid because it was around before the FDA was in existence, and because it’s never gone through the expensive clinical trials that the FDA thinks is necessary. So, we are all eager for the FDA to “get it” about the safety and efficacy of desiccated thyroid, which changes lives and has for over 100 years.


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