Why you, as a hypothyroid patient, need to be aware of the Epstein Barr Virus

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Though this blog post was originally written in 2010, it has been updated to the present day and time, making it current. Enjoy!

This past Saturday, while browsing at the next-to-last garage sale (one of my favorite Saturday morning events), my ears perked up like a bunny when I heard a gal chatting with the owner of the house.

I heard things like “sick for 5 years…fibromyalgia…a lot of pain all over my body…had to quit my job and live with my parents…in bed for two years…they had to bath me...” and more miserable images of something she was clearly glad to be over.

So, while my husband sat in the car with the patience of a saint, I lingered. When she finished chatting and was heading to her car, I walked towards her and said gingerly “I overheard your conversation. Can I ask you about the fibromyalgia and your experience??” I couldn’t help myself.

As a Thyroid Patient Activist who has stood up to the inane allopathic failure in the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism, I knew that the majority of cases of “fibromyalgia” were due to undiagnosed or poorly treatment hypothyroidism, as well as the accompanying hell of adrenal fatigue, thanks to the garbage can TSH lab test or the inadequate treatment of T4-only treatment like Synthroid. Yet, here was a young woman, Mel, who was now the picture of health. What was her story??

Mel’s story was a tale of sudden onset followed by five years of misery, all over body pain, immense fatigue, utter helplessness, debilitation, and neck lymph nodes SO swollen that they looked like two huge goiters–right and left. It was also a scenario of no firm diagnoses, yet no hesitation by doctors to make stabs– from fibromyalgia to an unknown chronic fatigue disorder.

But I knew right away what she probably had: acute Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) reactivation.

I knew because I had the exact same malady which once took away more than a year of my life (as compared to Mel’s horrific five years). And like her, with the use of meditation (and in my case, intense imagery and homeopathics), I got well as if it never happened.

And we also shared a reason why the EBV virus became activated in our bodies in the first place: STRESS. For Mel, it appeared to have nothing to do with anything thyroid-related, but an extremely stressful helping-vocation that was eating her alive. For me, it was the stress of having to be where I didn’t want to be, feeling overtly powerless…and on top of being on the lousy Synthroid.

And for thyroid patients all over the world, including you, the risk of reactivation of the Epstein Barr Virus is a constant threat.

Reactivated EBV can result from one or more of the following biological stresses:

  • being undiagnosed thanks to the inadequate TSH lab test
  • being on a T4 medication like Synthroid, Levoxyl, Levothyroxine, Eltroxin, Oroxine, etc
  • falling into low cortisol from adrenal fatigue
  • having chronic side issues pulling your body down such as gluten intolerance or celiac, low iron, poor digestion, or making mistakes in your treatment

Even worse, add life’s stresses as icing on the cake, and you’re a sitting duck for the risk of reactivated EBV.

What is EBV?

Epstein Barr Virus, also called human herpesvirus 4 ( HHV-4) is an opportunistic virus that actually lies dormant in at least 95% of all adults over their 30’s. It’s what causes mononucleosis, aka “mono”, as a teenager, but you don’t have to have had mono to carry the dormant virus. Wikipedia states that it also probably has a primary role in many autoimmune diseases, including ” dermatomyositis, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome, and multiple sclerosis.” i.e. this is one nasty virus!

Why do so many thyroid patients find themselves with reactivated EBV?

Millions of thyroid patients live their lives compromised due to being on T4-only meds like Synthroid, Levoxyl, levothyroxine, Eltroxin, Oroxine, and other T4 med brands. Additionally, patients find themselves with poorly functioning adrenals, poor digestion and other conditions related to a poor treatment–all adding to a lowered immune system, which allows the opportunistic EBV virus to take ahold, especially in the face of extreme or chronic life stress.

What are symptoms of a reactivated EBV?

It can vary from patient-to-patient, but can include easy and excess fatigue, achiness, joint pain, all over body pain, swollen lymph nodes, slight fever, ringing in the ears, and a general I-don’t-feel-well–the latter all the more so after activity. When my EBV antibodies were acute, I would be in bed for 2-3 days after pulling weeds for just twenty minutes while seated. I couldn’t grocery shop; I couldn’t do housework. Nothing. Nada. I also had constant ringing in the ears and achiness.

How do I find out if I have reactivated EBV??

Ask your doctor to send you to a lab to be tested for it, and be sure you clarify that you are not asking for tests that show you were exposed it (most of us have). Instead you are asking for the testing which shows it has reactivated. Or you can order it yourself via the labs I have listed here.

How do I treat it??

It’s not easy. I personally benefitted from taking a prescribed anti-virus medication. Though that lessened my symptoms by 50%, it wasn’t enough. I then moved to homeopathic medications and some dedicated mental imagery to finally get rid of it, as well as lots of rest and the immune enhancing support of vitamins, minerals, supplements plus healthy strategies i.e. whatever it takes to nourish your immune system. Nourishing supplements include high dose Vit. C (2000 mg minimum), Vit E as mixed tocopherals, selenium (200 – 400 mcg), mushroom extracts, CoQ10, high dose B-vitamins, minerals plus plenty of healthy and raw foods. There are also great natural anti-virals I would recommend exploring. And ultimately as a thyroid patient, being on a MUCH better hypothyroid treatment with natural desiccated thyroid is the key, besides treating one’s adrenal issues, gluten or digestive issues, low iron, and all other related conditions.

Bottom line, once you are adequately treating your thyroid problem (see the current Options for Thyroid Treatment), addressing potential adrenal fatigue, low ferritin, gluten issues, low B12, for example, and using good stress management in the face of pressures within your life, your risk of having a reactivation of the dormant EBV virus is very low.

I’ve read that most all cases of hypothyroidism are due to EBV?

Not according to the experiences and intelligence of thyroid patients worldwide. Yes, there is some evidence that having reactivated herpes viruses like EBV could contribute to a hypothyroid state. But it’s rare, and is only one of many causes of hypothyroidism, not “the” cause. Far more common are genetic causes (numerous genes have been identified), as well as the well-researched organ-targeted autoimmune cause of Hashimoto’s. See this page. There are also studies that consistently show that reactivated EBV does not trigger Hashimoto’s or Grave’s–the latter also falsely stated.

Want more detailed information on EBV? Order the STTM ebook and become informed!

Namaste Janie

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90 Responses to “Why you, as a hypothyroid patient, need to be aware of the Epstein Barr Virus”

  1. Amber Abaid

    Thank you for sharing..I have a 16 year old daughter who has been struggling with her health for almost 3 years after what seemed like an unconfirmed bout with mono and another confirmed episode of mono..now on levothyroxine, having severe migraines, stressed and exhausted all the time.. There are some great suggestions on where to go next..This has been awful

  2. Joseph

    At the moment, there is a book on Amazon where the author claims in this book and his other that thyroid conditions are the direct result of underlying epstein-barr infections. Thoughts?

  3. Colleen

    My question is regarding Homeopathy to recover from EBV. I am not opposed to using this and I am curious which one you used? Also were there labs run to check for reactivated EBV after you completed the homeopathic treatment? Thank you for your response.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Colleen. It’s been two many years, but it was via a homeopathic doctor and it was for EBV. No, labs were done when I was at my sickest. It was clear when I got well that labs would have been good again.

  4. Brittany VanHouten

    I’m so thankful for this site. It doesn’t seem like I will get help anywhere else. About four years ago I went though a very stressful crisis. I was extremely depressed and shortly after, I was diagnosed with mono. My doctor said it didn’t come up on a rapid test, but she checked my EBV levels and there it was, currently active. Since then, I’ve been SO sick. Every few months we do blood work and my levels are so high. I get random fevers, pain all over my body, huge swollen lymph nodes for years on end. The worst part is I’m only 30! I have three small children that need me, but I can’t give them the attention they need because I’m barely hanging on myself. My thyroid is so swollen but my numbers always come back fine so doctors refuse medicine. I have two nodules in my thyroid and they keep pressing me about that. I feel like the road there would end with them taking it out of me, which I’ve read over and over it NOT a good idea. I take tons of supplements, acyclovir, ect and rest a ton but I never seem to get better. What’s my next step from here? It is possible that NDT would improve my thyroid function and help the nodules too? My doctor says no and refused to try.

  5. Haley

    I had mononucleosis as a child (6 years old). Now I’m an adult and have hypothyroidism. I take an ever increasing dosage of Levothyroxin and honestly I have gotten to where I don’t feel any better taking it verses not.
    My mono does occasionally flare up, almost every year between school starting and thanksgiving I will have anywhere from one to five flare ups. My spine feels like it’s under pressure, my head throbs, my throat feels swollen shut, I get a fever (around 102^F), my gut hurts and swells. I know it’s my mono kicking back up but the Drs dismiss me every time I mention it. I am so tired of being put off by the Drs that I stopped asking.
    The only thing that seems to help is sleep, water, and Advil or naproxen.

    My question is: what do you do when the doctors blow you off like someone looking for drugs? I don’t want drugs, I just want the symptoms relieved! If it’s a behavioral thing (i.e.: like excercise) that could help then fine but how do I know if I’m being blown off?!

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Haley, time to let patients teach you by reading two things: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/t4-only-meds-dont-work i.e. you may be having flair ups because you are still hypo, which negatively affects your immune function. Then move to what positively affects the immune system: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/natural-thyroid-101

    • jded

      look into it. My cold sore was spread to the sinus, down the neck and the pain burned like fire for many months, at least a year and then a sudden flare up, on the left side of my face, two weeks later to the right side, and back into the sinus into the eyes and ears and across both arms and shoulders. I nearly gave up work and started taking feverfew, because I was tormented by the infected inflammation and then chewed the star of anise that I found. Day 10 and I am thankful to the Lord for His providence. I just booked a holiday for the first time in 15 years and I am only in day 10. The thyroid has shrunk, the liver has stopped pushing up the ribs, the belly swelling has reduced dramatically, the pus has stopped from the eyes and sinus and the back of the throat. I have had a dreadful campaign against inflammation. I found a packet of star of anise on the roadside that was dropped, and I began to look into it. My cold sore was spread to the sinus, down the neck and the pain burned like fire for many months, at least a year and then a sudden flare up, on the left side of my face, two weeks later to the right side, and back into the sinus into the eyes and ears and across both arms and shoulders. I nearly gave up work and started taking feverfew, because I was tormented by the infected inflammation and then chewed the star of anise that I found. Day 10 and I am thankful to the Lord for His providence. I just booked a holiday for the first time in 15 years and I am only in day 10. The thyroid has shrunk, the liver has stopped pushing up the ribs, the belly swelling has reduced dramatically, the pus has stopped from the eyes and sinus and the back of the throat.

      • Linda

        I’ve never heard anyone else comment about the pus from the eyes. I’ve dealt with this for three years now and it’s starting to improve with natural antivirals but I can’t wear contacts more than a few hours. The eye irritation and drainage is awful, among other things like fatigue, muscle/joint pain etc. thank you for making me feel less alone for a moment.

  6. Alli

    Please forgive me if this has been discussed and/or if it seems like a silly question, but this is the first site where the content *and* the comments are valuable (thank you, all!) so bear with me: I have had Hashi’s for at least 25 years (I am 45). EBV numbers (recently tested for the first time) off the charts. Stopped Synthroid cold turkey about 4-5 years ago after being on it since age 20. Radically changed my diet and other lifestyle-related things. Here is where my questions come in: Like some of you, I’m sure, my immune system is overactive, to the point that I have not had a cold for years and years (I don’t remember the last time – and I am told that it is healthy to get a few.year). So the protocols to combat the EBV seem to all be with an aim to bolster the immune system – but for some of us, isn’t the immune system overactive and in need of a calm-down? What am I missing or getting wrong?

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Alli. Actually, with Hashi’s, the problem is an immune system gone haywire. So though it seems contradictory, boosting the immune system actually calms down that “haywireness”. That’s why so many Hashi’s people get relief by using Low Dose Naltrexone.

      You see, with Hashi’s, you might have too few of certain T cells, or white blood cells, which are part of your immune function. And because one type might be weak, other T cells become overreactive. It’s different as to what will be weak and what will be overreactive in each individual. So by “boosting” the immune function, you can boost whatever is weak, and thus, lower the crazy attack on your own thyroid. That’s a simplified explanation but I think it gets it all across. It turn, boosting your immune function can help fight the EBV virus (though sometimes you need to be using several therapies at the same time to defeat the high EBV.)

  7. melanie

    dear Janie,

    what prescirbed anti virals did you use? I’m very sick for nearly 20 years, extremeyl fatigued and fibro. I had cmv, herpes simplex and very long and heavy ebv. I’m searching to get better for many years now. I want to start using antivirals now.


  8. Lisa W

    VERY insightful! I had mono at 18. At 38, right after a difficult pregnancy, I began getting excessive swelling in my large joints. We are talking grapefruit sized joints! Of course, the doctors said it was serium negative RA and loaded me up with methotrexate and steroids. It went on for years and then suddenly stopped, never to happen again. Fast forward to age 49, after having lost my job, I came down very suddenly with Graves Disease. Because of the Afib component, I was forced to ablate the thyroid. It has been six years, and even on NDT, my numbers stink. Was recently tested for ENS and yep, I have it. It all makes sense now.😔😢

  9. Marianne Southerland

    So I’m completely in awe having just read this because 7 weeks ago I was diagnosed with reactivated mono. I had no idea I had ever had it in the first place. I mean I’m 54 years old! I was diagnosed hypo in December of 2014 but was untreated for probably several years prior. My family doc is treating because we do not have a decent endo in Huntsville, AL. She doesn’t believe in the STTM ways. Says it builds up anti-bodies which I don’t understand why that is a good or bad thing. All I know is I’m tired, my digestion is screwed up, I already suffer major depressive disorder but now I have major anxiety. Although I lost a lot of weight between going on topamax and getting treatment for thyroid by going so long being untreated that weight loss was muscle. I’m over 40% body fat! But after working in a job that’s high stress with an agency and supervisor I hate, I have no energy when I get home to do anything but lie on the couch. So is it the thyroid or the EBV that’s running me in the ground? Or the stress? Or all of the above? Needless to say, I’m not in a good place right now. Because of the high body fat, my kidneys aren’t able to filter like they should because they need muscles to do that. My liver enzymes are constantly elevated and we’re running out of anti-depressants to try. Comments welcome!

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Marianne, your doctor doesn’t know what she’s talking about. The “STTM way” is actually the reported experiences of patients worldwide for years, and it’s solid. And yes, afternoon fatigue is thyroid. But reactivated EBV is an additional fatigue burden! Stress in your workplace doesn’t help either as it drives cortisol high, which causes secondary hypo. For high liver enzymes, we take good liver support such as Dandelion Root. Finally, depression has always been a classic sign of being hypothyroid and/or poorly treated with T4-only meds like Synthroid, Levothyroxine, etc.

  10. Sharon Berliner

    Shingles is another herpes virus, just as EBV is. I would strongly encourage you to try monolaurin as it works on both. There is also a skin spray for shingles.

  11. Vikki Hanson

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1998 and have taken Tramadol since. There was a short while I was taking the 100mg of Darvocet but unfortunately that was taken off the market. Really unfortunate as it helped more than anything else. The Fibro has gotten worse since then and I went through a battery of tests a few years ago to make sure I didn’t have MS or another problem, luckily I don’t. I noticed on one of the blood test results that I have EBV. No one mentioned it while reading through the results so I’ll have to ask my doctor about it. Recently, I’ve come down with Shingles. And it seems to be flaring quite a bit, as soon as one bout heals to scabs, I find more.. usually in a group in another area. It’s been two weeks now and perhaps I should wait until the 4-5 weeks are over. Next time I get this though, I will see my doctor within the first 48 hours so I can get the anti-virus meds. Right now it’s calamine lotion, benadryl (at bedtime as it makes me very sleepy) and capsaicin cream which makes for burning rather than itchy. Ugh. Here I thought the EBV was from having chicken pox when I was 30. That was horrible. This is when I’m glad I’m on disability (ssdi). Ironically the judge approved it not because of the Fibro but because I get chronic migraines. I will look up monolaurin, I didn’t know the EBV could be treated. Isn’t that what’s causing the shingles? More research needed here.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Sorry you are having to go through all this, Vikki. Yes, EBV can be treated, but we have to be aggressive in treatment with anti-virals, I found. Shingles is an opportunistic virus i.e. when our bodies are compromised, shingles can happen.

  12. Sharon Berliner

    Anyone with EBV needs to take monolaurin. It will knock it out! There are websites online that can give you the protocol (works also for other herpes viruses such as shingles and will help lyme with additional supplements).

    • Vikki Hanson

      Sharon, can you tell me how often you take teh monolaurin? I see there are bottles of 90 @ 600mg, under $10 with free shipping.

      • Sharon Berliner

        I took the pellet form–Ultimate Monolaurin. Instructions are to take 2 scoops daily if under 125lbs and 3 scoops daily if over 125 lbs. you may need to work up to that amount over a week or two. Then take that amount for 5 months. Afterward, reduce to half that dose for maintenance. I have stopped taking it altogether now and am doing fine though will take again if I need to.

  13. David Trindle

    DO NOT GET THE SHINGLES VACCINE!! By reactivating my dormant EPSTEIN BARR virus, my hell started the day following my (clean) annual physical, after which I STUPIDLY agreed to take the vaccine. It was true hell for three months, during which I wanted to take my own life, due to the intractable pain not helped by powerful narcotic pain killers. Then followed 3 years of profound fatigue keeping me bedridden. I I got several autoimmune diagnoses, was STUPIDLY treated with immunosuppressants, and non-Hashi’s hypothyroid. Reactivated EBV has been treated effectively with antivirals, but the newest breakthrough is mega dose vitamin C infusions (you can find this in 2014 article in pub med, as you might expect, practitioners have not adopted it widely, and I suspect — based on a LOT of experience–that the practitioners are not even aware of the new finding. When I get all the way through this, I am suing my endocrinologist, and the company that makes The vaccine. I’m not a strictly anti–vaccine person, because I just don’t know enough about the science, but I know far more than I ever wanted to know about this particular vaccine, and the egregious negligence of the mainstream medical and pharmaceutical establishments. I am blessed with a PCP who is not afraid of applying common sense to problems like thyroid, at Cetera despite being pressured by his partners to discontinue prescribing Cytomel parentheses which basically gave me my life 90% back. And I am blessed with the worlds most wonderful thyroid doctor, Who has the STTM books on her shelf, along with important informationabout MTHFR Defects and other important genetic markers. Please email me at davetrindle@gmail.com if you’ve had a similar experience with shingles vaccine, or if you would like to join in-at no cost to you-the class-action suit againstThe perpetrators of shingles vaccine. I’m also happy to provide you with background information and references for some of the statement that I made, and would appreciate anything that others have found.

  14. Rhonda

    Ran a low fever for 7 to 8 months along with extreme fatigue and whole body aches and pain. TPO was 1300 when Hashimoto’s was discovered. TSH had gotten out of range (43) thanks to physician’s poor judgement on my medication dosage. EBV antibodies are out of the normal range and tests indicate recent EBV infection but no current infection. Could a person have these symptoms mentioned in the article with only high EBV antibodies but no current infection?

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Not sure what it means to have high EBV antibodies and no current infection…unless that means the infection was tackled and it just takes time for the antibodies to come down?

  15. Mari Beringuela

    For a new patient suffering from hyperthyroidism, I think this is a concern because all the symptoms are manifesting in me. I appreciate the information discussed here. This is awesome!

  16. Lynn

    Ann Louise Gittleman just sent out a blog post on a book called “medical medium”. I don’t know about this book but her article summarizing this guy’s belief was intriguing and goes along with what you were saying here in 2010. Her article is titled “The Viral Link to Mystery Illness: Can fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, lupus and chronic fatigue be healed with anti-viral foods and diet?” Her post describes how EBV is the reason ALL of these diseases exist. I’m a Hashi’s patient, but when I was a teenager was diagnosed with “mono” and in my 20’s was told I had CFS. Was tired on and off all throughout my 30’s and 40’s. When I went into menopause my parents died, and the stress pushed me over the cliff into Hashis. I have tinnitus and here’s what the article states about that: “Tinnitus, or ringing in the ear, is usually caused by EBV getting into the inner ear’s nerve channel, called the labyrinth. The ringing is the result of the virus inflaming and vibrating the labyrinth and the vestibulocochlear nerve.” There is a list of supplements at the bottom of Ann’s article and since I’m now experiencing LOUD ringing in my ears, am curious which supplement will help with this the most. My ear specialist said to try Gingko (2 a day) but it hasn’t touched it. Janie, – do you have any supplements to recommend to help reduce or eliminate the ringing? I’m going to start taking Lysine (1,000mg) daily as you suggested above but if there is anything else, I’d love to know. By the way, here is the list that was in the article:

    The following herbs and supplements (listed in rough order of importance) can further strengthen your immune system and aid your body in healing from the virus’s effects:

    Cat’s claw: herb that reduces EBV and cofactors such as strep A and strep B.
    Silver hydrosol: lowers EBV viral load.
    Zinc: strengthens the immune system and protects the thyroid from EBV inflammation.
    Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin and/or adenosylcobalamin): strengthens the central nervous system.
    Licorice root: lowers EBV production and strengthens the adrenals and kidneys.
    Lemon balm: antiviral and antibacterial. Kills EBV cells and strengthens the immune system.
    5-MTHF (5-methyltetrahydrofolate): helps strengthen the endocrine system and central nervous system.
    Selenium: strengthens and protects the central nervous system.
    Red marine algae: powerful antiviral that removes heavy metals such as mercury and reduces viral load.
    L-lysine: lowers EBV load and acts as a central nervous system anti-inflammatory.
    Spirulina (preferably from Hawaii): rebuilds the central nervous system and eliminates heavy metals.
    Ester-C: strengthens the immune system and flushes EBV toxins from the liver.
    Nettle leaf: provides vital micronutrients to the brain, blood, and central nervous system.
    Monolaurin: antiviral; breaks down EBV load and reduces cofactors.
    Elderberry: antiviral; strengthens the immune system.
    Red clover: cleanses the liver, lymphatic system, and spleen of neurotoxins from EBV.
    Star anise: antiviral; helps destroy EBV in the liver and thyroid.
    Curcumin: component of turmeric that helps strengthen the endocrine system and central nervous system.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

    • Monique caslick

      Hi Lynn
      This article really interested me too. Did you get any feed back?
      I’d love to go down this road too, but not sure about doses.

      Cheers, Monique.

    • Jackie

      Thank you Lynn, for this! It just so happens that I’m reading the Medical Medium’s book right now. It’s interesting, but it seems like he attributes almost everything to EBV. He says that the medical industry has auto-immune conditions completely wrong – that the body does not attack itself. I sort of believe that too, that the body would not attack itself. Have you tried his protocol? I will probably try it.

      • Janie Bowthorpe

        I would recommend being verrrry careful with what you are reading from the Medical Medium…..His thoughts don’t jive with most of what we’ve experienced or learned…and patients are extremely savvy.


        • Lynn

          I’m not so sure about his beliefs either, Janie. Some of the supplements I take include Zinc, B12, Monolaurin, Vitamin C, 5-MTHF, and Selenium but take for my Hashi’s, not EBV, and not because he had a list in a book. Nothing has touched my tinnitus, it’s still there. I take Monolaurin to help get rid of biofilm in my gut, and it is working. I also worked on my adrenal issues, fixed my low ferritin/iron issue, take LDN, and definitely not consuming gluten is huge. I’ve been working on ridding myself of parasites for the last 9 months and when I test next I’ll find out if that is helping lower my antibodies. EBV (mono) and autoimmunity could be related, but does it matter really – you have to deal with what you are dealing with at the moment. The EBV (mono) is just part of my history, part of what I was told at a very young age when I just listened to what the doctor said and asked no questions. I did get a tetanus shot around the same time, so I’ve always questioned the EBV diagnosis. (By the way, I’ll never get another vaccine in my life). Good luck to all!

          • Jackie

            Does monolaurin break EBV biofilms? What about other viruses/bacteria/parasites/pathogens?
            I’m about to start a parasite cleanse…..

          • Lynn

            Monolaurin does break up the biofilm. I also used GB3 – the parasites don’t like the three ingredients (pancreatin, ox bile, and black radish root). I started slow and built up to 3 tablets 3 times a day. Doing that, along with daily coffee enemas, and the parasites leave! Apparently the parasites don’t like the coffee enemas either and doing this helps you remove the parasites faster. I tried a herbal parasite cleanse by Advanced Naturals over a year ago (which I did for 3 months straight) and while it worked to some degree, did not work as well as the GB3 and coffee enemas and monolaurin. I thought long and hard about this, but since the herbal cleanse didn’t get rid of them completely, and I didn’t want to take harsh prescriptions, this was the easiest route for me. If you read Dr. Lawrence Wilson, he says the coffee enemas and GB3 will get rid of the yeast, biofilm, and parasites – and they do!

  17. Jennifer

    Thank you for what you do here at STTM…. I just had bloodwork done…and I do have reactivated EBV….now I just need to move forward and treat it…I hope I find some good help. I have Hashimoto’s, I am hypo, and my adrenals are exhausted. I am also in a stressful place in my life right now…oh boy!!!! Any suggestions to what I can start doing RIGHT NOW? I am looking to make an appointment with a dr. I imagine the best they will do is prescribe me an antiviral…but what can I do right now? Thank you! Also I switched off of levo recently and am now on liothyronine and 5 mg of HC for my adrenal exhaustion….

    • Vesper

      Hi Jennifer, one thing that I have tried and have found successful in treating EBV is taking Lysine (1,000mg ) daily, and avoiding foods with high arginine levels. Arginine is an amino acid that feeds the virus. Eating foods with more Lysine than Arginine has proven to be effective. Hope this helps!

  18. eliza

    i was recently diagnosed with EBS.. and along with that an enlarged spleen. I contracted genital herpes 2 years ago. Its all coming out now. I have researches all of this and its all related. Im unsure of what came first the EBS or the Herpes? This is so upsetting. Im so tired sometimes that I cant and dont even want to get out of bed. My doctor is giving me zero meds as of now. Does anyone know the correlation between the mentioned diseases?…Its like what came first he chicken or the egg? feeling hopeless ;( anyones advice would help immensely! thankyou in advance.

  19. Brenda Neill

    I found that if you get amoxicillin or linisopril or any of its brothers , my ebv reactivates. I think I have thyroid issues my tsh was a 3 but dr says I don’t have it. I am anemic, heavy cycles, head aches, hair falling out, nails brittle and my eyebrows are gone on the outside. He says I have menopause. lol

  20. Gill

    Oh goodness, this all sounds so familiar.
    I have been so unwell for coming up to two years now. I already had Type 1 Diabetes, Alopecia Areata and what looked suspiciously like Vitiligo but I went through a very stressful period with both my disabled brother and Mum repeatedly being carted off to A & E and normally, I coped but for some reason I suddenly ended up in hospital myself, barely able to stand. After a week of investigations, I tested positive for EBV. I was very, very poorly for several months. Just crawling out of bed to use the loo felt like I’d run a marathon.
    Shortly after that, I started to feel unwell in other ways……hair falling out, always cold, really tired……..doctors tried to fob me off with anti-depressants and tried to label me as ‘anxious’. I refused to be fobbed off and insisted on an antibodies test for autoimmune hypothryoidism, which came back positive, so Hashimoto’s Disease was added to my little autoimmune collection. Next I started having funny turns in the supermarkets, or when standing in queues, just seemed I couldn’t stand for too long and my heart would race….that eventually got diagnosed as Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Then my dentist picked up a sudden loss of bone in my jaw and the optician said I had the driest eyes she’d ever seen and both of them thought I had Sjogren’s Syndrome but antibodies test says otherwise but I await results of a DEXA bone scan to see if I have bone loss elsewhere in the body.
    My legs decided to play silly beggars next. I developed 24 hour pins and needles/burning sensations in my legs and I researched and read how B12 deficiency can lead to such problems. I asked if I could have B12 shots to try at my surgery. Nope. I booked to see a neurologist privately, who backed me up on wanting to try B12 shots and persuaded my surgery to let me have them. (I’m still on loading doses now and pain is just starting to ease a little….woohoo…..so thrilled about that). The neurologist, on examining me, did say he thinks I have mild peripheral neuropathy, autonomic neuropathy and maybe slight inflammation at the back of my brain, so I’m awaiting a brain scan at the mo’.
    Some months back,I decided to see a nutritionist privately, who is brilliant. She is helping me with varying supplements and dietary advice. She advised me to have a comprehensive stool test, that showed I have a really low SIgA, which she says is nearly always linked with having a ‘leaky gut’ and advised me to cut the gluten out of my diet 100%. She also advised me to have an adrenal stress test, that showed me out of range in two of the four parts of the test and with cortisol running too high overall. DHEA levels were fine.
    To top it off, I have been having thyroid nodules monitored because one looked as though it might be a little ‘sinister’. This week, the consultant has phoned to say the most recent biopsy shows the cells have changed and are now classed as THY 3, so I have to make a decision now on if I want them to operate and take the lump out or not.
    My nutritionist was wondering if the EPV might be still lingering and I am interested to read that stress can be behind it resurfacing. I wondered why that might have been triggered with me, initially, though it did come after extreme stress and sadly, both my brother’s and mother’s health will only decline, so it’s not stress I can avoid and I want to be there for them. It just annoys me that my body is letting me down and thus preventing me from doing what I want to, to help.
    So, that’s my little story. Sorry if it’s turned into a bit of a lengthy ramble. It was just weird to read something that resonated so much with what is happening to me.

  21. Elayna Andreoli

    I am so confused about my condition seriously it changes every month – sometimes every few weeks something different is happening and I fear for that reason things in general are getting worse – I am feeling worse. My primary seems perfectly content with giving me pills to address symptoms. I feel no better. This past week my newest issue was that all of my glands and lymph nodes from my shoulders and up swelled. I don’t have any other discernable symptom of being ill. I have had mono nearly 16 years ago and a year ago when trying to get to the bottom of my issue with general labs a Dr. said I had an abnormality in my lymphoctyes but the mono spot came back negative – I have not yet been tested for chronic or reactive mono – I hope to be soon due to this recent development especially. I had to get my own labs and I was selective so far about what to get based on my symptoms. I don’t have a lot of money to do that with but since Dr’s don’t seem to want to investigate further and I typically feel like death – weak, dizzy, fatigued, anxious, brain fogged, unexplained hair loss, weight gain, can’t lose weight, etc. I tested for Hashi’s antibodies – thyroglobulin alone was high and not even super high from what I’ve heard from others 9 the first test and a week later 8. Its above the range. I don’t know if that is definitive for hashi’s but my symptoms are. Thyroid Hormones are all normal. APO was normal. DHEA is low and night cortisol is a bit high which the test said suggests adrenal fatigue and when looking into Hashi’s and adrenal fatigue both mentioned chronic illness/virus/EBV as possible causes. This is something I want to explore – I am going to see a great seeming functional MD in about two weeks. I don’t know how to get through these next two weeks feeling this way tho. I honestly don’t know what to do. i wait tables and I love my job… the only thing I know to do for mono is rest. I can’t always rest. It sounds great but I don’t think its possible for me. Thanks for this post – this site in general has been the most help I’ve had thus far and at least the lab work I got for myself got me closer to answers. I have been diagnosed with severe anemia which came and went in lab tests, severe hypertension which comes and goes, persistent low body temperature (recent feature), I think they are trying to diagnose me with high cholesterol too but I haven’t gone back to my dr for the new px which I’m sure comes with that. these things are symptoms.(One genius ER doc diagnosed me with dizziness when my temp was dropping especially low one night and I told them I was also dizzy and then was confused that I was upset.) I know this but they don’t want to hear it or look into it more and its driving me insane. super emotional all the time. the prednisone that an urgent care place prescribed me for swelling over the weekend actually helped my usual symptoms a lot which is another reason why I think I have an autoimmune issue. (its an immunosuppressent!!) Still all my glands are swollen – it hurts. I had an autoimmune illness effect my endocrine system as a small kid (nephrotic syndrome) – I’m starting to feel that same way again, only I had a great doc as a kid.

  22. karen Johns

    I had mono in high school and in 1988 I tested positive for EBV. Was recently retested and my EBV Ab VCA, IgG was >600 and IgM was <36. My MD says this is from old mono it is not pertinent now. Is this correct because I am so fatigued and brain fog just started on armour am up to 120mg due to raise in 3 days. Please comment.

  23. angela

    hi. my dad has been diagnosed with HLH. He has a history of extremely high ferritin levels, inflamation, weight loss, rash and fever periodically. After reading about HLH information states that it can be brought on my EBV. He never went to a doctor and when finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism he was extremely low! So we think that EBV was reactivated and HLH is the result. Unfortunately his body has been ravished now since all this began. It’s been just over a year since he began feeling ill. Test after test, doctor after doctor, and thousands of dollars later, he was never diagnosed until now. He is receiving treatment of chemo therapy with steroids, anti virals, antibiotics, csa as well as some other things. Has anyone else had this type of issue? It may be more common than we think but just goes undiagnosed and people just die. Should he be on just anti virals and perhaps something natural to control inflamation or is it too late for this simple a treatment?

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Angela, so sorry that your Dad is having to deal with this. It’s apparently so rare that we don’t hear from patients who have it. But if it was me, I’d just do a lot of internet research and see what you find. There is wealth of information on so many things on the internet. And I personally would do anything I could to tackle the inflammation, yes, but it’s up to you and your Dad and his doctor. There are prescription anti-inflammatories, but we also like the Turmeric formulations that have been coming out to tackle inflammation, as well as combining the latter with 12-20 mg Astaxanthin.

      P.S. this looks interesting: http://www.bloodjournal.org/content/118/15/4041?sso-checked=true

  24. Leeanna

    Bree- I know that zinc, but particularly some of the B- vits are important for the nerve pain. B-6 I think, but they are all important for all the herpes viruses and for nerve anything. And I like many of the people here am thankful for seeing these posts as it seems another important piece of info in the myriad of issues I’m trying to sort out around my Hashi’s. I am surprised no one is talking of the question of heavy metal toxicity. All I read states heavy metals and toxins are what allow the viruses, fungi and bugs to thrive in our bodies because they change the charge and alkalinity of our internal tissues and provide a climate they thrive in. Any thoughts? Thanks for sharing!

  25. sheila

    Boy, am I glad I found this post! I have been going through “this’ for 10 mo.s now. Started with my TSH going to 60 all of the sudden. It is finally regulated now. Still feel terrible and just found out I have reactivated EBV. Didn’t even know I had it.

  26. Renee

    Went to a IDMD yesterday, found out the EBV test my GP ran was the wrong one last year !! I have been suffering for years and years.. finally go the right test, now freaking out its pos.. someone in a group told me EBV can rear up again with Lyme.. and I Lyme was the reason I went to see her.. UGH
    so make sure you get the EBV panel.. not sure some lame one test.. best of luck and GOD SPEED FOR US ALL

  27. Felica

    I have felt crappy for the last 18 months at least, and finally got in to see someone. Started with a nutritionist that ordered my labs and found that my EBV is reactivated with IgG Early Antigen Ab, IgG at 24.9, Ab VCA, IgG at 271.0 and the EBV Nuclear Antigen Ab, IgG at 346. My CMV IgG is at 8.6 but my Thyroid levels are TSH 1.83, T4 7.5, T3 Uptake is 23 which the lab flagged as low. I saw my nurse practitioner today and he was kind of at a loss as to who to send me to a reumatologist or an endocrinologist. He said he had to make sure that whoever say me didnt just brush off symptoms and what he considered might be considered borderline thyroid labs as just “women’s issues.” He said its a case of the chicken and the egg. Did the Thyroid reactivate the EBV or vice versa. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

  28. Bree W

    I have had HSV1 we think) on my lower back/upper right buttock for many years. It was never a huge problem, maybe one outbreak every six months or less, until I switched to NDT. I feel amazing since the switch, so I’ve been trying to figure out the connection without going back to synthroid. The problem isn’t being on NDT alone, but since switching I can’t take birth control of other synthetic meds with it.
    I had an ongoing outbreak for 3 straight months until I figured out it was a birth control connection. The day after I stopped taking it, the spreading stopped and I didn’t have a problem for 4 months. Then my doc added low dose synthroid to my NDT and I’ve been suffering with constant outbreaks again.
    I know about l-lysine supplementation and though it helps me avoid an outbreak, it does nothing for the almost constant nerve pain/tingling that runs from buttock to calf to the bottom of my foot. I’ve also found that lavender essential oil stops an outbreak in it’s tracks, but again, no help with the nerve pain.

    Do you have any suggestions for this problem? I do not want to return to the land of the fog (pre-NDT, lol), but I also don’t want this virus causing permanent nerve damage!

  29. Sheila Kofahl

    I just rec’d lab results, my IGg for EBV Ab VCA is 245. Range >21.9 is positive. I’ve read this means I have the antibodies, and had the virus at some point. Is the 245 high enough I need to be concerned about something? My iGm results were <36, meaning negative for current virus. Any ideas? Thank you, Sheila

  30. Sarah

    Did you have a physician (naturopath, functional, traditional, whatever) that helped you through this? I was first diagnosed with mono my freshman year of college – 2000. Since that time I’ve been told it’s reactivated at least once a year, and those are just the times they’ve decided to check. I worked with a functional medicine doc for a bit but I wasn’t getting much better and it was costing me a fortune. I’m tired all the time, have general malaise most of the time and then have frequent flare ups of one thing or another. Have been diagnosed with candida issues (special diet, lots of herbs and supplements to treat it), adrenal fatigue, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and the list goes on and on. I went in this week with horrible stomach pain and white puss all over my tonsils. Strep came back negative so they tested for mono reactivation and, of course, it was positive yet again. No one around here is able to help me. My endocrinologist just pushes T4 for the thyroid. I’ve been to cancer doctors, hematologists, you name it. And I’m not getting any better. I’m so depressed about it all today – the last thing I needed was mono again. I can’t live my life like this. If you had someone that helped you, I don’t care where they are, I’ll go to them. I’ve fought as much as I can. I just don’t have the energy to fight without someone helping me and guiding me through this. Please help!

    • Holly

      Sarah, Your situation sounds very similar to mine. I’ve felt like I’ve had mono my entire life. I’m on full disability for over 8 years. I am 51 years old, and am getting worse instead of better. At a minimum, I’ve spent over 100k on this stupid illness…don’t need to throw away any more until I am certain a particular protocol will make a difference. Don’t give up! Every time I start researching again, I learn more and have more ammo in which to share with an md or naturopath. I’m considering IVs of High Vit C for all the viral and bacterial infections in conjunction with a thyroid medication or supplement.

  31. Amber

    Janie, I’ve read that EBV can, on the reverse, cause hypothyroidism. Dr. has me on an anitviral for that…

    However, I’ve also *read* that taking iron supplements can feed an exacerbate infections, and the EBV lowers iron (by feeding on it?). Which would mean that taking iron doesn’t help EBV. Is this just a grand rumor? If it’s not a rumor, what is one to do with a ferritin level of 10?

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      As a viral infection, acute EBV could raise Reverse T3, and the latter can cause one to move into a hypothyroid ‘state’ aka secondary hypo. That’s different that the autoimmune version or those of us who seem to have a genetic push towards having a failing thyroid. And the problem with iron is in being able to raise it if the EBV causes inflammation. In the presence of inflammation, iron will simply go into storage. That’s where you do testing to see if inflammation is a problem for you–ferritin usually tells you that, as can C-Reactive Protein testing. If inflammation is high, there are good anti-inflammatories.

    • Roper

      Lactoferrin, which is found in Colostrum, renders iron inaccessible to pathogens and restricts their growth and also reduces inflammation. You may be able to take a good quality Colostrum and safely raise your Iron while not feeding the EBV. I had good Ferritin and Iron numbers but couldn’t raise my thyroid dosage despite that (my Free T3 and Free T4 levels were in the toilet). After starting Colostrum at 8 grams per day for a few days, I found I could raise my thyroid dose w/o intolerance symptoms. I also have a history of mono/EBV. After researching Colostrum and learning how Lactoferritin protects iron and reduces inflammation, I can only conclude that was a factor.

  32. tina ruben

    Has anyone heard of using IVIG for chronic/acute EBV. I am seriously considering this……..would love some input…

  33. Cindy Watson

    I have been notably “sick” for the past 3 years. My doctor says I have been Hypo and had Adrenal Fatigue for more years that I can remember but it just finally hit me so hard one day that I felt like I could not take one more step. I told my husband that “something was wrong with me.” After seeing many doctors and them telling me that I was depressed and that it was all in my head, I went on the search for a Naturopath. I am on Nature thyroid and T3 as well along with a dozen or more supplements. The best ones for me so far are the B complex and the Vit Cs. I am not myself yet. I feel so tired much of the day like I haven’t slept all night and I have very little energy. I have had tests showing that I at one point had EBarr but I feel like I still have it. My doctor is running tests on me all the time. I am thankful for what little I do have and when I pray for myself, I pray for others of us out there that have this as well. I am also thankful for sites like this that we can help one another and maybe someday we can find an answer to these problems. Oh, btw, my sister and two of my daughters also have this. Not sure what the connection is but there it is.

  34. Chris

    I have been on Armour thyroid for many years now, it was helpful and did relieve some of the fatigue. To further investigate my fatige I had my titers checked for Mono and found they were high, now I had a name for my next challenge- EBV. I decided to not try antivirals due to side effects. So I changed my diet (no gluten, no sugar) which helped but still had fatigue. This year I decided to try an older allergy type treatment called provocation neutralization, I give myself injections. More injections in the beginning and now less frequently. It has helped me a lot, was a gradual improvement and I think I made the right decision for me. It is not expensive. Provocation Neutralization is not accepted by conventional medicine, but it has helped me. Just wanted to share for more info and data for all of you.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Chris, glad that helped you. 🙂 Wanted to clarify, though, that there are practically no side effects to the many anti-inflammatories out there. 🙂

      • alli

        Please give more detail as to what you consider “no side effects.” As a fellow EBV sufferer, who finds herself in your story and the others posted here, I am more aware than the average bear, but not necessarily more up to date! I read the stories of diagnosis and the remissions, but my guard is up when I read anti-imflammatories have practically no side effects! Heart issues, edema in tissues and more, research definitely supports the side effects are numerous. I ask with good intent, because I am not as up to date on the details as I’d like to be. For me, ANY side effect is unwanted, although some are necessary because the cure is better! Thanks!

        • Janie Bowthorpe

          Alli, is there ANYTHING that doesn’t have side effects?? Life has side effects. lol. So what we do is lean more towards the natural substances that are known to lower inflammation rather than the prescription anti-inflammatories with their host of side effects. Cucurmin/Tumeric is one, Astaxanthin another…on and on. We try to be informed in learning about whatever we take, too.

  35. DG

    I also treat with Natural Thyroid – according to the functional range (not lab range) of my T3.

    Also, Low Dose Naltrexone helped me get back into remission from multiple immune/autoimmune conditions, including chronic, active EBV.

    Google “LDN” for info.

  36. Science Not Superstition

    I have trouble really believing anything from a person who turns to homeopathy.. which is actually just water (actually it’s a cure that’s added to water and diluted over and over because the water “retains the memory” or whatever was in it once upon a time). How do I believe science from someone who turns to thinks that are absolutely unscientific?

    • Mavis

      You shouldn’t comment on homeopathy when you clearly know nothing about it. There is nothing unscientific about homeopathy. Your “thinks” are further proof of our culture’s scientific illiteracy.

      • Maria

        I have felt so much better taking homeopathy, to be honest, I didn’t think it would work. I was a total sceptic. But, proof is in the pudding as they say. It’s working for me, don’t know how, but it’s definitely working. I have more energy and a clear head. No more mid day naps or head aches in this house.
        I think unless you’ve tried something, don’t be too quick to dismiss it. You never know where your cure lies with auto immune disease. A lot of scientific research has gone into the development of homeopathy.
        I like to keep an open mind, I’m using nutrition, holistic medicine and homeopathy. If you were truly sick and were striving for remission you would try anything

  37. Melissa

    Which anti viral perscription medication did you take Janie? I would like to know so i can ask my doctor for it.

    (From Janie: it was amantadine.)

  38. Dave

    Its not just EBV that is the problem. I have been on Naturethyroid for a few years, I have tried T3 only and what I have found that most of my problems are from infections.
    I would argue that most of the people on this site are harboring infections. These infections probably caused the autoimmune thyroid in the first place. Then having low thyroid leaves a person with a weakened immune system.
    I have had to try various supplements, antibiotics, anti-virals, and fungals but I am getting my health back.

    One of the reasons you may still have hypo symptoms is infections. As you people will research and (I know you will) many will find out that they have the same problems. EBV, CMV, Chyamidia Pn, Mycoplasma, Lymes, Candida.
    For some eating correctly and taking thyroid will be enough but I suspect that as we get more and more toxic as a society more people will have problems getting regulated.
    I DO NOT recommend the Fibro and Fatigue centers. They are money hungry. I suggest many of you find a doc willing to treat infections and or another doc that will treat the thyroid.
    I believe that these autoimmune conditions can be corrected. I have done countless hours of research. I am glad to see EBV mentioned on this site but know this people that is only ONE of the several infections you have.
    For me I have found a few medications to be wonderful drugs for me. I was against antibiotics and prescription drugs but have found they are necessary for my improvement.

    I think if someone is not responding to thyroid treatment they need to look into infections and or food allergies. I believe it is a big mistake to add hydrocortisone in many cases. I know you will disagree but hydrocortisone will supress the infection. You will feel better slightly then will get much worse.
    There are many people that are on the marshall protocol that have lowered there thryoid antibodies, and got there adrenal functioning back with out steroids.
    I have talked with several people that have tried various amounts of thyroid, steroids and only got better when they added anti infectious agents to there regiment.
    I do not know everything, I know some of you will disagree with me, but this is what I have found after years of trial and error.
    Your thyroid is malfuntioning for a reason. Find that reason.
    Hope you all heal well.

    (From Janie: Dave, yes, there can definitely be a infection/inflammation issue going on in many. Sensitivities are other issues that can need investigation, too, such as gluten intolerance. But there are several years of success by patients with cortisol that is hard to refute. Cortisol supplement works when the adrenals are proven fatigued. )

    • Anna

      Dave, I have had the same experience, and came to the same conclusions. After years of debilitating fatigue, I developed what they first called fibromyalgia, then something that resembled Lyme, Lupus or Psoriatic Arthritis – different doctors gave me different diagnosis. I was hospitalized twice with painful limb swellings. When I was put on vancomycin in the hospital, I have quickly started to recover. For follow-up the put me on minocycline. I have been on it for two years now, and finally starting to get my energy and ability to function normally back. During my fibro days I was twice put on prednisone, and it was after being on it for a week or so, I developed those huge swelling (with high sed. rates in blood), which landed me in the hospital. So it does sound like infection, and I resist immune-system compromising treatments now, which doctors continuously try to put me on. Although, my bloodwork showed never showed any infection, only certain antibiotics ever worked for my “fibromyalgia” and “arthritis”. I has been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 20 years ago and always treated with Synthroid. That completes the picture.

  39. Kathy G.

    Christy, in the 1970’s, I had Acute Mono for one and a half years. I had positive tests for 6 months, then felt better after that so I had no more testing. After that I was fine for 6 months, so I got pregnant and had no problems then. However, about 6 months after the birth of my child, the virus came back on a recurrent basis. I went all the way through labor, then had to have an emergency c-section. I breast fed my son and he had colic (which I deduced, after the fact, was probably due to the enzymes in the pineapple juice I was drinking which curdled the milk). I even traveled. But looking back, I believe what retriggered the Mono was when I began to exercise again. I went to Nautilus before the birth but could not return immediately afterwards. I feel it was the resistence exercise combined with the stress and exhaustion of caring for my son which allowed this disease to return. To this day, if I have to go to physical therapy, my lymph nodes will swell some times for months on end. Over the years, I’ve learned that when I feel the pain in my left shoulder return (referred pain from the spleen), to take some anti-inflammatory and relax. Now to the thyroid connection. Pregnancy can change your hormones and you can become hypo or hyperthyroid. I didn’t notice any change at that time, but about ten years later I realized I had a problem. (My mother had thyroid disease and so do my siblings.) But as you know its almost impossible to get it properly diagnosed or treated. I had to go to three different endocrinologist over a ten year period before I ever got any helpful treatment. The last doctor even adjusted my dosage three times before I got any real relief. So don’t be afraid to change your doctor if you’re not getting any help. I also experienced all of the problems everyone else has with their medication. The synthetics didn’t work for me, Armour did. However, recently I heard about natural hormone replacement therapy. Apparently, all of your hormones have to be balanced in order for your body to operate in an optimum state. These medications merely replace what your body is missing and are not like the synthetic hormones women took for years which caused so many health problems. These are used by both men and women and are prepared in a compounding pharmacy especially for you so that you’re assured that you receive the same dosage each time, which did not happen with most thyroid pills. I have been taking both compounded Armour thyroid and other hormones for about 18 months and I’m feeling much better now.

    • Amber

      Can you tell me more about the shoulder pain that you have linked to your spleen? I have had severe pain in my left shoulder and went to physical therapy for it, was told tissue damage and never able to find out the cause. It has gone away for about a year now, but started hurting again recently. I’m Hypo and take Armour.

  40. Christy B.

    Hello, has ANYONE out there ever heard of having ACUTE EBV for over a year? I know the old EBV will always be present on lab, but all of my doctors seem to be puzzled why my ACUTE EBV keeps showing positive, it’s over 2.0. So far, my Rheumatologist said my lab for early Rheumatiod Arthritis was double the high limit. (my sed rate & RF are always fine, it was some specialized test that checks for early RA). The Rheumatologist wants to start me on some injection, but says due to my possible compromised immune system, she wants clarification on the ACUTE EBV, and to see an infectious disease Dr. My HIV, and Hepatitis Panels are all negative. I am also found to have Hashimoto’s,(Double the high limit,I think 65). BUT, my TSH, T3, T4 are always normal. Endocrine Dr. wanted to start on Synthroid due to the fatigue, but it made me VERY jittery, and I stopped taking it, my Dr. monitors my thyroid regularly by TSH, which is 1.??, turning toward hyperthyroid without the synthroid. I do have a hx. of Melanoma, Level 2, and I am very anxious ALLL the time, for no apparent reason. Also, VERY NOTICEABLE short term memory problems, that appear to be worsening. Anyway, any good advise would be appreciated. Thank you!

    (From Janie: I had “Acute” EBV for a year, but worked hard to improve my immune system and knocked it down after that year. When you have Hashi’s, you canNOT go by the TSH. Read: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/hashimotos And learn why Synthroid is the worst med you take: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/t4-only-meds-dont-work )

    • kelly

      For that “wired & tired” anxious exhaustion, look into lowering your copper intake & loading up on both magnesium (glycinate or malate form) and zinc. Copper creates Norepinephrine. Zinc opposes copper. Magnesium creates GABA, our calming neurotransmitter.
      All Best

  41. Richard Coers

    I could be a poster child for this subject. I had not been feeling well for a long time. I was on synthroid and antidepressants. After working 20 days in a row, plus long hours on a really stressful project, I started getting rolling headaches. Pure misery! Then I woke one morning and my right eye had rotated off center and had limited travel. I was admitted to the hospital and after 5 days of testing, all they could find was elevated EBV titers. I then found a “life saving” holistic doctor that put me on Armour. I was still on disability for 6 months but made a comeback. I was also found to be gluten and dairy intolerant. I am able to work full time now. I had to switch to a custom compounded thyroid when Armour was impossible to get. Within days, I started backsliding. I am now on Erfa and am loosing weight and feeling better. I can still have bad days, but am sooooooo much better. Keep up the good work!!!!!

  42. Sally Annne

    I had mono at age 19 which is EBV and sometimes I wonder if it ever left my body. I was diagnosed with Hashi’s years ago but recently was told I no longer have the antibodies but sure am still hypo. I am on Armour now after fighting to get it. I dont feel well on it but off of it I am bedridden with pain, fatigue, brain fog, depression so it does help. Most of my issues I think are sleep apnea, insomnia and circadian rhythm issues. It is hard to tell what the suffering is really from sometimes. I hear that most Americans have had EBV. I have also read of the increased incidence of lymphoma in people who have had EBV. They all seem to meld together and it is hard to separate and understand the role each issue plays in the suffering.

    (From Janie: Sally, you need to be chewing up the Armour to release the desiccated thyroid from the excess cellulose. You also need to explore if you have adrenal fatigue, and treat it if you do: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/adrenal-info )

    • Dave

      It cannot ever leave your body. With current medical technology, a retrovirus, is in your body for life. Your body and medical science can never get rid of it. Retroviruses write themselves into your bodies DNA in various cells, and then going to hiding. Then they flareup in times of stress or disease on the body. Chickenpox is a perfect example of this, and later flares up at shingles. The most insidious retrovirus known to man is HIV. That is a retrovirus — hence why we cannot cure it. Herpes is a retrovirus. The difference with HIV — is that it does not go dormant like a standard retrovirus. even if they could kill every HIV virus in your body, there would still be cells infected with HIV DNA — which would eventually start reproducing. This is the same with EBV… Cannot be cured, and it cannot be removed.

      The only way retroviruses will be able to be removed will be one of two things but medical science catches up: one way is Gene therapy. Medical scientist would inject you with it in active virus — a retrovirus that would insert healthy DNA into cells affected with the disease DNA. The only other viable option would be nanotechnology, and having Nana nights physically go in and destroy any cell affected with The bad dna

      • Maritha

        3 day ago I ran Epstein-Barr on the BCX-200 Rife Machine I own. I have had sever Thyroid issues for 10 years. The past three days have been WONDERFUL! Rife frequencies can kill retrovirus. I cured Herpes in the blood stream and brain years ago. Now what I thought was Thyroid disease may have been 3rd stage of EB. All I know is that I am feeling sooo much better! Thanks so much for this informative article!

        • Holly Anderson

          Maurita which rife machine r u using and where can U get. Which number frequencies did u use? I have similar issues.

          • Maritha

            I use a BCX211, and you can get newer models at bioelectricsforhealth.com A very nice woman runs this company and is a friend of a friend, I do not make any commission on this product. As far as the frequencies: Epstein-Barr, 105, 172, 253, 274, 660, 663, 667, 669, 738, 825, 8768, 1013, 1920, 6618. Epstein-Barr secondary (also run parasite and roundworm freqs) 744, 776, 778, 465, 880, 787, 727, 1032, 1920. In the Hashemoto patients they usually have 2 Bacteria in their gut that is causing trouble, so I run 676 for H. Pylori and .04, .46, .75, 2.75, 7.50, 47.50, 96.50, 357.30, 834. 937.41 for Blastocystis Hormimis. Basic Thyroid support is: 1154 and 763. You can find Rife frequency .pdf free and on line. I use the “Giant Rife Frequency List, but there are many others. Hope this helps.

        • Jennifer

          Hi there. Please talk more about this rife machine. I’m so tired and need to work. I can’t stay home and rest. Thanks so much. Jen

          • Maritha

            Hi Jennifer, You can go to bioelectricsforhealth.com and read up on it as well as Google. Now Google will have the nay-sayers (usually paid AMA nay-sayers). Raymond Rife took Tesla Technology and invented a frequency machine that resonates frequencies to the frequency of a particular ailment, virus, mold or fungus. Then it resonates it to the point of destruction. You have maybe heard that when marching soldiers encounter a bridge, they must stop? This is due to the off chance these marching men march in resonance of the bridge which will actually bring down the bridge! You car has resonate frequencies. Ever notice how your car will run smooth as silk at say, 65 mph, but sound like it is falling apart at 62 mph? Everything you see/hear and feel is made of frequencies. Even a rock has a frequency. Every living thing as well. When doctors say that you can’t rid yourself of herpes as it is a virus and embeds itself into every cell of your body. Well not true, with the Rife Machine you can destroy Herpes, or a bladder infection or EBV or whatever. It is the heath machine of the future. You can cure end-stage cancer for about 3 cents of electricity…think how hard the medical associations would hate that as the average person who has cancer can generate over a billion dollars in funds for the allopathic doctors! Read up on the poor life of Raymond Rife. How the feds arrested him and put him in prison and he died a pauper all because the AMA didn’t want this information to get out to the world. They were able to keep this machine quiet and off the market for almost another 50 years.

  43. Shannon Oddis

    EBV is actually HSV 6, a strain of herpes. If you look at some of the research out there is shows that some of the lab rats are starting to make the connection. They now think that Fybromialgia and EBV are one in the same.

  44. Tonya B.

    Thanks for this post. I had EBV 15 years ago and it was awful. I just gotten married, moved to another city and was putting my husband through school. Talk about stress! I had horrendous bone pain which nothing touched and a chronic sore throat which only happened on one side of my throat. The only thing which seemed to help was getting B6 and B12 shots on a weekly basis. It took almost two years to recover. Thirteen years later, I have the same symptoms and think the EBV is back. This time though it’s my thyroid which had swelled up to the point of cutting off my airway. I had a total thyroidectomy and thanks to you have been on natural thyroid since. I am fortunate in that I have a wonderful compounding pharmacy in town which makes my thyroid now in a time released formula. The pharmacist has also developed a transdermal way of delivering the thyroid medication if for some reason you can’t take the medication orally. I thought we might have to go down that road due to my diabetes medication blocking the thyroid meds. However, now with the time release formulation, I am doing much better. I got caught up in the Armour mess when they reformulated. I will certainly now be on the watch for EBV though after reading your post. It’s scary.

  45. Elizabeth Free

    Yet another big piece of the puzzle. I have some sort of yet-unidentified auto-immune thing going on, and this looks suspiciously compelling.

    I’m a single mom of a 10 year old son who has never seen his mom well. He sees pictures of me before I was pregnant and doesn’t believe they’re me. I’m a different color, different shape, and much different size. I don’t smile anymore. It’s NOT post-partum depression, and it certainly isn’t lack of motivation. I’ve worked full time since his birth, despite 15 surgeries and extended illness. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m trudging toward it!! I work because I have no choice.

    I get itchy feet and hands, which results in deep blisters that leave scars. It really acts like a herpes! I just discovered my thyroid is ‘missing’, my supraclavicular lymph nodes are gigantic. My gall bladder fell prey to this mystery virus (although I never had gall bladder symptoms), I have a lesion on my colon which has been biopsied and tested negative for colitis of any kind, cancer, and crohn’s. I’m swollen like a tick. I went from athletic and toned to fat and fatigued. 100 pound weight gain… it is my worst nightmare. I don’t know this woman in the mirror. It feels like prison.

    I’m going to see a doctor that comes highly-recommended on another thyroid site (prescribes dessicated thyroid) this Saturday, so I’m going to bring info on adrenal fatigue and EB Virus. (I was already diagnosed with hypoadrenal aldosteroid something-or-another by my previous doctor).

    My last doctor looked at my swollen lymph nodes and told me they were my thyroid. Next appointment (following neck and chest CT), he asked me when I had my thyroid removed, and scanned my neck for a scar. What an incompetent!! He concedes they are swollen supraclavicular lymph nodes, but thinks they’re nothing to worry about. Allow me to disagree?!?!?!?

    WARNING – IF YOU HAVE SWOLLEN LYMPH NODES, every web site I have seen states they indicate a SERIOUS medical condition and need to be investigated. 80-90% of the time, they indicate and advanced case of cancer in the trunk. DO NOT IGNORE THESE!!!

    Although all cancer scans have come back negative, my OB/GYN has urged me to find a “good” doctor (working on it!!!) and continue testing until we find out the cause. They don’t swell for “no reason”, and are of special concern when the other lymph nodes aren’t swollen.

    Thank you for the EB Virus information. Like I said, it’s compelling and I sincerely hope this is the smoking gun.

    Best wishes to all you other ladies and gentlemen who have fallen victim to CLUELESS doctors that can’t keep abreast of the latest research because they’re overworked. Keep researching, educate yourselves, and don’t give up. There is an answer.

  46. Johann Mitchell

    Thank you so much for this post!

    I had EBV in 2005 and was VERY sick! It took me well over a year to recover. Worst of all, I was so broke that I HAD to continue working while I had it, although I did lose a part time job because I just COULDN’T do it anymore.

    Lately, I’ve been aching all over just from a little walking or other minor exertion. Doctors have been pointing me in the direction of possible bone problems, and telling me I should get a bone scan to see if I have some other bone problem besides Paget’s, which I have in my skull.

    Before I jump off the deep end and get lots of expensive x-rays, maybe it would be good to get the test you’re talking about.

    Thanks for mentioning this. The other day I was thinking about one joint that’s been hurting a lot, and was even thinking that I hadn’t had a problem with that joint until the EBV. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this as a possibility! The things the doctors are suggesting are more improbable than a recurrence of the virus.

    • Amanda

      I too have the exact same issues. What ended up happening to you treatment and diagnosis wise?

  47. Janet Wilson

    Wow. …Makes me wonder if the issues I had prior to natural thyroid treatment were EBV. I had exhaustion that was VERY close to your description here – 15-20 minutes of playing outside with a 3 year old wore me out for a couple of days (as if I ran a marathon or something). Thankfully, within 3 days of being on Armour, I started to feel better.

  48. John

    Good info on an important topic. However,HealthCheck USA now requires a Doctors order.

    (From Janie: most of the tests listed on the Healthcheck USA link in this post do NOT require a doctor’s order)


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