What do Jeffrey Dach MD and John O Wycoff DO have in common??

They both GET IT.

Jeffrey Dach, MD, who is founder of TrueMedMD clinic in Hollywood, Florida, has recently written just one more brilliant article titled Why Natural Thyroid is Better than Synthetic on OpEdNews. And patients can only derisively agree when Dach says “This nonsense really makes my blood boil and my eyes pop out of head” in response to articles on medical websites which still purport that synthetic T4 is a better treatment than natural desiccated thyroid.

John O. Wycoff DO graciously had me on his radio program a week ago, called Health and Wellness Solutions radio, which runs each and every Saturday morning in Michigan or live streamed. And I couldn’t help but be impressed by this warm, friendly, and caring doctor who runs the Wycoff Wellness Center in East Lansing, Michigan. He definitely seemed to understand the use of desiccated thyroid and adrenals. Michigan patients are lucky to have this man.

And frankly, there seems to be a growing body of doctors who are GETTING IT, making the large body who still don’t look like medical cavemen and health ostriches. Natural desiccated thyroid is a FAR better treatment, and millions of changed lives prove this over and over. 🙂

Both Dach and Wycoff will go down in history as being part of the founding members of doctors who really GOT IT in the first decade of the 21st century and have played a huge role to STOP THE THYROID MADNESS!!


UPCOMING PROGRAM with Janie: You will be able to listen to me on Jimmy’s Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb program on Thursday July 22nd, 2010 for what Jimmy has dubbed “The Truth About Thyroid Week.” As I see it, each time I’m on a variety of radio and internet podcasts like this, it’s going to mean reaching MORE folks about why they have depression, rising cholesterol or blood pressure, fatigue, hair loss, dry skin or hair, osteoporosis and more as a result of either the TSH lab test, or being on T4 meds like Synthroid! I’ll announce this closer to the event, as well.


MORE ABOUT MAGNESIUM: As I wrote about recently here, I found myself very low in my RBC Magnesium levels–the very bottom of the range. I am even lower than a friend who has Celiac disease, which affects digestion!! No wonder I’ve had issues with muscle cramps for so long, as well as what I saw as a worsening of my MVP (mitral valve prolapse). Since then, I’ve been on Magnesium Oil and a particular brand of buffered Vit. C which contains a good amount of magnesium. And lo and behold, I have found out that taking magnesium when you are deficient is like drinking water when you are dying of thirst–your body TAKES IT IN faster than you can give it to yourself. So it’s important to take as high a dose as you can take in, and be patient for it all to level out. And by the way, I’m already noticing an improvement in my huffin’ and puffin’ when I go out walking. I do it less!!

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4 Responses to “What do Jeffrey Dach MD and John O Wycoff DO have in common??”

  1. Michelle

    Ok good to hear. He said I had to tell him in advance if I was planning on getting pregnant so he could switch my meds to T4 only. Which to me seems like a terrible thing to do to one’s body – i.e. spend many months being hypo while you work up to the right dose – during a time when you should be getting as healthy as possible!

    Anyway, none of this will happen soon but I’m just really worried that when the time comes, I won’t have an MD here in Canada who can help me. My oncologist (I had thyroid cancer) says I must be monitored by an endo but I swear that there aren’t any in Canada who will support let alone prescribe natural thyroid. I know there are a handful of docs (GPs) who will prescribe it but throwing the fact that I had thyroid cancer into the mix will make them panic and want me to see a specialist. (And basically I’ve gotten nowhere with the so-called “specialists”!)

    I’m always a bit nervous that something will happen and I won’t be able to get my medication (since I don’t have a prescription – just get it from my naturopath). I guess I need to keep looking for an MD but seems impossible in this country with our sorry excuse for a health care system! The doctors are so out of touch with this stuff it’s scary.

  2. Michelle

    Hey Janie, have you come across any research about taking natural (porcine) thyroid while pregnant?

    I live in Canada and while it’s virtually impossible to find an MD who will prescribe natural thyroid, I’ve fortunately have been able to get it from my naturopath… BUT I have to take it with a bit of Synthroid to get my levels right so have had to get that prescription from an endocrinologist.

    The first endo I saw had such a problem with me taking natural thyroid that I fired her… I’m on my 2nd endo now and he barely tolerates me doing this. Last time I was in for a checkup he warned me that if I get pregnant I can’t stay on the natural thyroid as it’s too unstable and can impact a developing baby.

    I’m not planning to get pregnant any time soon but this advice seemed strange. I don’t want to have to go through the hell of getting off my meds and going on Synthroid again, which my body reacted badly to the first time (broke out in hives and severe acne all over my body).

    Do you know anything about natural thyroid’s affect on pregnant women? Is this typical endocrinologist BS or should I be thinking about switching?

    (From Janie: since desiccated thyroid gives you exactly what your own thyroid would make, plus meets the standards of the US Pharmacopoeia, it’s the perfect thyroid treatment while pregnant. i.e. you are hearing typical Endo BS)

  3. Alana

    I truly believe that the way thyroid problems are diagnosed and treated by mainstream doctors and specialists is going to change for the better in the near future – how can it not now that so many patients are finding out about the ‘great thyroid scandal’, getting 100% well again the way that actually works and speaking out about it? And Janie, we have people like yourself to thank for this!

    I have so much respect for all of the Doctors around the world that are currently risking a lot and putting up with so much crap from their not so clued up colleagues and authorities by helping their thyroid patients get well. I look forward to the day when someone can go to their local doctors with, lets say fatigue as the main symptom, and guarantee that if they have a thyroid problem it will be discovered early and treated correctly – no extra stresses, no major out of pocket expenses, no unnecessary suffering or further loss of quality of life.

  4. Diane

    What is the brand of buffered C you’re taking? I linked to this from your FB post, but I’ll try to find my way back here in case you answer…

    (From Janie: Google “Vitamin Research Products BalanCe” )


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