Senator John McCain–what in the HECK were you thinking?? Huh??

Now let me start this post by saying that Senator John McCain and Senator Byron Dorgan’s anti-supplement bill…yes, a dim-wit ANTI-supplement bill…was squashed for now because he backed down thanks to plenty of public protest.

And thank God, because it would have especially affected thyroid patients who have suffered thanks to Synthroid or other T4-only meds, and are working diligently to regain their health with their freedom in choice of important supplements, besides natural desiccated thyroid and T3. Think selenium, iron, B-vitamins, Vit. D, iodine, Grape Seed Extract, Isocort, St. Johns Wort, and a slew of other supplements we freely and wisely take to undo the damage done to us by our TSH-and-T4-worshipping medical establishment.

In case you didn’t know, McCain sponsored a bill called the The Dietary Supplement Safety Act (DSSA). It would have nullified the protection of supplements from the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). Those protected supplements are either those found in food without any chemical alteration, or those sold prior to 1994…i.e. it would somewhat stop the FDA from either banning those kind of supplements or reclassifying them as “drugs”. And with the FDA being in a financial bed with Big Pharma, you betcha we would have seen those bans and reclassifications.

And what else might have happened? We would have lost our lower cost, safer, and more effective alternative to side-effect drugs. I have helped my husband lower his high cholesterol, high LDL and high triglycerides WITHOUT the nasty statins and WITH supplements.

I like how Dr. John C. Lowe put it in his latest newsletter:

We appear to have won this time around. But a price we must pay for continuing freedom in our health care choices is to keep our noses in the air. Before long, the stench of Big Pharma’s greed will waft down upon us again in the form of some legislator’s bill. When it does, we must pay another price to keep our freedom: that is to organize once again and deliver a resounding “No!” to Congress.

Want to read more about this?? Just google “mccain’s supplement bill” and get an eye-full. And I hope to see you respond to this post with a list of IMPORTANT and LIFE CHANGING SUPPLEMENTS and how they are helping you.


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26 Responses to “Senator John McCain–what in the HECK were you thinking?? Huh??”

  1. gwen frazier

    Carolyn said.. “The drug companies are NOT going to shelve their plan. They’ll keep on trying different ways to do this…and if we do not stay on guard….they will finally find a way to pull the wool over the public’s eyes, …..and finally get their agenda done…to the detrement of all of us.”
    You are so right Carolyn, and as we know one of the things those sneaky snakes are infamous for is adding ‘attachments’ to a bill that is totally unrelated. Senator Bill Frist is a good example. He got the Unlawful Internet Gambling bill passed as an attachment to the Port Bill back in 2007. Two totally seperate issues, but UIG attachment passed with flying colors and became law because it was ‘snuck into the Port Bill’ at the last minute. Bill Frist and friends knew no one was going to vote against the Port Bill, and they didn’t. So no matter how vigilant we are, we will eventually be blind sided by McCain and anti-supplement cohorts if this type of underhanded parlor tricks continue in the bill passing process.

  2. Jen

    Didn’t vote for him or Oby. People wake up to the scam going on, the globalists (world socialists) want control, and whomever they put up for the main candidates are under their control (except Sarah being their media target to add to the mix)…not to mention plenty in Congress. Someone mentioned those in control wanting population reduction, she/he is right, and the world is NOT over populated like they try to say..they just want slaves and 6 billion people is too many.

  3. Donna Fritz

    I recently wrote to you and have an extremely interesting story!

    As I said in a previous story I was put on thyroid medication when my son was just small and thyroid problems run in my mother’s side of the family. My cousin Jim, has the problem, whose mother, my aunt Grace was Jim’s mother and my mother’s sister. They say males only get thyroid problems about half as often as females. This is true in our family. My daughter wrote me from New York City where she lives and is 57 years old. By the way I’m 75. My nerves are pretty bad, but there are a lot of external conditions in this world at this time and I’m sure they ‘play’ into a part of this.

    Back to my experience of Thyroid medicine: When I was approximately 35 I’ll guess, there was a doctor who was treating me in Harrisburg, PA and during one of my visits, he made a sexual pass and I was so surprised as I have respect for professional people generally and he took me off my Synthroid and went on vacation for a month. I, after a period of time less than his trip, I phoned my mother to take me to the “Harrisburg Hospital” but not to wait.

    The feeling was profound and I walked in on my own power to what looked somewhat like a toll booth. The woman behind it after one look, asked me if I needed a wheel chair and I agreed, saying I believe I did. I was immediately rolled over to a desk where a man tried to interview me. I must have passed out because the next thing I remember was I was on a gurney, being pushed fast through 2 swinging doors, then nothing. I was put in a private room, I have no idea who the doctor was that I had, I was not allowed a telephone and remained in bed for four days, if I remember correctly and discharged once I was treated, I don’t know how, but I went from that to the street.

    I recently asked my present thyroid doctor, “How close was death?” and he answered not far. I thought that was interesting!

    This is all true from what I experienced. If you can use it to help others in any way you have my permission.

    I believe thyroid problems exist and follow in some line of relatives. I also know Females suffer more in my family

  4. Johann Mitchell

    In answer to the title of this post, he WASN’T thinking!

    When questioned about various aspects of the bill he introduced, McCaine insisted that it DIDN’T say that. When presented with those parts of the bill to read, he was shocked and amazed that it did actually say what it said!

    Regardless of what the bill said, any congressman who would introduce a bill without reading it is obviously incompetent. I’m SO glad he’s not our president! Obviously, the Republicans just wanted their puppet in the presidency.

    THIS is the REAL health care situation that needs to be repaired. Yes, having health insurance for everyone is a good first step, but I don’t think they can effectively do that until they fix the broken system of getting information out to doctors.

    Some laws need to be repealed, including the one that says it’s illegal to say that any nutrient or natural substance can cure a disease. There are many problems that are directly caused by deficiencies (scurvy, beri beri, vitamin D deficiency, and more), and to suppress information about them is just WRONG.

    Next, we need to make it illegal (as it once was) for drug companies to advertise directly to the public. Many people see the ads on TV and in magazines and go to their doctor and DEMAND those drugs, and sometimes it’s inappropriate, but doctors prescribe them anyway because the patient wants them.

    There’s lots more to this rant, especially giving doctors incorrect information about drugs so that they’ll prescribe more of them.

    But the most important thing is to leave our supplements alone!

    Oh, and when a doctor prescribes something for you, make sure you ask lots of questions before you take it! You inform yourself about supplements. Inform yourself about the drugs the doctor wants you to take, too!

  5. Rose

    Is there some way we can be notified when we need to speak up about this issue?

    Also – to Edythe – I’ve found constipation can be fixed by 3 TBS of ground, brown flax seed everyday mixed in water or juice. It’s on the NDT yahoo group…

  6. Lisa Barnes Murray

    Thank you!

  7. Paula

    I’m from New Hampshire – and I had to leave town meeting tonight because there was no water, and I needed my Isocort and T3. I’ll make sure if he ever shows his face here again, he’ll get an ear full! I did know about the bill from Dr. Lowe’s site though, and was one of the people who took the time to email my senators. . . nice to know the internet is good for something!

  8. Mmotherof2

    Corruption thats what it is all about- oh and greed. We need to be careful because a bill proposal just like this will rear its ugly head again- Pharma has too much to lose and a lot to gain. What a joke- I could go on and on- I love this website and I hope that we can continue to get advance info on issues like this so we can stay on offense!
    I take the following supplements daily: Vit b-12 for brain function, memory and brain fog, Selenium, Vit D-3 ( I am deficient), Tonalin CLA, Cranberry tablets, Vit C, Evening Primrose Oil (for hair loss and good skin-it works!) and will begin my Adrenal Support pills tomorrow morning! Oh and Dessicated Thyroid 2gr. I would be lost without these and it literally makes me sick to my stomach to think that some dimwit politician thinks they know better than me about what I need. I thank God everyday for the opportunity to have these supplements and I have to stuff the fear of losing this opportunity way deep down otherwise I fear I might go into panic attacks!

  9. Marge

    Thank God! I heard about McCain’s folly on The O’Reilly Factor when he interviewed Suzanne Somers on the subject. Of course,’know-it-all O’Reilly’ thought it was a great idea to ‘control’ supplements because he supposedly had a bad experience with Red Yeast Rice. IDOITS!! They have no idea that millions of us rely on supplements to work for us in ways FAR superior to prescription drugs. As stated before, we will have to be vigilant to protect our freedom to choose our own treatments. They will certainly try again because greedy Big Pharma is losing money to supplements daily. And it’s all about the money and politcal power.

  10. Amy M

    I found it amusing that McCain was dumb enough to sponsor a bill that would prevent a large percentage of his constituancy (the older folks living here in AZ) from getting their beloved suppliments. He was listening to his Bigpharma lobbyists and forgot about us, which is not uncommon behavior with the man. Thanks to all who wrote in to protest he finally woke up and realized he actually wanted to get elected again.

    I’ll be voting for the other guy.

  11. Julee D.

    I am glad to be an Arizona voter right now – McCain will NOT get re-elected this year! I’m telling EVERYONE who will stand still long enough to listen. We’re throwing him a retirement party he’ll never forget.

    There are SEVERAL supplements I don’t feel I can live without.
    IODINE – iodoral.
    LIVER TABLETS – good source of heme iron as well as other vital nutrients.
    Sodium Selenite – I’m Hashimoto’s, Selenium helps keep the antibody count down.
    DHEA and Pregnenolone.
    B vitamins
    Colloidal Gold for the brain.
    And that’s not my entire list-those are just the things I would buy a ton of if his stupid bill went through.

    The thing that’s shocking, tho, is the NUMBER of seemingly intelligent people who think it might not be a bad idea to ‘regulate’ supplements. Once the FDA got their finger in things, tho, there would be no regulating, we’d just never see certain things again – Like IODINE – if the drug companies could just get that one vital nutrient out of our lives, they’d have us on the hook for at least 3 or 4 prescriptions each – synthroid, high cholesterol meds, antidepressants, etc.

    Oh, I am mad as hell about this and heaven help Mr. McCain come election time.

  12. John

    I was aware of this and signed a petition against it. Many of these guys in Washington are just giving their paymasters what they want. If such a thing passed I would be in big trouble. I take a plethora of supplements that I am sure would have been effected. Unfortunately, so many in this country see the sick, misdiagnosed and unhealthy as an opportunity to be monetize. As long as they keep you sick you can be an income stream. Until the lobbing is stopped this issue will keep returning.

  13. carolyn hunter


    McCain was merely a probable puppet of the big drug companies.

    Somehow, they persuaded him to do that bill for supposedly consumer safety ….BUT THAT WAS A “WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING”;


    First… they would have gotten the bill passed,

    THEN they would have made it a crime to take natural supplements INSTEAD of their patented substitute SYNTHETIC supplements …..JUST LIKE THEY DID WITH THYROID MEDS.

    The drug companies are NOT going to shelve their plan. They’ll keep on trying different ways to do this…and if we do not stay on guard….they will finally find a way to pull the wool over the public’s eyes, …..and finally get their agenda done…to the detrement of all of us.

    my husband used to tell me about the invisable controllers of the world ….who were concerned about the increasing world populations ……..and that they were trying all kinds of ways to limit world population…and I found that hard to believe….but ….

    If you examine some of the things the big drug companies have managed to get away with…like falsified research studies and results…….. under
    the “friendly” auspices of that wonderful FDA ,…..somehow,…. that suspicion does not seem so
    far off.

    Just LOOK at what the FDA did to our beloved natural Thyroid meds…they took it off the MediCare “acceptable list”………so the producers of it are reluctant to go thru all the expensive “hoops” ….to get it back on the list.

    So now we we have to buy it out-of-country. Or pay thru the nose to get it compounded.

  14. Terryb70

    I hadn’t heard about this until after it died, but thank God. One of the reasons why I didn’t vote for the guy. I think it’s interesting that he sides with the “less government” argument but then wants the government to ban supplements that are helping people. I don’t get his, or their, hypocritical arguments!

  15. aprillv68

    ….No wonder he didn’t win the election….

  16. kendra

    Proud to say that I was one of the No’ers and really happy to see that my input made a difference, everyone counts! This was a scary bill and all this health reform (although we need it) worries me, so far Im sticking with Efra (too scared the new NatureThroid will make me hypo again and Im still recovering from the reformulated Armour) and I want to be able to get it as easily as I can now.

  17. Nancy

    This is not the ‘end’ of trying to take our rights away.
    McCain is just up for re-election! Plus we do not know where Dorgon who co-sponsored the Bill stands. So it may reappear right after elections.
    I feel very strongly about putting new faces in office. We need to break the power plays going on for our very survival.

  18. Dwayne

    Yes, let’s just make it harder and harder on everyone that is trying to get better making it worst- America is in trouble- We are a lost nation with many many more negative things to come. What’s next- are they going to tell us what time we can take a shit. Enough already.

  19. Karin

    I wonder what prompted McCain to introduce such a ridiculous bill? It is quite sickening how we have to constantly be on guard to assert our rights! Why, next they might be trying to take oat bran off the shelves! (it works wonders to reduce cholesterol). Took mine from 230 to 192 in a matter of a month! Politicians suck!

  20. Kelly

    I use red yeast rice for cholesterol. As a type 1 diabetic, they want my LDL below 100. Mine was in the 130s and they wanted to put me on a statin. I started using the red yeast rice & my LDL dropped to 100 and my HDL went up over 100.

    I just recently started using selenium. My TPO was over 3000. I can’t report a success with that one yet because it is too soon, but I am sure that will make a difference also.

    I also use Vitamin D and a multi-vitamin. I have not had my vitamin d levels rechecked since added that one either.

  21. Patti

    20 years ago the medical world could not figure out why I was so sick and getting sicker. IF it had not been for the alternative world and supplements I would not be here today. We treat our whole family with herbs and vitamins.

    Now I am rebuilding my thyroid using natural thyroid and the companion nutrients needed.

    I am so thankful this bill got squashed – it should be our individual rights and freedom to use supplements as we need them.

  22. Gina Thorsen

    I am shocked. Supplements have saved me – not only with my thyroid but with other issues. I take DHA-EPA for my cholesterol (which is totally in check), enzymes and probiotics for my gastro issues (which are totally gone) and adrenal supplements and iron to round out my thyroid issues. Plus a one a day vitamin, bee pollen and Vitamin D for good measure. And I feel great!

  23. Yvonne in the UK

    Thank you for doing all that you have done and continue to do. You can bet your life that if this had become law in the US, it would not have been long before the UK followed suit.

  24. Edythe

    I had NO IDEA John McCain was about to take away our supplements, the idiot! I have been chronically constipated for “unknown” reasons until my sister emailed me your website. I have ALL the symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease, and I am infuriated that these stupid doctors ignored all my tell-tale signs of it, causing me to suffer needlessly for 5 long years!!!! My darling half sister has Hashi’s as does my twin, but my twin’s doctor is doing NOTHING about it! This has been a wake up call for us all!

    Back to the topic at hand, If it wasn’t for my Nutri-West supplements that I get from my Chiropractor/Kinesiologist I wouldn’t be having any bowel movements! I am on “Hypo-D,” “Total Upper GI,” “Gall Bladder Plus,””L-Glutamine Plus,” and “Total Leaky Gut”–I have to dish out around $200 out of pocket, but at least I’m going to the bathroom! I’m also on “Gland-Plus-F” for my Hashimoto’s disease in addition to the Levothyroxine from my regualar physician. It’s not fixing the problem, as to be expected, so I’m seeking a good Endocrinologist. But in the mean time, at least I can get some relief with my natural supplements until the root of the problem can be properly addressed. I would be INFURIATED if that bill had passed because I would be bloated, with a burning stomach and reflux, being lucky to have one measly bowel movement a week if it weren’t for my natural supplements. Thank God it didn’t go through! I would have been irate. Please let us know through your forum if things like this are in the process. I’m new to your website, but I’m going to follow your updates closely. Thanks Janie for giving me hope! My body feels like it’s falling apart and I’m only 26. I was hospitalized a week ago from panic attacks that were induced by my low thyroid, and the doctors swept my concerns under an rug and sent me home feeling like I was going to pass out with no compassion or remorse! It was positively absurd, and when I find out what’s wrong that hospital is going to hear about it! I went to the ER two days in a row, the first day they said my bloodwork was ‘fine’ until I almost passed out in Walmart the very next day and had to take a second ambulance ride. At this point I was up all night with an irregular hearbeat until they finally found my low thyroid and electrolyte levels. Which of course they blamed the electrolyte levels on the supplements (they’re so brain-washed!)

    But, I now feel empowered that I can tackle the problem head on since I’ve read your website and know what’s to blame and how to remedy it. 🙂 God bless you so much, thanks for paving the way and going the distance in this frontier for Thyroid health!!!! xoxoxo, Edythe

  25. Joe


    P.S how did you lower your husbands cholesterol ?

    From Janie: For a few years, my husband has been taking certain supplements that used to be recommended by Dr. Graveline, the astronaut who had terrible side effects from Lipitor. They include folic acid, CoQ10. B’s, Vit. E etc. He also took 1 T Fish Oil daily. It all helped lower his chol. but not the tri’s and LDL. But I think what really turned the corner for him was Grape Seed Extract, because since he’s been on that, his tri’s and LDL have greatly improved.

  26. Darla

    Yes, I knew about it and wrote him a long letter. I am sure that’s why he dropped it this time. Haha! Seriously, the man could use the supplements he was trying to take from us. Ugh…


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