Did you set your cell phone alarm? Reminded yourself with a note?

Just one more reminder here: this Wednesday night on Talkshoe, I’ll be interviewing a courageous doctor, Kent Holtorf, MD, who is making a stand for far better hypothyroid treatment that goes beyond the TSH lab test and T4 alone like Synthroid, et al. He is also a medical professional who has played a huge role in educating us about RT3 , aka Reverse T3. This is a man you’ll want to get to know, because I have a strong feeling he’s going to gain even more media attention because of his courageous stands!

Join us as I chat with him about the recent Today Show piece where an Endo said he was simply “laying on of hands”, this WEDNESDAY, FEB. 17th at 6 pm Pacific, 7 pm Mountain, 8 pm Central, and 9 pm Eastern, right on your computer’s audio on STTM’s Talkshoe Call webpage (below). Call in to ask questions, too. MARK YOUR CALENDER! SET YOUR CELL PHONE ALARM! This is one introduction that I’m going to have fun with, don’t ya think??


Want to learn more about him to better appreciate this Community Call?

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3 Responses to “Did you set your cell phone alarm? Reminded yourself with a note?”

  1. Elizabeth

    I have encountered similar situations, but God help us if MOST doctors are like that!

  2. Johann Mitchell

    Unfortunately, I didn’t see this until the broadcast was over, so I missed it, but what I have to say is largely about Dr. Singer, but also about most doctors I’ve met lately.

    What has happened to doctors lately?

    Stop and think about Dr. Singer’s remarks on the show. He thinks that actually administering accurate tests, correctly diagnosing a patient, and prescribing drugs that are effective and cure the patient’s symptoms has no scientific basis!

    I can remember when doctors were doctors! They listened to what you had to say and used knowledge and expertise to FIX it!

    Now, doctors SELL DRUGS! And most of them have NO regard for the health of the patient. One endocrinologist I went to looked sad and unhappy every time I mentioned a drug that I had good results from and brightened up whenever he mentioned a drug that I’d had BAD results from and then wanted to prescribe that.

    The thing he wanted to prescribe most was a drug that caused internal bleeding the last time I took it, and it almost killed me. He was really excited and determined to prescribe that, and insisted that the internal bleeding COULDN’T have been caused by the drug even though there’s a warning on the label that SAYS it can do that! He would only prescribe drugs that had already been PROVEN to do harm to me!

    He would have cheerfully killed me, but refused to prescribe anything that would actually benefit me because he didn’t feel that he could morally prescribe anything that would actually HELP me! He actually SAID that!

    I HATE drug pushers (aka, doctors)!

  3. Enrique

    I can’t wait for this call! I live about 50 miles from LA and have been thinking about making an appointment with Dr. Holtorf. He sounds very very knowledgeable!


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