Little clues we might be seeing a return of desiccated thyroid??

raindropsSurely most anyone who has been outside has felt a little drop here…then a little drop there…and you wondered: am I getting ready to be rained on?

Now I’m making no guarantees nor saying this is absolute fact…but because of emails I’m getting and other information, I’m seeing little drops of potential evidence that we may be seeing the beginning of a return of natural desiccated thyroid in our pharmacies. Are we?

For one, a patient called the Forest Hotline today (866) 927-3260, and it said that the 4 and 5 grain is available. Is that an old recording, or could that be a possibility at some pharmacy here or there? Granted, Forest states that the problem of backorders has been found in the “complicated steps in the supply line”, and “one factor is the supplier”. But if the 4 or 5 grain tablet is available, is something getting through here or there?

Then comes an email from a gal stating she was told by her large national pharmacy that Armour would be in stock by the middle of October. That is similar to a comment on another blog post below.

Also, American Laboratories, the producer and supplier of desiccated powder, has always stated that they continue to make it–just not enough to meet the demands of larger pharmaceuticals all at once. i.e. perhaps some is getting through.

Little positive rain drops of clues? Maybe. I’m not sure what the near future holds. And there are unanswered questions, such as will Armour still be ineffective for so many in its reformulated state? In what way, and when, will the FDA follow through on the 1960’s Drug Efficacy Study Implementation (DESI) to prove that desiccated thyroid is safe and effective (which still makes most of us want to ask “Aren’t 110 years enough evidence?”)

In the meantime, there are options you can use for good thyroid treatment here. Just work with a good doctor if you use any of these options. But a caveat–a few Canadian pharmacies have doubled their prices!! Ouch. I find that very nasty and unethical. So check their prices on the website as compared to what was listed on this page. And GOOD NEWS: a German pharmacy will ship out its own brand of desiccated thyroid. See it on the Options page.

There continues to be good feedback from patients that most compounding pharmacies have plenty of desiccated thyroid powder in stock. The above link gives information on how to find a compounding pharmacy. I have used one before that mailed my order to me after my doc faxed the prescription.

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20 Responses to “Little clues we might be seeing a return of desiccated thyroid??”

  1. Kristie L

    I too have been on Armour for 5+yrs after an awful time on Synthroid… took my health into my own hands and have been involved ever since. I am now having a local pharmacy compound NDT for me… my dosage had been the same ( 1.5 grains ) with Armour and suddenly my symptoms are back and I’ve gained 20 lbs in the 2 months since this all started!!! My Dr raised me to 2 grains which I start tomorrow and I’m also going to add Thyroid Essentials to help give things a boost…… Remember, there are SEVERAL places online/health food stores to get “raw” thyroid (bovine and porcine) and several supplements that many of us have had LOTS of benefits from! Good luck!!!

  2. Brooke

    I ordered thiroyd from Thailand about 20 days ago, does anyone know how long the wait is?

  3. Colleen

    10/14/2009 Went to Dr. yesterday – got Armour prescription – Filled today at Epic Pharmacy – no problems. The Force is with me!

  4. Margaret

    I have some of the Erfa Thyroid and some of the Thyroid-s. Can I use them interchangeably? Thank you!


  5. Dr. Jim Lane

    I called a pharmacy in Progresso, Mexico and was told that Armour thyroid is not available in Mexico.

  6. Kathleen

    I can’t use Synthroid, doesn’t work, and I’ve been on Armour Thyroid for years. Unfortunately Thyroid-S contains povidone, and I have an anaphylactic reaction to that as a tablet binder. Funny thing is when Synthroid made false advertising claims back in the 90s, there was a class action suit, and I got a $70 check from the settlement. Not much for having had to retire early on disability in part because of ineffective Synthroid.

  7. Fran

    Has anyone been taking the Thyroid S from Thiland or the ERFA thyroid from Canada sublingualy and if so what kind of results have you been having. I take armour sublingualy and they told me the Canadian is not sublingual and shouldn’t be chewed and swallowed either.

  8. Lisa

    For Jay : I was NOT baffled by the packaging. It may have been repackaged,it may have been bootleg either way there is NO way to know if it is safe so I didn’t want other people to use the site like 12buys. It has been blacklisted on other online pharmacy rating sites. It may be perfectly good. But as an American I am used to safety seals and ingredient labels.
    I am sick enough. I don’t need to take risks with “dodgey” meds.
    There is PLENTY of dessiccated thyroid out there.
    Also, your posts seem very paniced. With a little effort
    and a credit card, you can order virtually any brand you may need. In any quanity.

    The good news and I why I am here posting again today. Is I have found Nature-throid available again online in half grain tablets.
    So, I am sure the trickle everyone is seeing will soon become a flood.
    In the meantine there is plenty of medication available from other sources.
    I took Kathleen’s advice above and have more than enough to hold me over from her source until our pharmacies are restocked.
    Big Pharma is fueling paranoia, don’t buy into it.
    There is enough for everyone.
    Thanks for all of your help Janie.

  9. Lynn


    I know the thiroyd product looks dodgy with the typed label and all, but it really is good. I have been using it since January and it is effective and works well.

  10. Jay

    (From Janie: Hi Jay. I appreciate your concern. The Canadian option was simply the first one that patients were excited about as they emailed me and as result, was the first one on the list as I compiled it, here: And I did think that Erfa was extremely friendly & generous towards us, don’t you? And yes, I have expressed my disappointment in what appeared to be gouging. If your assumption that they are protecting Canadians is correct, which I never thought of, it makes sense. I’ll hope it’s that. As far as cautioning patients: I personally wouldn’t hesitate to use the same thyroid-s tabs that came so haphazardly packaged.)

    “a few Canadian pharmacies have doubled their prices!! Ouch. I find that very nasty and unethical.”

    Janie…….you are making me nervous in a supply and demand sense. Our supplies rely on hog farming. The hog farming industry has been losing money big time and is in big trouble.

    1)You more than anyone has caused a massive RUN on Canadian meds. Now you are bashing the people that are saving our lives? They must have saw their supplies taking a massive hit and decided to up the prices to have availability to their Canadian patients.

    2) I have not heard you caution people about wasting meds. Our friend Lisa above bought some Thyroid-S and it did not come in the original manufacturers bottle so it sounds like she was baffled by the Thai packaging and so perfectly good Thyroid-S may go to waste.

  11. Lisa

    I placed a test order for Thyroid-S at a website. I wasn’t happy with the result and would NOT buy from them again. I received 2 bottles with typed labels NO manufacturers labels, NO safety seal and a piece of bubble wrap stuffed in them. I ordered a product called Thiroid and Thyroid extract from their site. But both bottles look the same and are labeled the same even though I placed two separate orders and tablets look the same in both. A friend said they smelled like my Nature-throid (my sense of smell is gone) But I would be too afraid to take them. The order was sent from Thailand. The safest product I have recieved so far is from Canada from a site already listed on here.
    I will keep searching and let you know, if I find anything.
    But I am not panicking. Where there is a demand there will be a supply eventually. Everyone wants to make a buck.
    Also, if you find a site in Canada whose prices have gone through the roof do not use them. The Gov’t regulates drug prices in Canada and it is illegal for them to over charge you.
    Good luck, remain calm.
    There is plenty of dessicated thyroid out there.
    Thank you Canada.
    May the makers of Synthroid drown in their product for all the lies and misinformation they have told our doctors!

  12. Matt

    I just found I am hypothyroid. I only want to take natural thyroid. I know Armour Thyroid is not available or is on back order. So where can I order Naturethroid from? Thanks a million.

    (From Janie: Naturethroid is on backorder too. We hope to see it back within a month or two. In the meantime, here are you current options:

  13. Dave

    I’m not too sure about Armour being all that available in 4 & 5 grain. I just got my prescription filled for 4 grain today, but it was filled with 1/2 grains because it was all they had and their computer said 4 grain wasn’t curently available. Funny part was that earlier in the day when I called, the tech told me that the computer said it WAS available. Sounds to me like there is either more demand than product still, or the supply of higher doses is running out. I truley hope is the former rather than the latter.

  14. Susan

    Those pharmacists are lying, Liz, Naturethroid is NOT being discontinued or pulled. They just have an agenda (push the more expensive drug) I’ve been told these are going to be discontinued for the last 10 years or more. I quit the doctors in question, NOT the dessicated thyroid. I I take Armour, but can’t find that, so just found a 5 month supply of Naturethroid. Hopefully by then they’ll straighten this mess out.

  15. liz

    I was also told by several CVS pharmacists in three different CT towns that Nature throid is no longer available, that it is being pulled by the FDA so CVS will no longer carry it. When I went to Walgrens I was told that it is on back order till after Nov.

  16. Linda

    Janie, FYI, the listing you have for Jan Drugs in Canada leads to a page that says “Sorry. Thyroid Hormone is not available online.” I’m wondering if the Canadian pharmacies are getting hammered by so many of us ordering and feeling like they need to conserve their supply for Canadians.

  17. Maggy

    Well, I just called my pharmacy to see if they had gotten of the Naturethroid in. Guess what I was told? The young lady that answered the phone stated that they can’t get that anymore because it’s not being made anymore. Is this Medco at work? The pharmacy is CVS & I believe they’re linked to Medco. I’m so angry because I know it’s still being made! Oh well….on to a new pharmacy I guess.

  18. Judy

    Dear Janie, Can you stress to people not to panic when there is a restock and deplete the inventory by purchasing a years worth or more out of fear?

  19. Laurie

    So, for now….we wait and see what happens.

    And in the interim, we need to be prepared as best we can.

  20. Walt

    I know that Forrest has been telling people from the beginning that their 4 and 5th grains were available.



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