This is not the time to wield pitchforks and torches

The subject line of this post was just given to me in an email by a wise and cautious person. And I agree with it.

We have facts. We know that Time Caps Labs cannot make desiccated thyroid. We have read, without seeing the actual press release, that Major Pharmaceuticals has been told to stop. I’d sure like to see this release….

We know that Armour didn’t work well for most and became hard to find. We also know from RLC, makers of Naturethroid, that there is at least a 3 month backorder.

And, we know from American Laboratories that they are making the production of desiccated thyroid powder their #1 priority. Demand was greater than supply.

But beyond that as I write this, we know no more. And to speculate in only a negative direction can be a disaster. To march with our pitchforks and torches is only shining a spotlight in the direction of the FDA, and they may not be friendly.

There are positives. ERFA has allowed us to order their Canadian thyroid. There are other sources out there which I have mentioned below, as has health writer Mary Shomon.

And there are other facts: hundreds of thousands of us, if not into the millions, KNOW that desiccated thyroid really is safe and VERY effective. We KNOW that endocrinologists are totally wrong in their opinions.

So, what you can do is put emphasis on the latter FACT of effectiveness when it comes to you. Write your story. Give a “”before on T4 and an “after on Desiccated thyroid”. Then send it to me for the Stories of Others page. IF…..and I say IF….something drastic happens from the FDA, we then start providing out testimonies and do what we need to do…one after the other after the other. That is our strength. Facts, concern, but not panicking and carrying pitchforks and torches which may backfire on you. This is not yet the time, if it even passes.


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22 Responses to “This is not the time to wield pitchforks and torches”

  1. Dianne

    Crossborderpharmacy has raised their prices…alot! I ordered on Sept 8th and my doctor faxed the rx the same day. The price at that time was 70 something dollars for 500 60 mg tablets. I just noticed that I was billed $129 on my credit card.

    I wrote down the actual price but I can’t find that paper now. Does anyone remember what the price was before it skyrocketed? I was thinking $72.94 or something like that. Any help would be appreciated because I am going to dispute this higher charge.

  2. Margaret

    Is anyone familiar w/ 12buys? Is it reliable? Thanks!

  3. Margaret

    I ordered thyroid from Canada by faxing RX and they got back to me that same day to confirm. I didn’t need that special form either. It was very easy.

  4. Margaret

    Regarding the Thailand thyroid, is that with an RX?


  5. Vicki

    Many thanks for that information Dawn and Amy!

  6. Amy

    Vicki.. my partner and I are in Australia and she ordered thyroid by Erfa. It’s been great and she feels a lot better. We had to get her doctor to fill in the form (you can get it online) which says that they’re aware they’re ordering a drug which is not approved by Australia’s FDA equivalent. Then the doc faxed that off with a prescription and they posted the erfa out to us. It’s a lot cheaper than armour from Australia. $35 for 500 tablets. The postage was a bit, but still a lot cheaper overall.

  7. Dawn

    Vicki –

    I went to a mail order website ordered 500, 1 grain tablets of Thyroid-S (made in Thailand) and am having it shipped to California. Some of those on the forum have used it for a number of years and they are getting a good result.

    There are also others in the forum that are talking about how they have ordered products. Here’s the link if you want to check it out

  8. Vicki

    Can somebody advise me please if they have been able to order the Canadian product and have it successfully delivered in Australia. If so, what process was used?

    Ditto for the Thai product?

    Your help would be gratefully appreciated!


  9. Nan

    You write,
    “We know that Armour didn’t work well for most and became hard to find.”

    I am new to this site and hope what you meant was that the NEW FORMULA of Armour doesn’t work well for many.


  10. lynn

    We can still order Thiroyd from Thailand. I have been using it since January.

  11. Siobhan

    I’m confused. Are we supposed to be calling the FDA and writing to senators and congressmen, or doing nothing until we hear more?

    (some are screaming FDA, but others are saying that it may backfire right now. The FDA can be very heavy-handed. So to be safe, writing senators and congressmen may be a very wise choice, since they can have the power to undue damage done by the FDA)

  12. Tiffany

    tried to refill my Rx for Naturethroid today and was told by the pharmacy that it is being discontinued. i have 2 days supply left, but they will be able to give me about a week’s worth. i JUST switched from Armour, after doing poorly on the new formula. i cannot take synthetic, it just does not work for me. i am so upset right now.

    p.s. how do i submit a story for the stories page?

    (Pharmacies are so dumb. It’s not being discontinued. It’s on backorder. Use the Contact Me form. Check out Canadian pharmacies.)

  13. Heidi

    If Time Caps Labs have been told not to make Dessicated Thyroid and Major Pharmaceuticals has been told to stop does that mean that RLC will have an even longer wait than 90 days?? Eventually I would like to go on NatureThroid, but it seems like this could go on for a long time according to Mary Shomon. I’m worried!!

  14. Heidi

    Enrique is correct, I posted this yesterday, but wanted to post it again to see if this helps anybody!! Good Luck!! I have Hashi’s, so I’m scared too!!


    This drug is marketed under the name THYROID in Canada
    500 TABLET(S) $64.59 Canada shipping Fee $9.95
    All prices are listed in U.S. dollars

    This was how I ordered it, so I don’t know how come the prices above are so expensive unless you are going through another pharmacy. Yes, you need your doctor to call or fax a prescription to them but that was it. It’s on it’s way! Try these people it’s the same thing, Thyroid, made by ERFA. Just go to the website and you’ll type in thyroid in the search box and it brings up the different strengths, the 125 mg being the best buy by far. It cost me total for a bottle of 500 $74.54 and that includes shipping and handling. Hope this helps!!!! Heidi

  15. kendra

    I just read a post on the Natural Thyroid and adrenal yahoo group that one member had called the FDA and they told her that they are now requiring that companies tha t produce desicated thyroid are mandated to go through FDA approval and will not be able to produce any till this approval process is complete. This is a dangerous proposal by they FDA and it sounds like we are upon the pitchfork stage in this issue.

    Can the FDA do that? with so many people on this medication? I dont have a thyroid so this is more than support for me and many others I know. How do we get the FDA and those aweful Endo’s out there to understand? rip out thier thyroids and put them on Synthroid with a TSH of 3.0 for 10 years? Sorry that was bad but sometimes I feel like its the only way they’d understand.

  16. Enrique

    Allison: I ordered 500 tablets (last week) of Thyroid from Canada (made by Erfa) without any such FDA form. My doc faxed the prescription to their toll free number and I just received it 2 days ago. It only took a week to arrive. I ordered from

  17. Louise

    What about compounding pharmacies? Here in Australia most people get their NTH from those, who order the thyroid powder direct from the manufacturer. Your doctor just needs to write a prescription for “thyroid extract, 120mg (or whatever your dose)”. I get mine in gelcaps to swallow or remove the powder and do sublingually, but the compounding pharmacist can make troches/lozenges and various other formulas too.

    Could be an alternative source to pre-prepared tablets.

  18. Michelle

    Can someone please explain what I missed? I understand that the new Armour sucks and there is a back log of raw materials in the US in general but how did everyone get this new anger toward the FDA? Did the FDA actually make a stance against dessicated thyroid or is there just a shortage that has everyone in a panic? I for one just paid cash for 9 months worth of Naturthroid and although I’m nervous (I don’t have a thyroid to fall back on) I don’t like all the negativity I’m seeing and think I obviously missed a major recent development and that throwing spears rarely leads to a partnership made.

  19. Allison Roper

    I thought I read here at STTM in another blog entry comment that someone else was able to fax in their Thyroid prescription to that Canadian pharma and they got their meds no problem. Maybe that form isn’t REALLY required?

  20. Susan

    I’ve been told Armour thyroid was going off the market for 10 years! Until it does, I’d like to have a little faith in the fact that Forest AND the co. in Omaha have posted press releases, etc. to the effect that they will restock as soon as it’s possible. There is NOTHING about this on the FDA website and it’s not like Armour hasn’t been recalled before (or for that matter Synthroid) Major and Erfa made generic pills and I have been made to understand why they’d be called in question. But Armour’s been around for 100 or more years and Forest is a big company.

    I never took Synthroid, I’ve taken Armour for 54 years. It was first prescribed to me at Mass General and no one there ever tried to switch me even after synthetic became available- I don’t convert T4 to T3. I’m not switching and getting sick for someone else’s profit and convenience. When doctors at Yale tried to push Synthroid on me, I DEMANDED a scrip for Armour- and never went back.

  21. Jen

    What are the other sources out there you have mentioned? My doctor will not complete the required FDA form in order to obtain Thyroid from ERFA, and I am now without thyroid medication for the next three months, if not forever.

  22. Terrie

    I agree with your call to calm. We need to see what happens in the next days. Rushing with all guns blazing will only waste our resoures BEFORE we know where to aim.

    However, I am plenty worried. I called ERFA and was given the site to download the form. It is not the simple form on the STTM it is not anything my doctor would sign. It basically makes the Dr. state he is investigating the use of Thyroid as a study on his patient.
    No ordering from them over the net will be possible for most of us.
    I wrote the First Lady…that i am scared.


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