A toxin which could explain why SO many of us have thyroid disease

perchlorate_manuf_users_mapEver heard of perchlorate?? It’s a salt taken from perchloric acid, and it’s used in rocket fuel and explosives. It was also once used in a medication to treat hyperthyroidism.

And guess where residues of it are hiding? In our drinking water and in infant formula. (EPA map shows where perchlorate is manufactured just in the US—nearly every state)

In a recent article by the Environmental Working Group, it’s estimated that 15 brands of infant formula are contaminated with it, and two of the most contaminated brands of those 15 made up 87% of powdered formula used in 2000…all according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

As bad as that is, this goes beyond infant formula. It’s estimated that the drinking water of 28 states is contaminated by perchlorate, and other estimates are 35. In addition, the majority of women who breastfeed have it in their milk. And you can find it in water-rich foods such as tomatoes and melons, or carrots and spinach. It could even be found in milk. Ouch.

So we not only have millions of US babies being exposed to a toxin which can diminish thyroid health, but adults who can be drinking their water and eating their food.

But guess what can counter the toxic effect of perchlorate? Iodine supplementation, if you take enough. In spite of some controversy with the use of iodine supplementation, this gives one pause in favor of it.

Luckily for all of us who know that desiccated thyroid like Armour is a better thyroid treatment, it also contains iodine. And some go beyond that, adding iodine to their supplements via Lugols or Iodoral. It might be worth looking into.

P.S. The buck doesn’t stop with perchlorates in our water. We could also be exposed to a variety of pesticides, chemicals from deposed prescription drugs, and even mercury in our water. Sad. Our poor thyroids are assaulted.

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5 Responses to “A toxin which could explain why SO many of us have thyroid disease”

  1. Enginer01

    Percholorates are known to promote hypothyroidism, but the EPA has been slow to promote drinking water standards. California and Massachusetts have set limits of 6 and 2 PPB (parts per Billion.) Florida knows it has serious problem from the tons of solid fuel burned in rocket boosters, because the burning is not 100% efficient and the prevailing wind blow to the West of Cape Canaveral. Supposedly, EPA was going to act by 2019, but there is a lot of smoke and mirrors where an important industrial chemical and rocket propellant is involved.
    Unfortunately, high levels of ClO4 are also found in most food stuffs today.
    Does anyone know if a ground water perchlorate plume exists in Florida?
    Incidentally, I’ve lived in FL for years and my thyroid had to be removed 8 years ago. Before that, kelp pills really helped.

  2. Leticia Ambrose

    I really wish you had more info on heperthyroidism. I know so many people who have it myself included.

    (From Janie: I leave that up to a good Graves advocate, Elaine Moore, who has a good website and forum for those with hyper. Google her name along with the word Graves and you’ll find a lot.)

  3. Paul

    buy a water distiller from sears for about 100 and make your own water! Thats what i started doing.

    • Stacey

      If you distill water you need to replenish minerals in it. Adding a little bit of pink Himalayan salt is a good idea.

  4. Amy Hobitz

    So add that to the ever-growing list including the mercury in our teeth (but not MY teeth anymore!!) and the fluoride in our drinking water and whatever else we ingest involuntarily but haven’t found out about yet or have been told is HEALTY… Maybe I should start wearing a tin-foil hat.


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