7 reasons you’re gonna love Forest Pharmaceuticals (told ya so)

Now being announced on the Forest Pharm hotline at 866-927-3260, the following strengths of Armour are now completely available again:

1) 15 mg. (1/4 grain)
2) 30 mg. (1/2 grain)
3) 60 mg. (one grain)
4) 120 mg. (2 grains)
5) 180 mg. (3 grains)
6) 240 mg. (4 grains)
7) 300 mg. (5 grains)

Yessiree, the above represent the different size and strength tablets of natural desiccated thyroid via the Armour brand, most of which had been unavailable for quite awhile. The 90 mgs is still on backorder.


P.S. And we thank RLC Labs for their continued availability of Naturethroid and Westhroid, plus Sriprasit Pharma Co., Ltd. in Thailand for their Thyroid-S. Because no matter how hard any pharmaceutical company, Endocrinologist, certain hospitals, or group of physicians (see below) tries to sing the praises of T4 treatment with Synthroid, Levoxyl, Levothyroxine, Eltroxin, Norton for thyroid disorders or hypothyroid….WE KNOW BETTER.

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3 Responses to “7 reasons you’re gonna love Forest Pharmaceuticals (told ya so)”

  1. Betty J. Blue

    I have been on Armour since 2001. I was prescribed 60MG twice daily. On April 29, 2009, I filled my prescription LOT #030915. Since then I have returned to my pre-Armour condition. The new prescription evidently has a very low dose, or a bad patch. I have gone to another Pharm. to no avail. I am now suffering as I did prior to beginning Armour. The different strengths are subject to mix-ups??? Are the personnel that fill the prescriptions treating everyone the same??

  2. B

    I have a question. I live in the UK, and have over the last few weeks switched from thyroxine to armour. I had a recurrence of symptoms until I upped my dose to 4 grains, and so far I’m really feeling the benefit!

    My question is – will it be OK for me to buy 4 grain tablets from the States – I’m concerned about import taxes, since a bottle of 100 pills would be over $100 and I’m afraid that it might be confiscated if the value is too high. ??? Otherwise I’ll just carry on buying 1 grain tablets…

    I daren’t ask anyone else because I’m so afraid to start alarm bells ringing!

    Thank you.

  3. EMS

    Great information! I hope to switch to Armour from T3/T4 compounded – I need something different since I am not feeling good enough. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in August 2006, and am still not feeling good. SO glad that Armour is available now in more doses again.

    I LOVE your website/blog! Great work! I can relate to so many of the horror stories I have read here. Now I will be looking for a new doctor if my MD will not give me Armour tomorrow. My naturopath is refusing to prescribe Armour because she says it is not stable enough. I don’t believe her.


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