Thank you to my doctor–what a BREATH OF FRESH AIR

Started with a new doc. He prescribes Armour and is reading the STTM book. That latter in itself is an eye-popping miracle.

And…as we were going over my extensive labwork, which he does for new patients, and as I was lamenting the way too many doctors put their patients on the lousy statins (when all they need to do is treat hypo CORRECTLY), he stated, with a sigh of dismay and humility, something to the effect of: We doctors are simply too busy to keep up with the latest good information that patients are finding out far ahead of us.

I nearly fell off my chair!! He was honestly and humbling admitting that patients are finding out good information far ahead of doctors! i.e. he was NOT dissing the internet; he was NOT dissing that a patient could actually be more informed than him; he was not dissing information that goes against the Big Pharma Con Job .

This doc is a keeper.

p.s. Think your doc is open-minded enough to read the STTM book?? You can have the publishing company send one directly to your doctor. Click on the SEND A BOOK TO YOUR DOCTOR.

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2 Responses to “Thank you to my doctor–what a BREATH OF FRESH AIR”

  1. marianne thode

    I’m a furious Hashi sufferer. Have sent info to all the congressmen, senators, and all governors. Have emailed the hoho Health and Human Services committee and written the White House re Pres Bush’s thyroid condition and Cheney. Tried to have a seminar, do you think we still have freedom of speech? ???? Not in the southeast part of the country-watch out its heading your way. I called 2 radio stations that promised to send or email me info. Nothing happened. The state I live in not only uses an general upper limit of 5.5 but docs are told not to treat till the ineffective TSH level gets to 7. How’s them apples? I have also decided to write a book and believe me it won’t be politically correct. I have found a site that explains what is going on. Its a real eye opener.

  2. aprillv68

    You are so lucky to have found a dr who actually listens. We can only pray that one day soon all of them will.


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