I think I need to start a DUHH hypothyroid reference page on STTM

Look at my blog post below and you’ll see the latest duhhh entry–i.e Endocrinologists finally reported that T3 was an effective treatment in place of T4. Finally!! Of course, patients know that desiccated thyroid is an even BETTER treatment, and that has been underscored by those that tried T3 with their T4 (without having a reverse T3 issue), then switched to desiccated thyroid like Armour, and noted they felt much better. But it’s still an announcement in the right direction.

But we now have another duhhh entry: The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism has reported that long-term levothyroxine replacement therapy in young adults is associated with cardiovascular abnormalities. Another finally. We as patients have already known that for years! We’ve experienced what Synthroid, Levoxyl and all other T4-only medications have done to our hearts! I watched my own mother have to have an angioplasty because of her long-term use of Synthroid…and we have NO heart disease or problems like this in our family history!

So yes, you will see the announcement that a new page is going to be created here on STTM which will highlight journal entries and medical announcements which only support what patients have been experiencing and trying to tell their doctors for a longgggg time. lol. And your contributions to this new page will be welcomed.


The new page is here: www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/medical-research Check this page often, either to send me new research which supports what we already know, or to find meat to give your rigid doctor.

***You can order the STTM book here, which is a complete patient-to-patient book on far better thyroid treatment. It’s YOUR book!

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5 Responses to “I think I need to start a DUHH hypothyroid reference page on STTM”

  1. ibeji

    Hello Stacy Self,

    thanks a lot for this link!

    I’ve already posted it in two German forums and everybody loved it!

    I also wish you lots of luck and success in finding a doctor to treat your daughter!

    Best regards,

  2. Stacy Self

    I have just found out that I have Hashi’s after years of doctors telling me that all I needed was therapy for my hypochondria, anxiety, and depression! Finally, I found a Doc who tested my antibodies and I found STTM! I have been doing lots of research and I wanted to share an article I found that expresses deep concern for dosing to only the TSH. http://www.drlowe.com/frf/t4replacement/critique1.htm
    I hope everyone reads it and prints it out for their docs. Sadly, my 12 year old (who I insisted be tested) just came back positive for thyroid antibodies, but her pediatrician said “her TSH is good, and its not effecting her now.” ?? I had her tested after I noticed similar symtpoms that I had experienced ( dry skin, hair, brittle nails, cold, constipation, anxiety!) Now I have to get someone to listen to me in order to treat her too! Wish me luck!

  3. Laura

    It’s too bad that many doctors will see this news as reason to put all their hypo patients on statins rather than a decent dose of Armour.

  4. Elizabeth

    I am glad to have found this website. There has been a burning question in the back of my head lately about the connection between hyper/hypo and eating disorders. I struggled for about 10 years with bulimia. I have been told in the past that it could have affected my thyroid, but I am thinking that it might be a chicken and egg thing. When my doses a medication are higher, I have NO urge to binge and purge. When the doses are lowered (after/during an attack), then the urges pop back up. Luckily, I have learned how to surpress those urges (I have three beautiful children who need a mommy), but it still strikes me as curious. I understand the co-morbidity of eating disorders and depression. I just wonder which causes which…..

  5. Emily

    It’s so great to learn of others out there who have dealt with what I am dealing with. For the past 16 years I have had a thyroid problem, it wasn’t officially diagnosed until 2005, at which time I was put on the smallest does of Armour they made. Within days I started feeling better, more energy, lost a little weight and then nothing. So after about a year of being told to give it time I was finally refered to an endocrinologist who put my on levothroid. The dose had to be raised several times without seeing any improvement in my symptoms, until I took maters in my own hands and decided that I wanted to go back on Armour. My doctor agreed to give it a try, now I’m the equivalent of the amount of Levothroid I was taking and have felt an amazing improvement in my energy. I am a firm believer in Armour thyroid, I just wish more doctors could really understand where there patients are coming from.


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