Wear a Thyroid Advocacy T-Shirt!

Because so many of you asked….you can now order a THYROID ADVOCACY T-SHIRT. And let me tell you–it works!! I did a test run. Wore it to several places over several days to see what reaction I would get. And reactions I got. Sure, it was a person here or a person there. But you are planting seeds in each person who asks. And they will carry those seeds into their own better health…and tell others.

And if you think that because you are on a large thyroid forum or group, it means the word is getting out–it is! But we’ve only scratched the surface. There are still millions out there who don’t know why they gain weight so easily, feel tired, have rising cholesterol, hair is thinning, or have depression. They need to hear about this.

We have to change the current LOUSY thyroid treatment protocol from the bottom up by spreading the word. It’s WE who will go to our doctors offices and demand change! It’s WE who will stop putting money into the pockets of those doctors who won’t listen to what patients have learned and go to those who WILL.

Enjoy the shirt! And feel proud for the part YOU can play garnering attention and spreading the word! p.s. Right now, orders are from the US only. As soon as Bidpay updates their checkout, I’ll add International. STTM is not just MY website: it is YOURS.

ALSO REMEMBER: if you use Bidpay, you’ll need to use the CONTACT ME form at the bottom of the page to let me know which size. The Bidpay function has no place to designate size.

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2 Responses to “Wear a Thyroid Advocacy T-Shirt!”

  1. Pam Brocklebank

    Your site has been so helpful and has given me so much hope and confirmation! Thanks for doing this. It is amazing how much even my very informed doc couldn’t tell me, that you have been able to. More amazing is how it feels like puzzle pieces fitting into place.

    (I just ordered a shirt and I am thinking that an adult Small or extra small would be fabulous.)

    Thanks again!

    (Pam, the black STTM t-shirt shown on the site only has XL left. I’ll bet you missed that. But, here is the site in progress to get others (they are more expensive, tho): http://www.zazzle.com/stopthyroidmadness )

  2. Carol

    Yeeeah!!! Finally! I was waiting to see this! ^.^

    Proud of you girl! I’ll email u later.-



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