Yessirree. You can be an official and proud member of the exclusive YA-YA HYPOHOOD PSYCHIATRIST CLUB!! How do you qualify?? SIMPLE.

First, you must have had typical and obvious hypothyroid symptoms, which include but are not limited to: poor stamina, hair loss, brittle nails, poor stamina, chronic low-grade depression, anxiety…or any other of the long and pathetic hypo symptoms list.

Second, you must have had a “normal” TSH. Or if you didn’t, you have a doctor whose glasses are so fogged that he can’t put two-and-two together about a TSH with the above symptoms.

And finally and the MOST important: This doctor…or the slew of others you have visited over the years…has stated that you either need to see a Psychiatrist, or you definitely need an anti-depressant, cuz ‘YOU IS CRAZY’ and those symptoms are ALL in your head. Yessirree. We are the “all in our heads” psychosomatic club. (And of course, it is ONLY a coincidence that our loony-tune, imagined symptoms went away when we went on Armour, raised high enough, and/or corrected our low cortisol problems. hmmmm)

To join, you simply use the CONTACT ME form below. Put YA-YA in the subject line, and give me your name (whether first name, or complete name), and your town and state. I’ll put you on the list below.

NOTE: we will soon be offering t-shirts for this club and other items, so watch for it here!!

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