The following story comes from a long time UK vegetarian with both hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue, and why she chose to add organic meat back into her diet:

I’ve known for years that you should absolutely eat meat with adrenal fatigue or any kidney condition according to traditional chinese medicine. But it’s hard to convince a vegetarian to do so. I have been a vegetarian for 7 years and a vegan for one year.

A few weeks ago in consulting another nutritionist, she instructed me to eat high quality organic meats. With some apprehension, I did it. And it is the absolute best decision I have made for my health in a long time and I will tell you why in a minute.

After I started eating meat, I emailed my friend whose been sick 15 years, who probably has hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue, and whom I often share my health information with. And from her, I got a huge tirade in return, asking who told me I should eat meat while screaming that animal lives were as important as ours.

I explained that any good doctor knows you should eat meat, especially with adrenal problems, and any good doctor will tell you so. I also explained that I had lost too much of my life being sick in bed and drastic measures were needed.

I still can’t understand how she can go on with her suffering when eating some meat could solve some of her problems? I understand caring for animals, but I’m sorry–not at expense of our own health. It’s not a selfish issue. It is an issue of, why make yourself suffer when you don’t have to? I would think that 15 years of chronic illness might make her reconsider, but even that’s not enough.

Do you think God wants you to go on being sick? In my mind, the answer is NO! God gives us all we need, and when we are sick, it is our responsibility to try to get ourselves well. Don’t you know how crazy that sounds–to be bedridden, and dysfunctional, but will not even try what could make you well? It’s crazy to me. I really feel there actually may be spiritual issues or internal blockages, like self-sabotage, which can prevent you from eating meat, because it will keep you sick. But that is another story.

Because of reintroducing organic meat in my diet, I am much less hungry. Before, I was starving every two hours. I could not leave the house without snacks, or planning when I could eat something. It was insane. I thought I was becoming diabetic, it was so bad. I had no energy. I could not think clearly. I was dizzy. Yes, I did not make a home cooked meal each day like some do complete with legumes and grains… How can you when you’re so sick? But I always had protein drinks in the morning, so there should have been no issues with protein.

I obviously was lacking probably more than some other vegetarians, but I always took a lot of supplements. So it should not have been that much.

Clearly it was not enough sustenance. Since eating chicken and steak for two weeks, I feel hopeful and nourished. Even now, a few weeks later, as I am eating a steak, I feel this energy from deep within me like I am a starving person who has not eaten in weeks. I inhale it. I am sure this is how someone feels when they are starving.

I can’t say if it is in direct relation, but a twitching and nervous system problem I have had for 3 years has deeply improved. I’m getting solid vitamins and nutrients I wasn’t getting before. The nutrtionist said that when you have copper toxicity, and you eat meat, your body starts to dump the copper, and she thinks that is what is happening to me.

I have more energy. And without a doubt, my hydrocortisone and thyroid medicines are working way better. I feel better than I have in over a year of being on HC and Armour.

I’m not saying to turn off your compassion towards animals. Instead, I’m saying to listen to your body.

Try and give up the veg notion… I know it’s hard.. . But I am so glad I did it. When you are well, then worry about the animals.

~~former UK Vegetarian

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