Hi. My name is Tim and I have Chronic Lyme. Probably a milder case than most because I found it sooner than most.

As I am writing this, I’ve been struggling for about a year. I’ve done a total of 13 weeks of IV antibiotics. It’s helped but I’m still having health issues. I’ve recently started to suspect that some or most of my remaining symptoms may be Thyroid/Adrenal related due to low body temperature/fatigue etc. I just did the tests that the STTM book reccomended. Thankfully I have a doctor who prefers dessicated thyroid over T4 only drugs. I have clear adrenal fatigue shown by the 24 hr saliva test. Also I am hypothyroid including very high thyroid antibodies, which indicates the hashimotos disease. I do not believe I have a new “disease”. The lyme has most likely attacked my thyroid.

I believe that there is a good chance that a lot of these folks on forums have lyme going on in the background. I say that because I am one of the lucky ones who knows they have lyme without a doubt. I don’t know to what degree it is still there but it is still a factor. As I read the STTM book and website it really did explain a lot to me about what the lyme has probably done to my body (ie. messed up my thyroid and adrenal system). Thyroid and adrenal treatment will most likely help my symptoms which I very much need right now, but it doesn’t address the underlying issue. Lyme Disease.

As far as anyone being fearful that Hydrocortisone will suppress the immune system because it is a steroid: I’m about to start hydrocortisone here very soon. Hydrocortisone is the biological equivalent of the exact hormone cortisol my body is lacking. I don’t see how bringing my cortisol levels up to the appropriate levels they should be, will suppress my immune system. Too much of course could suppress them.

I had lyme when I was 11 years old. It was diagnosed quickly and I was treated with about 30 days of tetracycline. I got better and have lived a pretty normal life. I am now 28. I recieved a cortisone shot a year and a couple months ago for a dislocated shoulder which triggered a lyme relapse. I got sick the next day and have never been right since. Cortisone shots are a mega dose of cortisol. Far too much than your body ever puts out on its own. In those high amounts it does suppress your immune system. That’s how the lyme got the open window to rear it’s ugly head again. I believe the Cortisone shot was the beginning of my adrenal fatigue because my brain probably sensed the high cortisol from the shot and started to reduce its production of cortisol in my adrenals which has ultimately lead to my current situation of low cortisol. I would not ever let a doctor give you a cortisone shot now that you have been exposed to the lyme bacteria.

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