BELOW ARE PATIENTS WHO HAVE MET SUCCESS WITH THE T3 CIRCADIAN METHOD FOR ADRENALS! If you have a story of success, even if you are still work in progress, use the Contact at the bottom of the page to send me your story! Inspire others! To learn about this method to heal adrenals and bring back cortisol levels, go here.

JEAN (She was trained from a Chiropractic college but it was the T3CM for adrenals that finally turned her around.)

RENEE (She had to try it twice to figure it out, but totally got off of 27.5 mg HC in a month thanks to using the T3CM!)

LAURIE (Thought she’d never get off the misery of HC and Florinef, but doing the T3CM proved her wrong! Part 1.)

DAVE (got totally of HC and Florinef in a month and lives again! Decided to become a moderator for the T3CM yahoo group to help others.)

DAWN (who has used NDT with the Circadian Protocol and proved that even the T3 in desiccated thyroid can make a difference.)

TAYLOR (who was on 30 mg HC and has been able to drop down to almost NO HC)

MATT (who couldn’t tolerate T3 until he strenghtened his adrenals with early T3)

JANET (who couldn’t tolerate T4 due to her adrenals/high RT3, and is now using T3 in the early morning hours successfully. )

SUZANNE (who used NDT to do the protocol–a detailed blow-by-blow account!)

SANDRA W. (who since going the T3CM, has stopped shaking and now wakes up feeling energetic)

JAYNINE (who now wakes up with energy and feels like this method has made a great change in her life!)

MARY (who started on both NTH and the T3CM with great results!)

ERIC (whose life has been more most focused, stable and happy in the last 20 years)

SANDRA (who didn’t like what HC was doing for her at all, started the T3CM with T3-only, weaned of HC in two weeks, and got her life back!)

MIA (has weaned from 30 mg HC to 17.5, doing SO much better, and expects to be completely off. Stay tuned.)

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