If you are sending CHECK, CASH or US POSTAL /INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER, just print this out (logo above will not be printed. Yes, it will be two pages). Make checks or US Postal/ International Money Orders out to Laughing Grape Enterprises. Send form and payment to the following business address: STTM; POB 322; Moab, UT. 84532

T-SHIRTS SHIPPING/HANDLING for one shirt (Yes, there’s a little handling to help me pay for gas, time, supplies, etc):

US:  5.00   CANADA: 6.00   INTERNATIONAL:  10.00

*Add 1.00 per extra t-shirt for all US amounts; 2.00 per extra t-shirt for Canada: 2.00 per extra t-shirt international.

BUMPER STICKER SHIPPING: (If you are ordering a t-shirt with bumper stickers, the t-shirt shipping will cover it all!)

US and CANADA: 2.99 S/H for up to four stickers. INTERNATIONAL: 4.99 for up to four stickers.

o**For additional stickers above four, add 50 cents per extra sticker.



HOW MANY T-SHIRTS?__________ SIZES: ___________________ (L, XL, XXL)

8.00 x ____ = ____________

Shipping: ____________ (Did you add extra 1.00 or 2.00 for extra t-shirts?)

TOTAL for t-shirts (cost of t-shirt plus shipping)_________________


BUMPER STICKERS: 5.99 each, or buy a minimum of four or more for 5.00 each.

How many:
1) The TSH SAYS YOU ARE NORMAL? w/ laughing boy:________
2) MILLIONS on anti-depressants w/shishing woman: _________
3 BEWARE of THYROID PATIENTS on internet w/man:_________

SUBTOTAL for BUMPER STICKERS: _____________ (i.e. 5.99 times your number. Or if 4 or more, 5.00 times your number)

SHIPPING (see above):___________(check carefully. Can’t send them without proper shipping amount.)

TOTAL for BUMPER STICKERS (cost of bumper stickers plus shipping): _______________


GRAND TOTAL (combination of t-shirt total and bumper sticker total):___________________

Method of payment enclosed:______________________(i.e. check or US postal money order; US bank or International MO)

Name: _________________________________________________

Mailing address: _________________________________________________

City, State, ZipCode: _____________________________________________

Country if not the US:________________________

Email (if I need to contact you about order. I do NOT give it to anyone else):_________________________________________

Phone number (if I need to contact you about order. I do NOT give it to anyone else:_________________________________

*Checks mean a 10 day waiting period; Postal money order means immediate shipping.