Q5 “When thinking about the types of health care providers you have used over the years, please choose one type that you feel did the BEST job in your treatment.” — “Comments” section

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1. None so far.

2. None of them do a good job. It’s all about time and money now.

3. my surgeon

4. Functional medicine doctors

5. MD who treats whole person, not lab results.

6. Holistic minded MD

7. Myself

8. none i have had to self treat

9. none

10. Currently working with an MD who is treating me with Homeopathic remedies and acupuncture. Still tired, but getting better results than I have with anyone else in the last 7 years.

11. Have not found one yet.

12. None helped

13. A private specialist, but within the NHS

14. when i was little i saw a wonderful and thourogh pediatric endocrinologist. i was born without a thyroid. cannot find a doctor as an adult that does the same.

15. my daughters ent has done more for me then any other doctor has.

16. Paitent Advocates.

17. doctor that used integrative medicine

18. Only seen Gp never an endo

19. NP’s and PA’s!!!!

20. My current doctor is great

21. Medical doctors who treat holistically

22. Haven’t found one yet

23. virologist specialising in thyroid disease

24. CranialSacral Therapist

25. but they aren’t licensed in Colorado, therefore can’t prescribe

26. undeternlmined as yet.

27. cardiologist

28. My MD listens and has learnt from STTM after being referred there.

29. An ENT who is also a DO/Surgeon performed my thyroidectomy and he was light years ahead of any endocrinologist I have seen (and having lived in multiple states I have seen many.)

30. 2 M.D.’s over 21 years. Endocrinologists said not trained well for thyroid only Diabetes

31. none

32. none

33. Functional medicine doctor

34. Gynecologist

35. The 1st is an MD but very far from me. The new, a DO, is also great.

36. With special training in hormonal therapies

37. Nobody

38. None

39. DC’s

40. Still to find one who does a good job

41. most of Many Doctors simply accused me of overeating including a Psychiatric referral: They were wrong-It was my Hypothyroidism!

42. Myself and I will have to continue to self treat as I have yet to find (not from lack of trying, or money spent) a medical professional who has knowledge and understanding of my condition.

43. MD practicing Functional Medicine

44. None yet. But I live in hope!

45. DO continued to run tests & monitor symptoms until both were normal. First test indicated I might only need small dose of meds, but it took much more to get test results in middle of normal range and manage symptoms.

46. Private medical doctor

47. integrative medicine practitioners – whether PA, MD, etc.

48. Private doctor dedicated to thyroid problems in UK

49. Fee paying doctor

50. Holistic/Medical

51. Hormone replacement doctor

52. I was only able to get help from GP had to diagnose and beg for treatment

53. Holistic MDs

54. integrative medical dr.

55. ENT : )

56. Have not found one

57. My integrative doctor (his practice handles hormones, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, and Lyme). And he treats the “whole person.”

58. Gynecologist

59. Only because I have trained him

60. Primary Care Physician

61. None cause I am still waiting for my treatment, I am still in the process to get the right medical care.

62. HMD – homeopathic medical doctor – with an internist background

63. Non traditional MD

64. Myself!!!!!!!

65. Midwife

66. General practitioners

67. DC

68. general practicioner

69. Only used my md & now an endo but he has now disappointed me & dismissed what i have to say so i now have an appt with someone else

70. Compound Pharmacist

71. Internists

72. I don’t think any are doing the BEST job yet. They still don’t take the time to explain what it all means. You are left to research every little thing.

73. Still haven’t found anybody that will treat me instead of basically laughing in my face, telling me there’s nothing wrong with me, or ordering tons of expensive labwork and not doing anything about the results.

74. ENT

75. ONLY the longevity MD I have now knew what to do

76. None

77. Holistic Dr

78. integrated medical doctor

79. private doctor

80. none

81. A & E

82. Accupunturist Lac

83. No one category. Even my current PCP and Endo are challenging.

84. So far no doctor has done a good job with my thyroid issues (I have no functioning thyroid). That is why I self-treat.

85. Chiropractir

86. acupuncturist

87. so far none

88. chiropractors

89. chiropractor

90. family practice ( internal med) doctor MD

91. I’m still hoping to find that BEST job Doctor!

92. My NP was also a PA and Naturopath.

93. Integrative MD

94. Psychiatrist

95. Internal medicine dr

96. a bioidentical hormone specialist MD

97. Owner operated health food store personnel

98. I have done all of my own research. My MD has been willing to try the alternative methods I have brought in and ask for. I am grateful for that! But certainly no one has actively tried to relieve my symptoms and look beyond the numbers. I have seen three different professionals.

99. only 1 MD that is a bio identical hormone specialist

100. myself because of research

101. MD’s that use alternative treatments and who are up to date with the latest research.

102. Doctor of Applied Kinesiology – they actually understand all of this and can treat it properly!

103. integrative doctor

104. Noi doctor got it right, except one with whom I had a brief phond consult. But, his practice is too far away, and he doesnt accept my jnsurance.

105. still looking

106. none did the best

107. MD but practices natural medicine

108. no one so far

109. my Integrative MD

110. Integrative MD

111. David Borenstein

112. endocrinologist’s secretary!

113. virologist

114. Integrative MD

115. Integrated doctor

116. My gynecologist

117. ENT

118. Myself, my own research, testing and recommendations of Natural meds (NDT, T3, etc.)

119. Internist

120. First had to get a doc that would work with me. Then he had an NP I love.

121. MD – Chronic Fatigue Specialist

122. Integrative MD

123. Functional medicine doctor

124. none

125. An MD who specializes in hormone replacement, but is not an endocrinologist

126. None

127. integrated medical doctor/NP

128. Functional Medicine MD

129. Functional Medicine Doctor

130. I finally found a nurse practitioner who listened. NPs have always given better medical care in my opinion.

131. holistic

132. NP’s are an extremely close second and I didn’t want to omit that.

133. not enough time but I usually like alternative healthcare providers

134. Family friend MD who agreed to help me

135. My family practice physician runs a very close second.

136. acupuncturist

137. I am currently seeing a Functional MD

138. None as I am still waiting to see an endocrinologist since having hyperthyroid symptoms that were so severe and not recognized or acknowledged that I went to Emerg. to get a referral.

139. Have experience with Tn. /docs are told not to treat till TSH is 7. This was related to me and another woman. State in which you are treated makes a lot of difference. Had to go to naturopath in NC for correct txr

140. Unfortunately, I’m still looking for help.

141. Me and my research

142. none, I can do a better job

143. None

144. Integrative nutritionist. Integrative practitioner

145. noone yet


147. Dr. Who takes a more integrated approach, Dessicated thyroid, nutrition ect

148. I finally found a REAL endocrinologist. He saved my life.

149. I am still looking for that person, does that person exist?

150. gynecologist

151. none

152. N/A–I’ve only used MDs

153. my family – we all read and share ideas. An open-minded doctor is great to work with as an educated patient.

154. Urologist

155. Integrative medicine MD, neurologist; endos are the WORST

156. Chinese med/acupuncturist

157. Actually neither I can’t get them to listen to me.

158. I had one Family doctor that was willing to listen and help. He focused on my symptoms, and gave me synthroid to see if it would have an affect to see if this would improve things. Sadly I moved away before we could do more. Second to him are NP’s.

159. anti-aging doctor

160. I’ve seen a lot of Drs for my hypothyroidism and I only found ONE dr that listened and actually tried to treat all the symptoms that come with this horrible disease, he took 6 tubes of blood work every time I saw him and he always checked everything and his name is Dr. Modhi Gude out of Oklahoma City Ok and I want ever forget him bc he is a great doctor that listens and cares about his patients…I’ve seen about 100 Drs for this horrible disease and they usually don’t know, don’t care, don’t listen, and misdiagnose all the time…I have to pray every time I go to the dr that they don’t kill me by their lack of knowledge on this thyroid disease!

161. My current NP has hashimoto’s and knows a lot of what STTM preaches

162. An MD of integrated medicine, but still not knowledgeable enough

163. chiropractor-whole body approach incl nutrition/detox

164. holistic doctor

165. private doctor

166. Also, current practitioner is an NP who works in the practice of a functional medicine MD

167. none

168. I have a unique medical doctor now. Probably the only one in the country who knows what he’s doing.

169. Functional Medicine

170. although, one MD I saw was open to treating thyroid with t4 only of course. Reason being, his young wife was suffering the same symptoms as me.

171. Integrative medicine doctor and chiropractor

172. At this time only STTM

173. Family Practitioner

174. None of the above

175. Doctor naturopath

176. Functional Medicine MD

177. Psychiatrist (He specializes in hormonal aspects of psychiatry)

178. Integrative NP

179. I haven’t found any health care providers that have really helped me.

180. Only one medical doctor out of many did any good at all.

181. Holistic Nutritionists

182. Except the last one concidered Armour chinesse medicine. He kept telling me he practiced western medicine.

183. none

184. still looking for a good one!

185. I have only ever used MDs

186. none, have not found a good one yet

187. Nutritionist found at my local health store

188. OB/GYN

189. tcm practitioner

190. Dr Bouc in Beloit WI has been doing a great job. He looks at my records, listens to symptoms and asked why other doctors don’t get it. He has been amazing.

191. One endocrinologist who actually knew how to dose NDT properly

192. Chiropractor

193. Intregrative/Holistic/Functional Medicine MD

194. chiropractor

195. Pharmacists have been my greatest source of information. Once I get into see a doctor, NP, or PA its the same story over and over and over.c

196. I go to an Intergratvie MD

197. Gynecolgist

198. Just one MD. No others

199. Neurologist

201. I moved and am trying a naturopath now but she is afraid of over 3 grains NDT

202. I can’t say a traditional MD did a great job, but considering what my experiences have been, they were more likely to listen to symptoms.

203. specialist hormone MD

204. My MD has a MD degree, but is a functional medicine practitioner. It’s critical that he has an alternative viewpoint.

205. She is also an MD!

206. OB/GYN hormone & wellness specialist

207. None

208. none

209. see comment above about the “Other” option. It should be a choice. Also, the first question is not a balanced scale – there should be as many satisfied as dissatisfied – i.e., a five-point scale or no neutral.

210. Myself

211. Doctors specialised in nutritional medicine

212. none. i moved to self treat because i ran out of money to pay the worthless doctors

213. MD trained in Functional Medicine

214. Specifically my OB dr

215. forums books especially Stop the Thyroid madness

216. Most of the doctors I saw (both Endocrinologists and MD’s) were under-informed. Doctors that were open to reading/learning about new information and treatments did the best job overall.

217. Anti aging MD

218. My Endocronologist was the only one who ever listened to me and treated me based on my symptoms. I’ve had to ask for NTD but he has subscribed it and even allowed my dosage to be increased with a non-existent TSH lab (0.01).

219. So far, me.

220. GP

221. Homeopath with an MD

222. But only one good ND out of 15. Most NDs are as thyroid ignorant as MDs in my expereince.

223. none

224. none

225. none i reserched it myself and told them,the endo,

226. Wholistic-oriented MD

227. none of the above

228. Medical Doctor who leaned more towards Natural Options

229. integrative medicine doctors

230. chiropactor/function medicine

231. None

232. myself. I treat by my symptoms. I will not be held hostage to numbers on a piece of paper.

233. Holistic DO

234. Hormone doctor

235. my new functional medicine internist

236. I felt the nuclear radiation treatment, for what it was, that dept did better and listened more to me than ANY aftercare or before care has.

237. family clinic

238. I haven’t tried others.

239. I have yet to find a doctor who will listen

240. None.I’ve been to all of these too.

241. Integrative Medicine MD

242. I feel like I’ve done the best job. I’ve seen 4 different endocrinologists, so they were able to confirm my hypothyroidism and give me medicine for it, but I’ve never felt 100% after 3 years – and I’ve had a lot of bad days and suffering as a result. So, while I guess they did the best job since they prescribed me meds and they’ve been the ones handling my care, there’s a reason I’ve seen 4 doctors. I didn’t like the first 3 and I’m only tolerating the fourth. I’ve had to be my own advocate and I feel like I know more than they do. It’s hell. I’d like them to have this disease and see what it feels like! Thanks for doing this survey!

243. My acupuncturist who herself has Hashi’s, has been great. She’s the first to admit she’s learning about it herself but we’re in it together and working as a team.

244. none

245. none

246. functional doctor

247. And my OB/GYN!

248. The Doctor I have now…and I still have issues! I would see a Naturopath but I cant find any localy.

249. stop the thyriod madness. dr wilsons adrenal book.

250. Internist

251. natural dietician

252. MD that does functional medicine

253. otorhinolaryngologist

254. Alternative medicine provider

255. internist, integrated medicine

256. functional medicine MD (concierge medicine – doesn’t take insurance)

257. none at this time

258. Well Woman doctor

259. my acupuncturist

260. myself

261. my md is good at considering alternative therapies

262. Gynecologist

263. found a half decent endo after 12 years

264. Internist

265. wish I could find a good naturopath to go to

266. personal trainer

267. Allergy specialist who was ear, nose, and throat MD

268. My Doctor is a combination of #2 & #6

269. my family MD listens to and respects my input and requests

270. nurse practitioner

271. chiropractor

272. I now see an MD who is also a naturopath.

273. Alternative Medical Practitioner

274. she now practices a type of keinesiology

275. Thyroid specialist

276. And MD’s Ironically

277. Retired doctor working as a Nutritionist in UK

278. Alternative Medicine Doctor

279. Integrative Dr.

280. Dr. Bartiss, alternative doc, used to be reg. MD

281. My MD had certification in alternative medicines

282. but she still hasn’t got it right!

283. as for 4

284. none, won’t listen

285. none

286. intergrative , holelistic

287. Private mainstream metabolic physician trained in 1960’s and himself a patient.

288. Dr Peatfield …

289. I hope I don’t skew the results: I had studied STTM thoroughly before meeting this doc — so my experience is unusual.

290. A doctor in South Africa

291. Gynecologist

292. Medical doctors that are well versed in real treatment for thyroid

293. No success with any of the above

294. Integrative Doctor

295. Intergrated General Practitioners

296. None of the above

297. none

298. Dr Catz was thyroid specialist- not a regular endocrinologist- he treated me even though my labs where within normal range

299. Integrative Medicine doctor

300. have not tried any others

301. My doc is an M.D. Who works at a well-women’s clinic and birthing center. She is willing to LEARN from her patients….

302. Private Doctors

303. none yet- live in the uk- its very difficult

304. Health care educators, such as STTM website

305. None.

306. the above two questions involve two different NP’s

307. Also the new female M.D. who listened gave me Armour.

308. Integrative doctor

309. Not long been diagnosed after having symptoms for years and being told different things were wrong with me

310. I don’t know

311. None

312. none

313. None still searching

314. Holistic

315. holistic MD

316. chiropractor

317. they were all about the same quite useless

318. None remember they are all just practicing

319. doing research and asking for changes

320. The first and, so far, only doctor who diagnosed and treated me correctly. She is a pediatric allergiest/immunologist in CA.

321. kineisiologist, osteopath

322. I am not well yet. I am on T3 30mcg SR and that works during the day. Im ready to go to 15mcg @ night as well. I have taken T3 & T4 and it worked well for awhile and as my doctor explained if you don’t convert T4 to T3 after a while you don’t feel well. I always pay out of pocket for my doctors, so i do get doctors who listen. Thats not the problem. Finding a doctor who understands T3 only is almost non-existent. Dr Olarsch, Plymouth, NH does.

323. My NP uses a holistic approach, combining many philosophies and modalities in order to help my body heal.

324. my two nutrition-minded chiropractors

325. After years I finally found an ENT who had started studying thyroid disorders.

326. private doctor

327. None have helped me thus far in 25 years!

328. No dr I’ve had has done the best job. I’m not where I need to be. I have to pay out of pocket for the tests I want

329. NONE

330. Nutritionists

331. None

332. And my wonderful chiropractor who has taught me so much over the years about natural health and wellness!

333. I use a chemical pathologist – she specialises in testing for endocrine disorders, trace elements and drugs of abuse,

334. And Me. If I did not continue searching I would still be very sick.

335. I saw them all and they all didn’t have the information I needed them to have. I still don’t know where to get medical help.

336. A GP sadly she retired, but at least I know some listen just gotta find the right one

337. [My MD used to be an Endocrinologist that went back to being a regular MD because he was fed up with having to be bound by the national treatment guidelines for thyroid i.e. only using TSH-test and T4 meds]

338. private med dr who includes natural medicine and is open minded

339. none

340. 3

341. Not easy to find a good one though.

342. None

343. An M.D. who was also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and who also was hypothyroid so she understood my experience

344. Intergrative Medicine practitioner & Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine

345. None

346. none thus far

347. an internist that my chiropractor recommended.

348. GYN

349. None….I am not well and was stold that some people just never do redcover…..so, I suffer!!! It has ruined my life!!!

350. none

351. I have only found one MD who is doing the best job in my treatment

352. Accupuncturists

353. Seem to understand test results better

354. I go to an integrative MD, specializing in hormones

355. allergist/immunologist

356. It was a head and neck surgeon that finally gave me back my NDT.

357. Functional Medicine Doctor

358. I had an open-minded doctor who was prescribing Armour to other patients

359. no one

360. the naturpaths were not fully satisfactory either, one lead me to think she’d write a prescription, later saying they aren’t allowed in Canada! among other errors. the 2nd one helped with lifelong severe alleriges somewhat though

361. some MD’s missed my hypothyroidism and another helped me greatly

362. na

363. Low Cost Doctor & a Chiropractor

364. Family Practice doctors, either DO’s or MDs

365. Alternative doctor


366. Integrative physician M.D.

367. the doctor was a MD in Psychology

368. Helping myself. Doing my own homework.

369. speciality in Hormones

370. BHRT and Functional Medicine

371. The doctor who treats my thyroid is an MD. Other MDs were clueless

372. myself

373. MD in Integrative Medicine

374. None. Most doctors do not know about the thyroid

375. My allergy and hormone specialist

376. Environmental Medical Practioner

377. chiropractor in North Carolina

378. I still don’t know

379. Still searching !

380. My OBGYN is the one treating; he is very tuned to a range of women’s health issues.

381. Internists or Gyns with thyroid specialty.

382. Holistic MD

383. Psychologist (Biodescodification)

384. I am still struggling with low Thyroid problems after 33 years.

385. friends who took no medication adn hypothyroidwent away on its own

386. private endocrinologist

387. Hormone MD

388. No one

389. The MD’s above are Holistic.


391. integrative md

392. my primary care doctor

393. NONE I have had to self educate

394. integrative medicine specialist

395. integrative medicine specialist

396. One private doctor

397. None

398. ME

399. family practitioner

400. see answer for number 4 above. It’s the same.

401. Dr Peatfield (Private Doctor)

402. female PA’s

403. Holistic Dr. with an MD

404. Gynecologist

405. NB only since my new endocrinologist who is a Professor

406. I haven’t found one yet, 25 years now!!

407. Integrative

408. Integrative medicine physicians

409. Chiropractor


410. chiropractor

411. Environmental Physicians

412. No health care provider has ever helped me

413. Functional medicine physician

414. Stop the Thyroid Madness Information

415. thyroid specialist

416. None

417. My self

418. natural chiropractor coupled with endocrinologist

419. Private doctor who had quit the NHS.

420. Holistic based MDs

421. applied kinesiologist – all I take is Standard Process Prolamine Iodine

422. Internal medicine

423. N/A newly diagnosed

424. I happened on a Dr that had practiced medicine in Greece who was attuned to how I felt physically

425. homeopaths

426. chiropractor

427. Homepathic MD and functional medicine MD

428. Neuro Opthamologist

429. Currently with a private endocrinologist who has put me on natural desiccated thyroid

430. finally found a doctor that believes that patients have a right to choose what goes in their bodies and she would prescribe it

431. Internist

432. My doctor is an MD< but he is from India and very much interested in natural healing.

433. My MD is a functional medicine Dr.

434. All of them had major flaws, not one stands out for being better.

435. My NP has a background in midwifery and is trained in Functional Medicine.

436. None. I have done it all myself using the Internet.

437. Not had opportunity to come across anyone who helped and can’t afford naturopaths

438. Have not been to anyone but MD

439. Internist who is open to natural therapies and knew how to read cortisol levels

440. Dr Myhill Private doc. So had to be able to afford her.

441. still waiting for the latest endo–will not see her for a couple more months

442. Family practice docs that didn’t take insurance

443. An MD trained in France

444. Afib Specialist

445. none

446. MD who uses natural and alternative treatments \

47. An MD who practices integrated medicine.

448. Same as above. I can’t choose based solely on title. It seems some women were more likely to listen to me, rather than men, but it didn’t matter whether it was an NP, PA, MD, or Naturopath. Depended entirely on the person as an individual really.


449. MD with understanding of Holistic Medicine

450. Alternative MDs

451. Only seen 1 and 2 and neither did me good.

452. Integrative

453. TPAUK and STTM have quite literally saved my life – my GPs could NOT have cared less – for FORTY hellish years! I have no children and no degree because they wouldn’t listen!

454. My MD also is board-certified in holistic medicine; has training in naturopathy and integrative medicine

455. Homeopathic MD

456. At least GP increased Leavothyroxine dosage in line with increasing hypothyroid symptoms

457. that’s because I have not had a chance to work with NP’s, PA’s or Naturopaths

458. that’s because I have not had a chance to work with NP’s, PA’s or Naturopaths

459. private doctors

460. Practitioners of Fuctional medicine no matter what their titel

461. None has helped me so far.

462. Haven’t found any yet

463. a russian doctor who seems to understand how all the hormones interact albeit not registered in uk

464. Self medicated

465. STTM facebook group!

466. Functional medicine MD’s

467. Who was an MD

468. NOT Naturopaths but I cannot “tick” OTHER as no allowance above to do this. Self treatment was THE solution for 3 of my family, now attending Dr Hertoghes Clinic – but he is a full on Doctore e.g. Signs & Symptoms, listens to the patient, takes History and is open to suggestions and IS a Hypo patient himself and that makes a huge difference and motivation in this field of medicine let alone his family professional & Personal history.

469. none

470. integrative

471. Internal Medicine

472. My self!

473. Integrated Manual Therapy and following the GAPS protocol

474. Independent thyroid specialist using natural treatments.

475. none

476. Holtorf Medical Group – just started going to them and the doctor is the answer to my prayers

477. None, I had to research myself, then with my new knowledge ask for relevant tests, then self medicate when no doctor would offer the treatment I required.

478. Natropath & Apllied Kinesiologist.

479. None – had to do it for myself using sites like this.

480. holistic doctor/MD

481. Noone

482. Myself. I am from Sweden and by the look of it, swedish doctors are the WORST when it comes to incompetence regarding thyroid problems.

483. private md

484. MD(H) Homeopathic MD – only because he learned that those with pain had underlying thyroid issues

485. Myself to be honest. Dr has no idea why I have sufficient T4/T3 now, he thinks he’s a genius but it’s my Thai NDT.

486. MD in Integrative Medicine

487. None

488. Holistic MDs

489. Complementary/Holistic MD’s

490. Internal Medicine

491. Even between one endo 1977-87 and one MD and I’ve seen probably two dozen doctors in 36 years.

492. Surgeon

493. none

494. My Gynecologist! She FOUND my thyroid issue.

495. I once had a holistic MD years ago, he was awesome, but he moved across the country.

496. Internal medicine, integrative, alternative

497. only because my Internist finally wrote Rx for NDT… she still keeps me on 1 grain after all these years…grrrrrr

498. Acupuncturist

499. Still searching !

500. Integrative M.D.

501. None

502. Hormone restoration doctor

503. Haven’t found one yet in any of the above

504. None!

505. None of the doctors did a Best job for me. They were all clueless & just let me suffer. They said my Thyroid was in Normal range & nothing was wrong with me. They believed it was all in my head & one doctor said i was depressed. They have no clue!

506. none really were best at anything. finally went to self treating

507. natural hormonal gp

508. Holistic doctor

509. Integrative Doctor


511. Integrative GP (MD)

512. A board certified MD who is also a homeopathic doctor.

513. Functional medical doctor

514. No doctor would help me with my hashis on their own – they all said that I had no reason to feel unwell. I found an endo that was willing to treat me with synthroid, and finally found an MD who is willing to work with me. The NP is the most open-minded about alternative treatments.

515. Still trying to find one


516. One very open-minded Endocrinologist

517. functional medicine MD

518. none of the above

519. integrative medicine doctor

520. Gyno

521. MD who specializes in adrenal, thyroid and Lyme issues

522. It was my female gyne that was the first to suspect hypothyroid and had me see my PCP.

523. only 1 but now I have no thyroid due to rai? Now what am I suppose to do.I’m so sick I cant enjoy life as a mom or wife at 34 yrs old!sounds sad and depressing right? Well this is my life what if it happen to you or a loved one. We need more help!


525. GYN

526. myself and my Stop The Thyroid Madness group

527. ME

528. A nutritionist

529. An OBGYN who has been treating women and men for hormone deficiencies

530. I just started with a Family doctor and he is focused on my symptoms as well as me as a whole person.

531. Not applicable

532. My current Doctor is a DO that studied under Dr Hotze- she is brilliant and expensive, but I feel better than I have in 10 years.

533. Holistic MD

534. None! I self treat.

535. Integrated medicine focus

536. Surgeon – by a mile.

537. Family Practice- not internist

538. An holistic physician who looks at the whole person, not just a piece of paper with blood work results

539. MD with special training in alternative therapies

540. L

541. I had to eventually treat myself

542. Specialized first as an OBGYN for years, then went integrative.

543. Functional Medicine MD

544. private consultant that prescribed LDN

545. Private M.D

546. Private doctor who was also a nutritionist

547. health coach

548. Still looking and waiting for next appt with new doctor

549. None of the above

550. None

551. I cannot answer this. My current doc is an MD, but is the only one who helped me. All of the other MDs (6 over 11 years) considered me hypochondriac.

552. kinesiologists. alternative heath.

553. None! My own research!

554. compounding pharmacists

555. an my surgeon

556. Absolutely no one did anything positive.

557. MD with Bd. Certification in Functional Medicine

558. None

559. I am seeing a chiro now who is Dr K trained

560. gynecologist/obstetrics

561. None really–I’m constantly fighting to keep my Armour at a level that makes me feel good and drs are constantly trying to take it away

562. Comes very very close between NP’s and Naturopaths

563. Dr. of Oriental Medicine

564. Functional Wellness / Integrative Healthcare

565. Integrative medical doctor

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