Q4 “When thinking about the types of health care providers you have used over the years, please choose one type that you feel did the WORST job in your treatment.” — “Comments” section

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1. 1-5

2. All of the above

3. One good one bad endo.

4. For me, it’s really a tie between the arrogant endocrinologist and the naturopath who wouldn’t listen to my bad experiences on the supplements he recommended.

5. Psychiatrists: That’s where I was sent after my PCP thought it was all in my head. Psychs dx’d Anxiety disorder, depression, possible rapid cycling bi-polar. I found out that the first doc, in the beginning ignored my Hypo results. Now that I’m on THyroid meds, they psych symptoms have all but disappeared. I was 45 years old when it all started, had a good job, college educated, never had psych problems before. It’s criminal what they do to us.

6. i saw an ENT who took me on as a patient because he had a special intrest in thyroid condition s. still only tested t4 and tsh. everything was fine while i was healthy but as sson as i had problems he said lose weight and see an endocrinologist. in my opinion he is a fraud.

7. The Endo I saw just gave me more of my T4 only med and just ran a huge amount of tests because I had good insurance when I saw the Endocrinologist. I saw a Naturopath when I had no insurance and he put me on Natural thyroid and I stareted on the road to health. My opinion of health insurance now is low it keeps us sick because it only covers Western Medicine and I wish it covered Naturopathy.

8. My MD referred me to endo, endo was useless until I demonstrated self treatement on NDT was better than T4 which I felt poisoned me.

9. There is only 1 endo w/in an hr of me. I saw him once pre-thyroidectomy. Never again. Then the surgeon prescribed levo. After 1.5 yrs I sought out a new doc.

10. They ran lots of tests, then ignored results and symptoms, and didn’t prescribe meds.

11. Mayo Clinic Rochester Mn was the worst

12. Obgyn

13. My rheumatologist

14. Worst and best was done by an MD. Just shows that MD’s can do this if they are open minded and don’t mind researching a few things and listen to the patient and caregiver.

15. My md wasnt as good as my endo but im noving on now from my current endo so i cant say

16. All of them except the alternative type MD I have now

17. my primary care physician

18. Orthopeadics

19. Only seen medical Dr this far

20. That was a tough choice because MDs can be terrible too

21. MD with Natuorpath approach. They cant seem to get their approach figured out. More against t3 use yhan conventional dr

22. none

23. I haven’t been able to get into an Endo yet

24. my PCP

25. Gynocologist

26. My GP is an internal med doc. When I complained of worsening depression, she just upped the lexapro.

27. All

28. BOTH Endocrinologists and MD’s are tied for being the WORST

29. doctors

30. Its only been a year, thyroid cancer. I am a Vet so only go to VA

31. Actually no complaints

32. N/A–I’ve only used MDs

33. I applaud the tireless effort you put into improving patient outcomes, Janie. Could I encourage you to take a less negative, more positively inspired approach to reeducating doctors? I can heartily recommend Byron Katie’s wonderful contribution to humanity (Loving What Is). Kind regards 🙂

34. Both the PA and the primary care dr I was assigned to took over 2yrs to finally allow me to see an endocrinologist. And I had to ask for the TSH that originally diagnosed me b/c of my symptoms. The dr never thought of it.

35. Medical doctors period!

36. they were all equally bad but you would expect and endo to know what they were doing

37. I have never been a patient of an endocrinologist

38. One MD increased my thyroid med without treating known cortisol problem. Really screwed me up.

39. endocrinologist

40. All the above

41. Endo and medical

42. all

43. I have only had two and neither fit here

44. all

45. The last endo I saw said, “It’s extremely rare to have adrenal or conversion issues much less adrenal. You need to see a specialist for that.” Uh Yeah?

46. All of the above

47. MD’s and DO’s I’ve seen also have no clue!

48. until one MD was good but I couldn’t afford to go back

49. Other is not a choice here. It should be #7. The way it is, you can choose 1-6 and also answer Other. Same problem below.

50. N/a

51. we do not have any endocrinologists ion our area

52. Consultant endocrinologist & surgeon

53. GP’s in the uk

54. C Section Surgeon and anesthesiologist

55. my obgnyn

56. Gyno. This should be a choice.

57. Internist, integrated medical specialist


58. medical doctors and an osteopath

59. It was hard to pick just one.

60. surgeon

61. know it all

62. ENT

63. YOUNG doctors. They “don’t believe in Armour thyroid”. Apparently this is now a matter of religion and belief. Lord deliver us and can I get an Amen.

64. Family Dr/Internist

65. we don’t have 3,4,5,and 6 can’t prescribe

66. endocrinologists

67. Endo’s 50/50 one dreadful and one getting there – will do T3/T4 combo trial but not NDT. Now agreed to T3 only so some slow progress.

68. Didn’t see any docs but the one.

69. Rheumatologists

70. All of the above.

71. And Internist and Infectologist drs.

72. Hematologist

73. I don’t know

74. all health care providers

75. all are bad

76. I believe all of the above, in my case, were directly responsible for the most inadequate and damaging care I have received over the years, according to my new doctor last week. He was appalled at the wholly inadequate care I have received in the last 20+ years. I have been seen by every type of provider on the list and none was worthy of their license.

77. + dentists and dental hygiene assistants

78. The Endocrinologist at least ran all the tests like cortisol, adrenal, iron, etc….but wanted to give me Synthroid. It’s all about being unwilling to change their ways and money….

79. NONE

80. could answer all but #5

81. Pushed RX – always synthetic.

82. Oncologist

83. psychiatrists and primary care dr

84. 1

85. Radiologist

86. I have only seen one MD

87. The endo removed and then sent me to my MD and he did not understand, then the Endo. retired and my MD would not send me to another Endo. He thought he could handle it. I am sick!!!

88. specialists of various types (limiting insight)

89. Arrogant

90. also the Alt/reg dr gave cortisol while levels were already Very high am and pm readings, so stopped seeing him also, the one endo put me on an antidepressant and said I as on fire, he’d help me (thyroiditis) worst attitudes, and lack of listening or care – the family dr’s (except one at a walk in clinic who gave me 3 hugs)

91. Family Practice doctors are good, but all other MD’s are terrible about dosing by symptoms and testing adequately for other concerns

92. Endos and MDs both!

93. both endos and MDs

94. GIs

95. (Only treated by one doctor, who is doing a good job)

96. NP who refused to treat the cause of my symptoms by just treating symptoms alone

97. Have only seen general practitioners and internal medicine drs. They were about the same. TSH testing and take this pill daily.

98. My GP (I’m in England)

99. Gynecologist

100. N/A newly diagnosed

101. Only saw GP and she was excellent

102. endocrinologists, regular MD’s and NP’s were equally terrible but for different reasons

103. Impossible to choose one, because I have been to all of them and none of them were any better based solely on title.

104. They are supposed to keep uo-to-date in their sppecialty.

105. Austrlaian so only choice(s) are General Practitioner, Endocrinologists & Specialist Physicians.

106. I saw 9 and all were just as and as the last even though they were the ‘best’.

107. And MD’s

108. I have pnly been to one dr. for my thyroid issues

109. Psychiatrist

110. I have only seen MD’s,NP’s, PA’s for this…

111. Military doctors and family practice doctors in military facilities.

112. I am tied between one MD and the endo for being the worst. I did have an allergy MD find hashi antibodies while searching for a cause for hives. But I had fight to find a doctor that would treat my hashi b/c/ the TSH wasn’t “bad enough.”


114. Told me my “numbers” were fine all my hypothyroid symptoms were the problems for my OB/GYN not his.

115. Internist

116. I’ve only seen my D.O. for my hypo. I am happy, now, but it took begging on my part to get on Armour. Now, he doesn’t really like my TSH. I have to really reassure him that I’m not having any hypo symptoms.

117. and Endocrinologist.

118. This doctor want me to have a Hystorectomy and I have a healthy Uterus and ovaries!

119. Physicians treating symptoms (allergist, pulmonologist, etc.)

120. All of the above

121. General Practitioners

122. Endo’s are SUPPOSED to be specialists.. NOT just Blood Sugar specialists

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