Question 3 “If you chose either 2, 3, or 4 in the first question above: which of the following actions by medical professionals would have raised your opinion of the thyroid care you had gotten? (Choose any that apply)” — “Other (please specify)” Responses


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1. self treat

2. I dont like their behaviour. They act as they were God

3. Would like for doctor to look to heal the autoimmune part of hashimoto’s.

4. Having any actual knowledge in how food affects our bodies

5. My doctors tended to stop looking as soon as they found one cause for my symptoms. It turns out that in addition to being hypothyroid, I also had Lyme, parasites, Epstein-Barr and another virus. Desiccated thyroid doesn’t help with that other stuff. I did have some doctors who recommended Armour, but wen my symptoms didn’t resolve, they just recommended higher and higher doses of Armour, which always sent me into a tailspin, rather than looking for other possible causes. My new doctor is treating me for Lyme, parasites and viruses.

6. Never helped.

7. realizing hypertension can be related to thyroid challenges and understanding more alternative dessicated thyroid gland products for individuals allergic to pork

8. being up to date with their info

9. That my ME could be due to undertreated thyroid

10. all of the above

11. Endocrinologists have no clue about actual Thyroid and the Disease symptoms is causes. We NEED Thyroid specialists who understand the psychological affects it has as well as an understanding of metabolism and the role of the Thyroid gland and the horrid effects on a cellular level. Patients should not have to suffer like we are. Anyone with half a brain can spend a few minutes reading on the web and see that Thyroid disease is not being addressed properly and doctors just don’t seem to get it.

12. Counsel accordingly of ALL life long after affects once thyroid was gone.

13. understanding that T3 is critical for recovery

14. Being more proactive than reactive

15. nA

16. ALL of the above!!!!!!

17. All symptoms were an allergic reaction to levo

18. Understanding that there are more tests to be carried out, other than TSH, FT4 & FT3

19. Realizing that my weight gain was part of a thyroid problem and seeking answers rather than just saying my TSH, T3, & T4 are ‘normal’. Also: not looking at me as if the problem was self-induced!!! Treating the whole body and not just a symptom.

20. Connecting all the dots properly, seeing how my many symptoms are related & NOT 15 separate issues

21. Understanding that my lack of menstrual periods could be related to lack of enough Free T3 which was what was the solution to that for me, switching to Natural thyroid normalized my menstrual periods and took me from having maybe two per year on my own to having one every month like clockwork when nothing else worked other than taking birth control pills which was the only solution they wanted to offer me. And that wasn’t a solution, it still kept me infertile (the Birth Control pill solution to having periods).

22. taking my vit d, folate definciencies seriously

23. respect for different ways of thinking about the thyroid, including my own

24. #1 cannot be emphasized enough

25. I have chosen doctors who let me choose dessicated thyroid, even if they did not know much about it

26. just understanding thyroid – they don’t. I finally found a doctor who knows more than I do and is willing to ask, “so, how do you feel?” and treat for that. He says my body didn’t read the book.

27. I would like the docotro to listen to me and not patronise me.

28. Understanding the magnitude of other issues impacting my thyroid care decisions. In my case, providers minimized my Lyme disease impact.

29. after a lot of trouble I invested in my relationship with my GP and that helped both of us. My GP is very open minded and follows me in my suggestions.

30. making me feel guilty because they couldnt understand why I wasnt feeling better, after 1month of being on levo

31. Have never had full range of tests i.e reverse and free t3 and t4

32. listening and respecting my opinion and work as a team

33. Understanding that my many, many symptoms are NOT separate illnesses

34. Having knowledge of thyroid disease symptoms and how they differ with each individual.

35. Less talk, more listen.

36. Providing treatment/Rx after tests proved low thyroid, not saying it is “normal for women”. (Several MDs for 10 yrs) \

37. I have always had to tell them what treatment I needed to be well

38. Give me my Armour Thyroid and stop trying to change it

39. Figuring out that some of Hashimoto’s symptoms could actually be caused by Lyme (thankfully, discovered by my current doctor, who is a keeper).

40. the lack of attention to my continuous and growing pains all over my body, diagnosed as fibromyalgia.

41. Understanding the link with nutritional deficiency

42. Testing me for Hashimoto’s right away instead of me begging to be tested 10+ years later once I educated myself

43. Understanding that my hormone related problems at the age if 35, had more to do with my thyroid than actual perimenopause

44. When I brought books, articles & begged just for a month trial…you’d think they could’ve done it!

45. To realize patients know what works for their bodies and be willing to order the test requested and then looking at not just the test result but the whole picture, patient’s body symptoms to be included.

46. it helped that my best dr. was young- no preconceived truisms.

47. Performing the autoantibody test years ago

48. all of the above

49. Explaining decisions to me so I understand also. Not calling thyroid cancer the good cancer.

50. Stop telling me I’m crazy and need exercise.

51. Making a reasonable suggestion as to treatment. I reported Hives and Anxiety and was told to go to weight watchers.

52. going more by symptoms instead of solely blood tests

53. Understanding that my muscle pain was related to thyroid.

54. Understanding Reverse T3 problems

55. willing to find out what they don’t understand

56. Providing proof of their statements about TSH, T3, and NDT

57. prescribe more than 90mg Armour when warranted.

58. Working with me based on need.

59. see all the connections, not just thyroids issues

60. more individual attention

61. Showing basic respect & compassion for the patient

62. Knowing how to diagnose related autoimmune disorders such as Lupus SLE

63. all of the above!

64. Understanding the relationship with immune disorders and being more consistent in follow up.

65. Dietary recommendations would have been a huge help.

66. even testing t3 !

67. i should have been sent to a thyroid specialist occasionally. i never saw the Endo after the RAI.

68. Not telling me that I was exhausted, had hair falling out, brain fog, skin issues, etc, etc, was because I’d let myself get fat.

69. Being offered more than TSH test, having more time and being less interesting in making $$$

70. Agreeing to test me for Hashimotos (my chiropractor finally ordered the labs b/c the endo wouldn’t).

71. Listening to me about research I’ve done and being open to more conclusive blood tests I’ve asked for and prescribing me T3 when I had explained that my blood tests showed that I wasn’t converting T4

72. understanding exactly how many symptoms thruout the body that thyroid disease can express!

73. Test for antibodies!!!

74. Filing insurance.

75. refusing to label me with fibromyalgia when they failed to medicate my hypothyroidism properly.

76. They could stop being insulting

77. Being able to pick up where we left off when my thyroid doctor retired and again when my 2nd thyroid doctor died, starting over is so hard

78. not blaming stress for everything

79. Realizing that my recent heart rates/missed beats might be caused by cortisol/iron or interaction with taking calcium at the same time. These have not been discussed or considered as a cause. Instead we keep yoyo-ing my dosage every 8 months or so.

80. ALL of the above!!!

81. prescribing inderal for palpitations instead of recognizing hypothyroidism possibility. Inderal tends to suppress thyroid and made my hypo worse and worse

82. Low iodine and fatigued adrenals

83. Just being willing to listen, and to talk, an think outside the traditional box

84. understanding that anxiety is related to my hypothyroid state

85. to just LISTEN to me and fess up that she has made me worse

86. testing antibodies

87. Testing for thyroid antibodies and understanding how to treat autoimmune thyroid disease.

88. Had goiter and too many cyts to count and she said i was fine. also my cousin had normal blood work as well as me and had an aggressive type of thyroid cancer.

89. Not dismissing my pain and depression because I’m overweight, almost every doctor I have seen has said my issues are a RESULT of my weight rather than looking for what else might be CAUSING the actual weight gain in the first place.

90. needs more training

91. By not being dismissive of my own observations about my own condition.

92. FERRITIN 5.4 so she referred me to hemo and raised my snythroid

93. Actually running the blood tests that are needed

94. Not understanding diet and thyroid symptoms

95. Just being placed on synthroid with no discussion

96. Keeping more up to date with current treatment trends

97. Listening to me and respecting me as a knowledgeable and proactive patient rather than talking down to me and being patronizing.

98. unnderstand supplements

99. Understanding, checking & treating RT3

100. Knowing difference between hypopara problems and thyroid

101. By talking to me!! And also by treating my thyroid cancer more seriously.

102. Testing fT3 and fT4 at all, not proposing T4 with iodine

103. Not putting me on a suppressing dose of HC

104. Understanding that many several medical issue could be related to my hypothyroid state.

105. Understanding all of the symptoms

106. A more holistic or ingrative cure/health modalit(ies) to my condition

107. information and lifestyle suggestions when I was “borderline” It was considered unimportant by the doctor, who I trusted, so I unfortunately did not delve into it more then. I I I should have!

108. Diagnosing my multiple food allergies when I was young.

109. Understanding that my persistent migraine aura was caused by their lowering my NDT to raise TSH, landing me in the hospital in crisis

110. being more versed in hormones period so I didnt have to spend so many years misdiagnosed

111. Stop trying to medicated me for other issues that could be fixed purely by taking me off of synthroid. Its MY body and MY health.

112. They NEVER listen and for some reason I always seem to know more about this disease then they do. I feel like I’m just another number to them just another check and they don’t care that I feel horrible and that it is hard to function in life with 100 plus symptoms the way we do as a thyroid suffer. I guess more people have to for before they start listening. The Drs have no compassion and they seem to not want to work with their thyroid patients. It’s almost like these Drs brought there degrees off line and had no training bc they so whatever they want to do to you. You can tell them what the problem is and they still don’t listen. I feel like Maybe they want to keep us sick by keeping us on medicine sythroid, and all the rest of that generic crap that dosent cure symptoms just make lab tests look good for the Drs, which aren’t enough. It seems as if these Drs are getting most of there medical advice from these money hungry pharmaceutical companies, instead if listening to there patients. I have never been more afraid of Drs before like how I am now…my mom is a dr and she as well as her colleges give excellent care to their patients but I have seen first hand up close and personal that it so not the same for all Drs, there’s so many of them, that just do not care

113. Seeming not eager to refer me to a thyroid specialist or group

114. One NP finally got it, when prozac was not effective, another PA laughed when I said adrenal fatigue was part of it

115. Respected my efforts to educate myself, and also demonsrated their efforts to educate THEMselves

116. believing me when I react to medications contrary than the norm

117. understanding that my “weight problems” aren’t laziness or a bad dietary intake, but are directly related to my hypothyroidism.

118. they had dismissive attitudes

119. All of the above

120. not acting like I knew nothing or was wasting their time.

121. My first doctor was not knowledgeable about how MTHFR gene mutations affect thyroid function. But, in all fairness, he did know enough to prescibe natural thyroid and to monitor Free T3 and Free T4.

122. Working with patient to arrive at the best medicine and dosage for them.

123. Checking B-12, Potassium and other tests that thyroid sufferers should have.

124. Telling me that I don’t have a thyroid problem and to go off meds altogether when I obviously have Hashimoto’s! Not actually discussing my lab results with me.

125. If doctors believed the symptoms were real. Or didnt blame the problem on me (“you’re just built that way” or “you just need more self-control” or “you just need to exercise more” (when adrenals were so burnt out that i could barely move)

126. Willing to do more lab testing

127. Realizing the ‘in the range’ is not the same as optimal for you

128. Actually listening to the patient

129. I was kept undermedicated for yrs because of TSH

130. looking at whole health

131. my doctors won’t even order the recommended tests

132. more than just mechanical and simplest level of understanding of endocrinology

133. Caring and stop trying to throw more meds to fix symptoms not cause

134. Treat your patient as a partner.

135. understanding – being more knowledgeable about thyroid issues

136. seeing weird symptoms are even symptoms

137. especially #7!!

138. Not being demeaning, or accusatory (calling me a liar)

139. Understanding how to dose & raise NDT or T3 properly!

140. I was fired by one doctor for self adjusting my thyroid meds.

141. all the above

142. Educating themselves about the thyroid MADNESS…I have these symptoms so something is not working right!!!

143. all of the above

144. understanding my Hypothyroid is telated to Adrenal stress and causes anxiety

145. all the above

146. looking for optimization, “caring” about me as a patient, working with me in order to get the disease in control

147. Was offered Zoloft instead of Synthroid…TSH was 11.

148. Understanding Thyroid, adrenal, and digestive axis connection

149. for over 20 years my physicians only tested my TSH. Never once did they suggest I see an Endocronologist. Never once did they adjust my medication based upon my symptoms, only the TSH labs. Ridiculous.

150. Cost high out if pocket

151. Understanding Reverse T3, and understanding that ALL CELLS need both T3 AND ferritin to work. All the T3 in the world will not help without ferritin.

152. Being open to my description of symptoms and taking me seriously

153. offer other help such as vitamin B

154. Actually Cares.

155. she advised me to use protein shakes as meal substitues to lose weight without advising me to avoid soy based products.

156. understanding that weight gain is not always from being lazy and eating to much.

157. understanding/treating root cause vs medicating symptoms

158. Treating the underlying autoimmune disease

159. understanding that symptoms don’t have to be outwardly bad for them to take a toll inwardly on my body

160. making me aware of the correlation between Hashi’s and gluten, and other food-sensitivities.

161. Believing that I know when something is not right with my body.

162. My anxiety is not just in my head

163. If they actually cared about the patient, that’d be awesome.

164. understanding the importance of a gluten, dairy, soy, caffeine, sugar, etc free diet.

165. Generally listening, and not treating me like I’m an idiot. The last one I saw fixated on cholesterol and started pushing statins — couldn’t or wouldn’t see that it might be linked to hypo or the low Vitamin D on my test results. The one before that didn’t even know about T3 — I had to explain it to her. At least she seemed to listen but she was just a temporary doctor.

166. Recognizing that my hives and joint pain are related to my pills being switched to levothyroxine

167. In my opinion my health care was affected by the fact I had Medicare Health insurance.

168. I became my own Dr requested T3 and now Armour

169. Not assuming that my lack of improvement was solely due to noncompliance

170. Understanding that the medical problems I had could be caused by low thyroid. I had one MD when I was 14 suggest that I had low thyroid. When I reached my 50’s I remembered that one comment and began searching literature for help. Seeking health care from a Naturapath was the most helpful. Not only did she treat the hypothyroid condition but treated low vit. D, acid reflux, adrenal disfunction.

171. Understanding need for other tests. Ordering tests for Hashimotos in presence of goiter. Exploring treatment options. Not lying about what tests are covered under provincial health care plan.

172. Some docs were good, some not.

173. take into consideration the ENORMITY of the situation instead of being focused on their poor training and my weight, ( which I’ve never had a problem with before)

174. understanding that blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, mood, etc., can be influenced by undertreated hypothyroid

175. I could not even get the TSH test run despite all my symptoms

176. No help is offered

177. also, after 20 yrs. of dealing with it, I don’t understand why they can’t get it leveled out.

178. Not blaming my symptoms on some other, unknown disease

179. not preferring i remain suicidal due to pain rather than allow me to switch thyroid meds

180. not giving up when nothing seemed to work

181. keeping up to date with thyroid research.

182. Not insisting on my taking antidepressants for them to continue their support and not evading the issue with a diagnosis of CFS.

183. Stop pushing antidepressant medication & other psychotropic drugs or therapy

184. Not being closed minded when they were stumped as to what was making me sick

185. Ordering more tests than just TSH

186. Millions of us are unable to convert T4 into T3, but we get abused and neglected with T4-only meds for decades before we, ourselves, figure that out.

187. realizing blood pressure also is affected my thyroid imbalance

188. Finally found one M.D. who agreed to give me Armour.

189. Not acting like dessicated thyroid is some odd/newfangled/untested/illegitimate treatment.

190. After not taking my Nature Throid for some months was told that the medicine seems to be helping me. How can that be?? I don’t feel that my condition was studied thoroughly. No saliva testing was even done.

191. my coping skills suck since i went off birth control..doctors tell me it in my head

192. being more up on there job and not getting offended when i have to research the internet for answers

193. Looking at the whole person and not just the physical body responses (include social, emotional, mental, spiritual factors as possible contributors to my physical symptoms). And don’t tell me to exercise more to increase my energy when I’m already fatigued and ready to go to bed at 10:00 am!

194. all of the above actually, the 2 marked being the most important

195. I was on Synthroid and it was “horrible”…I finally talked my Dr. into letting me at least “try” Armour, so he did. He isn’t happy about it because he thinks it’s difficult to regulate, I don’t think so!! If I would’ve stayed on Synthroid any longer I would probably be dead. My blood sugar, cholestrol, and all my blood tests are now normal, they were not when I was on Synthroid….He still doesn’t agree that it’s better but at least he prescribes it for me..

196. just listen to ME

197. Not waiting 8 weeks to retest

198. Not waiting for me to demand Natural desiccated thyroid

199. Being proactive, not waiting until antibodies are out of control

200. listening!!!!!

201. Understanding the cause of my weight gain

202. Considering only the TSH lab results.

203. Understanding that celiac disease and hashis are connected.

204. still symptomatic, though greatly improved, believing I need more Armour than I’m allowed to receive.

205. Listening to me and not fobbing me off with test after test that come back ‘nothing wrong’ – because they aren’t relevant

206. Just because I learned something off of the Internet doesn’t make it invalid… AND that I have a brain and can think for myself, and because I don’t have an MD after my name doesn’t make me stupid.

207. Checking for Hashimoto’s at my first diagnosis. It took me ten years to find a doctor to run those tests

208. I lost the outer 25% of my eyebrows, I shrunk 1 full inch in a 2 yr period, I’ve been constipated since 2006 am insulin resistant and have weight issues since 2006. That colonoscopy that nearly killed me and threatened a resulting colostomy bag was completely unnessecary as within days of NDT I have normal bowel movements. Wow. I have psoriasis and acne… All these things I hv seeker help for are all a twisted result of T4 only therapy. Now I am more informed than my doctors and this fact is not appreciated. Have to handle their egos delicately and that’s just pathetic.

209. Not prescribing antibiotics for anything and everything.

210. ignoring thyroid test results and misdiagnosing me with mental illness

211. The impact it has on the condition ME/CFS

212. That my anxiety and palpitations are thyroid-related and not all in my head.

213. Listening to me

214. they were crap

215. Not acting like it’s all in your head

216. Be more attentive of the blood pressure increase that comes with taking enough armour thyroid to make the T3 and T4 in range

217. Viewing me as having an I.Q. and a right to an opinion re my health

218. they don’t they just say take this pill come back in 3 months was on the same mg for almost 3yrs

219. Be more attentive about my weight gain then to act like its just part of getting older.

220. understanding medullary thyroid cancer

221. Believe that I know how I feel and that I am not being treated

222. Have only been treated by doctors who did #3 – 7

223. none ever checked my d3 levels or offered literature on thyroid issues.

224. addressing weight gain and not ever losing it with exercise

225. listen to the patient

226. listening to me I know my body and know when I feel poorly even if my labs are “perfect”

227. Close mindness; not respecting input from patient – me! Arrogant.

228. uderstanding that it has to be a partnership.

229. Educating me about gluten at the onset of my Hashimotos

230. So many years of fatigue! Finding help at 65…its a travesty.

231. too many to list!!! ps all were male family dr’s, this one is being fired also

232. I was on too low a dose of NDT for too long

233. My doctor totally missed it–my ex-husabdan disagnosed me when he heard the author of “Riddle of Illness”

234. coperating with me about testing for the whole list provided in “What We Have Learned”

235. all of the above

236. Uninformed about Hashoto’s

237. British doctors focus on individual syptoms and not treat patients as a whole. Also, they do not consider small deficiencies in vitamins as important and never consider adrenal imbalance.

238. Paying attention to me begging them to help me not to write me off as a nut case. If it weren’t for my current endo, I’d be dead by now. I still don’t give her a high rating because she relies on TSH when I clearly have a absorption problem. If the med is not getting into my cells, I’m still sick. When will they specialize in thyroid care alone for those of us who have suffered our whole lives.

239. Not taking away thyroid medication that was working pretty well based on nothing more than a TSH and no real assessment of any of the problems I was experiencing.

240. LISTENING to what I say rather than just looking at TSH.

241. Be being more knowledgeable. Even when they listen they do not always have the skill/knowledge level to be of help. I had one “quack” who charged very high fees, then said he could not help me until I went to his “friend” and went through some New Age type cleansing. (located in Phx.)

242. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

243. Acknowledging that Hashimotos is autoimmune and trying to control that

244. Thinking there might be more they could do for my symptoms

245. Not being threatened with possible unnecessary surgery

246. Understanding that my fatigue was related to my improper t4 only medication

247. Prescribing SUFFICIENT Armour to resolve my symptoms – I need 3.5 grains/day

248. Recognizing early symptoms especially when you have a member of your family with hypothyroidism

249. Understanding that my symptoms are actually thyroid related and not in my head or because I need to eat better, exersice more and get more sleep

250. Honoring the doctor-patient relationship as a team

251. letting it get bettr on its own without resorting to medicaiton of any kind

252. All of the above.

253. Ability to care, show empathy, listen, be less arrogant

254. i was hyper and told i had anxiety doc asked if i needed to talk to somebody. i said i sm talking to u


256. Not being tested for adrenals, Iron, or free T3.

257. Don’t just assume I’m stupid and don’t know my own body.

258. Hashimoto’s was diagnosed by needle biopsy

259. Knowing SOMETHING about endocrinology

260. Adrenal related issues

261. Not listening to me

262. looked only at lab results and they wer Very low

263. take a temperature and understand that my low temp has a cause

264. Importance of dietary changes/supplements

265. Understanding that when I say I am on a restricted calorie diet that I REALLY AM on a restricted calorie diet

266. not insist on going on T4 and telling me I was playing with my life if I did not

267. partnering with the patient instead of acting superior, acknowledging and reading the information that the patient comes in with…and being open-minded.

268. taking time, listening,

269. being willing to treat me as a partner, not a peon

270. taking the time to explain to me what hypothyroidism was, and how I may have developed it.

271. the “feel good” range may be not be the same for everyone

272. Not ignoring physical symptoms, not going only by mental symptoms

273. a naturopath was the best one of all!

274. looking at the whole picture and not text book

275. I am so sick of the Dr. Telling me pnly the TSH matters!

276. getting rid of the belief that dessicated thyroid is not standardised, she actually said that each tablet had a different level of hormone in it because it was made with pigs glands and there was no way to standardise this

277. Having respect for the patient’s knowledge of the problem

278. My lack of care led to my daughter being born 6 weeks prematurely by c-section, and my second daughter being born (at full term) by cesarean as well, as well as my own delayed recovery time. I also had one miscarriage as a direct result of my doctors’ failures to treat my adrenal issues.

279. Not dismissing documented clinical visual signs of endocrine disease, in favour of test results saying ‘in range’ then despite patient showing clinical signs of serious illness, they go a step further and declare they terrorise the patient calling them a lair and leaving them to suffer horrendously

280. Understanding that metabolic function effects all aspects of bodily function

281. understood what reverse t3 is & how to keep it down.

282. Not being pompous arrogant jerks

283. Being left to cope with symptoms for a couple of years even tho lab results definitely outside the ranges

284. I think many doctors don’t understand the significance of lab results.

285. All of the above

286. realizing that my weight might be a symptom and not a cause

287. Fully advising me of all of the potential side effects of RAI BEFORE giving it to me!!!!

288. All of the above also about other psyche troubles inc anxiety

289. Under medicating Hashimotos can be very dangerous

290. Not instantly leaping to the patronising conclusion that it was ‘all in my head’ – my constant body temp was 35 degrees for thirty years! To constantly assume that patients who are really ill are just imagining it shows the psychopathy of the doctors not the patients!

291. not just prescribing me antidepressants!

292. Not dismissing me as a lazy, fat girl who just “needs to stop eating junk and get more exercise”

293. More knowledge of subject by both GP and Consultant

294. understanding the importance of an optimized thyroid during pregnancy! I was hypo the whole time and got pre-eclampsia and could not breast feed because of it.

295. understanding the importance of an optimized thyroid during pregnancy! I was hypo the whole time and got pre-eclampsia and could not breast feed because of it.

296. working with me rather than against me and when i did not agree to them being the gods in white telling me that i am the problem and it’s all just in my head!!!jep i was called crazy by my endo!

297. Not being condescending

298. Not treating me as if I were stupid

299. understand that weight gain and extreme difficulty in losing weight is due to a medicsl problem as opposed to thinking your eating too much

300. not suggesting I go on a diet for the unexplained weight gain. I was told “mass” doesn’t come from nowhere.

301. understanding ALL the symptoms of thyroid disease, not putting down patients who do research, not going straight to the ‘drug cupboard’ as a quick fix instead of listening to patient: be willing to do all tests required: know about related issues – such as adrenals,. TREAT Hashi’s instead of ignoring high blood results

302. researching the high iodine protocol of Drs. Abraham, Brownstein & Flechas

303. BP problems w hypothyroidism and Hashimotos

304. Listening and testing me for what I know is wrong

305. takngcomphrehensive Medical history as Adrenal problems as a child but never knew this was hte reason for seeing aBio-Chemist with dark circles under the eyes – but then most Doctors today would not know what the dark circles indicated re health!!

306. Understanding that I don’t want to feel like I did when I was 20, just want to have the energy level of normal 50 year old and have a normal sex drive of normal 50 year old woman.

307. heatburn symptoms were related to Hypothroid

308. Understanding that my fatigue and depression and weight gain are due to my thyroid and not just because I am a working mom

309. Not telling me to stop eating and exercise more to lose the many lbs that being untreated caused me to gain.

310. My opinion would have been higher of my thyroid care if I wasn’t belittled for not wanting an antidepressant or pushed for a fibromyalgia diagnosis, which I fought.

311. not being treated like a heard of cattle/ rushed /not listened to


312. My doctor is usually open to new info I bring him, but he didn’t know anything about hypothyroidism beyond the conventional. He is open to my requests for lab work and changing to NDT, but he adds no valuable information in how to treat this properly. I’ve had to do all of my own research and experimentation. I really only go to him to renew my NDT prescription and to request labwork. I gave up on him being able to guide my treatment.

313. Understanding that my weight problems were not due to overeating.

314. being more educated about thyroid issues and related symptoms

315. Knowing anything about abnormal thyroid sonogram

316. Treating thryoid cancer properly and to stop saying ‘it’s the good cancer’.

317. LISTENING to me

318. Listening to symptoms rather than dismissing each one. I have never been allowed to tell any doctor all of my symptoms

319. Understanding jaw/neck pain and anxiety are symptoms of hashimotos and that diet is key to recovery

320. See the connection between my irregular menstruations, lumpy breasts (mammography revealed benign lumps) and whacky thyroid

321. Not treating me like I’m insane for asking for testing even though I am ‘thin’ and not presenting as a typical patient

322. Could have done ultrasound at some stage in the last 12 years. Doctor didn’t even want to test me for hypothyroidism and laughed at me! but when results came back positive, verrry sheepish. White coats don’t qualify people in common sense.

323. would have taken ALL the other symptoms into consideration before making a ‘normal’ diagnosis

324. Seeing the correlation between hypothyroidism and estrogen dominance and fibrocystic breasts

325. addressing my anemia as a posdible symptom of hasimotos

326. Not helpful at all.

327. Aldosterone was the key for me! Don’t forget aldosterone in these discussions as it is often overlooked in lieu of just cortisol issues

328. Testing for RT3. In 36 years post-TT I’ve never had it tested!

329. not open minded at all, untrained monkey with a prescription pad.

330. normal bloodwork dosn’t mean the problems in your head

331. Understanding Hashimoto’s is an auto-immune disorder.

332. too many things to write here…

333. Stop stereotyping!!!!!

334. being open to look at studies re: thyroid, tsh,…

335. Being less influenced by Big Pharma.

336. knowing that anti depressants and benzodiazepines are poison and that I’m still sick because of them.

337. running tests on other thing such as sex hormones, aldosterone – affected by low thyroid, and following up or retesting after treatment.

338. all of the above

339. Testing thyroid antibodies if they had any suspicion of a thyroid problem.

340. Listening and sympathizing. Believing me that my symptoms are real. Not treating me like I’m crazy because I cried about the sickness. Not assuming that it is somatiform because there are more than 3 symptoms.

341. My Doctor only focus on the TSH, ignored my symptoms & i continue to get worse. Only given Levothyroxine to take which i don’t feel any differents on. Doctor is clueless & don’t know whats wrong with me or how to make me better. He won’t help & wants me to just keep taking my T4 medication.

342. If the Dr. had done a FT3 with a RT3 & understood how to find the ratio, along w/ listening to my symptoms. I would have been diagnosed as hypo. along time ago & given a T3 med.

343. Relate non-traditional symptoms to thyroid desease.

344. Instead of calling me fat and lazy investigate the cause of the swelling.

345. Being able to synthesize multiple symptoms into a whole diagnosis, rather than treating individual symptoms as, well, singular occurances.

346. Actually being capable of diagnosing me!

347. they could listen to things we say/ask

348. Listening with respect

349. Tired of doctors not looking at me as a whole

350. checking and understanding RT3

351. By not pushing all my symptoms off to getting older, or not really trying to lose weight.

352. Not label me as a neurotic and listen!

353. Having an interest in my overview of the therapy.

354. paying more attention period. closed minded. not knowing at all what they are doing.

355. Thyroid patients do not need counseling we are sick.

356. as my TSH number is going up and up and just being offered antidepressant and another visit Diarrhea prescription

357. Knowing what lab work to order, where to even start!

358. allergy to fillers & additives in products

359. low thyroid DOES cause tiredness and hair to fall out

360. My endo. was to preoccupied to really see or care about the human behind the lab work.

361. understand the role of sex hormones and Thyroid

362. Not acting like I know NOTHING about thyroid and the doctor knows everything but won’t listen to new info out there on thyroid meds, labs, etc. Never say, “Trust me, I know what I am doing.” NO you don’t. You are stuck in the 5 minutes they gave you in med school about thyroid.

363. Understanding the relationship between FT3 and RT3

364. Creating a learning environment instead of a just do it environment.

365. Understanding the numerous symptoms associated with hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s Disease. Running all the recommended labwork.

366. Not trying to put me on depression/anxiety meds for everything hypothyroid/adrenal related

367. looking for and treating other related illness and testing that are also autoimmune and understanding the connection


368. Understand that synthesis has side effects and I have treated lay asked for dedicated thyroid after being denied after 7 years on synthesis I have complications with my liver

369. I look good so nothing can possibly be wrong

370. stop letting me I’m fat and lazy. start listening to what my history and symptoms are.

371. Open minded that other problems (even non typical) could be caused by the thyroid problem. Particularly post thyroidectomy

372. stop handing out antidepressants like candy and give me NDT

373. Not advising me to join Weight Watchers for my 30 lb weight gain

374. not treating me like I was a total idiot about my disease

375. One out of 6 doctors I have seen meet all of those requirements. He is the one I kept. The other 5 were horrible.

376. Believing what I say instead of treating me like I am crazy or hysterical or attention seeking.

377. Not being so condescending and trying to get me out of the office as fast as possible.

378. If they did unbiased research, as opposed to one sided, gat side that lines their pockets to tout better press for the pharma.

379. Not treating thyroid symptoms as unrelated health problems.

380. Listening to me, taking me seriously and showing empathy and respect.

381. Not throwing more pills at me to solve symptoms of hypothyroid.

382. understanding that my muscle pains could be related to my hypothyroid state

383. Listening to me as a patient, rather than assuming I don’t know what I am talking about and cutting me off mid sentence!

384. understanding ACTM test not appropriate for adrenal dysfunction

385. Being more educated about thyroid disorders and hormones.

386. Offering antibodies tests done from the beggining

387. understanding the impact of nutritional deficiencies and optimization and how to supplement or recommend dietary changes

388. not telling me I should see a shrink

389. Looking at the whole picture instead of focusing on 1 thing

390. If they understood the fact that TSH being suppressed is NOT a reason to take meds away.

391. Honoring my requests rather than act as though I have no say in my own care.

392. awareness of autoimmune disease and treatment

393. Their attitudes; not being condescending or telling me it was all in my head. A better bedside manner in other words.

394. All of the above AND not having a patronising attitude.

395. willingness to treat

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