Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 9.40.03 PMOne of the best ways to learn what supplements to take is to see what others take, and why.


*high potency B-vitamins (has numerous health-giving benefits for thyroid, adrenals)
*Folate (when it’s not in the above, I add it. Multiple benefits)
*one Ginger Root capsule (totally takes away my tendonitis, anti-inflammatory, many benefits)
*Magnesium Citrate (helps with palps, many benefits including heart health. I use drops.)
*Trace minerals (again, I use drops)
*Vit E when I need it (in the form of MIXED tocopherols)
*Selenium, natural food based tablets (anti-cancer, helps conversion of T4 to T3, etc)
*1000-5000 mg. Ascorbic Acid powder stirred into watered down orange juice or tomato juice (to support adrenals plus MANY benefits. Update: I now use liposomal Vit. C)
*Heaping tablespoon powdered greens (I use of variety of makers. Stir in juice. Need this because I hate veggies)
*Lugol’s iodine – 50 mg. stirred in juice
*compounded Testosterone (took away my lower back pain, but has many benefits!)
*Vitamin D (I’m impressed with what I read about its importance) and K
*Indole 3 Carbinol or DIM (when estrogen dominant)
*Sea salt liberally on my food
*Grape Seed Extract–impressed with it’s artery clearing ability, plus it’s very anti-cancer
*Zinc–I suck on a tablet with 15 mg zinc at the sign of any sore throat, every two hours and two at bedtime–and it ALWAYS knocks it out.

I now only use non-fluoride toothpaste–fluoride is not the panacea they make it, and could be causing much of our problems. I also count it a plus if there is no sodium lauryl sulfate. I also dip my brush with toothpaste in baking soda. I use Baking soda for deodorant. I use organic lotions, and tend to avoid shampoos with sodium lauryl sulfate in them, as well. I use organic eye liner/mascara etc by Ecco Bella and BB’s. Because ANYTHING you rub into your skin goes into your body, and after time, may cause problems.


*Co Q 10 150MG bedtime for heart
*600MG ALA for glucose control
*600MG Benfotiamine for nerve damage
*sublingual B Trio
*Sublingual B12
*Magnesium 400-600MG at bedtime for palps
*1000MG Fish oil
*2000MG Vitamin C as Emergen-C
*1/2-1 tsp Celtic Sea Salt -for adrenals, BO and overall health & detoxing
*2-4 Brewers Yeast Tablets for skin & hair & glucose


*Vitamin C 3500 mg
*Cod Liver Oil gel caps
*Co-Q10 100 mg
*Acidophilus (Enzymatic Therapies Acidiphilus Pearls)
*Calcium Citrate 700 mg
*Magnesuim Citrate 400 mg
*Gamma E Complex 400 mg
*B6 100 mg
*B5 Pantothenic Acid 1250 mg (adrenal support)
*Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) 1000 mg (adaptogenic herb for adrenal support)
*Ashwagandha (adaptogenic herb for adrenal support)
*Licorice 450 mg (adaptogenic herb for adrenal support)
*Ginger Root 550 mg
*Ginkgo Biloba (to fight brain fog and afternoon fuzzies)
*Iodine: 1 drop Lugols in Orange juice (6.5 mg of iodine)
*GSE (grapefruit seed extract) 10 drops in orange juice (100 mg)
*Armour 4 1/2 grains


*Thorne Multi Vitamin-Iron and Iodine free -because my last ferritin was 212
*MSM 200mg – for joint support
*Cinnamon 500mg – keep blood sugar under control
*CoQ10- 120mg – heart health
*Vitamin C 3000 mg. – that is all my tummy can handle
*B-Complex – for stress
*Sublingual B12–when feeling tired, or Zip Fizz powdered energy drink
*Vit. D3 (for low/normal D level)


*Food-based multiple vitamin/mineral
*Vitamin C 4 grams, more as needed, 1g at a time throughout the day
*B-complex “50” with each meal
*Sublingual B-12
*L-lysine (for cold sores, but can be used for ANY herpes outbreaks)
*Selenium 200mg
*Magnesium citrate, 400mg with supper & at bedtime
*Pregnenolone 10mg sublingual—even though I’m on HC because I tested low
*DHEA 5mg sublingual to balance my sex hormones
*Melatonin 1mg sublingual at night
*Sea salt 1/4 t. twice daily in water
*Boluoke or Nattokinase because I tested high on fibrin, when I can afford it


*4000 mg vitamin C (when I remember)
*Sea salt (when I remember)


*1000 mg vit C
*200 mgs Se
*2 drops lugols in water
*2 capsules Carlson’s cod liver oil
*10 mg DHEA
*HC and armour

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