In her own words, read how this wonderful and honorable senior citizen went from being told her kidneys were in failure, to reversing them with the right thyroid treatment!

Seven months ago, I was at rock bottom, couldn’t function and was told that I was in stage 3 kidney failure. I was given an appointment with an Endocrinologist who was next to useless, so decided to take matters into my own hands and ordered an over-the counter Natural desiccated Thyroid. Five months ago, I started taking them and for the last 2 to 3 months, I have been stable on 4 and half grains. Also worked on my ducks in a row.

Went to the doctors this morning and my kidney results were perfect (for my age) and all my other results were good.
I cannot talk highly enough about these FTPO groups as without them I would not be were I am today. Xxxxx

P.S. I’ve also lost 2 stone of weight since being on NDT.


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