Tasia needed cortisol due to her adrenal fatigue, but never benefited from it even at higher doses…until she added Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) as a supplement for better digestion, and she soared. Low hydrochloric acid is common for thyroid patients.

I have encountered a HUGE victory that I would like to share with everyone so that others don’t have to waste 10 months like I did.

10 months ago, I began oral HC (hydrocortisone) but I could never get my temperatures stable, increase my T3 dose, or get any relief from my symptoms. I switched to topical HC, went up to 60mg for awhile and still, my temps were not stable, couldn’t increase T3, couldn’t get any relief of symptoms.

Last week, I had had a phone consult with a gal in an adrenals group and she suggested I add HCL (such as Betaine HCL) to my HC pill dose. What happened next was a damn miracle. Previously on 45mg HC, my temps were all over the place, I felt like shit and spent my days on the couch.

ONE day after adding HCL, my temperatures became stable (0.1 degree variation) and I could be spontaneous with my day. I now take 1000 mg HCL with large meals and 500 mg HCL with about 1 cup of food. I always take HCL with my HC dose. After nearly 11 months in this ‘adrenal trap’ I can begin to address my thyroid symptoms.

I always thought it was my adrenals holding up the show but it was actually the acid production in my stomach (a common hypothyroid symptom for some).

Here is my suggestion: if 20 mg HC is not working, then add HCL (with food) before increasing the HC dose or before considering Medrol or Florinef.