An interesting saga of Sylvia being undertreated with T4 for twenty years, suffering a myriad of awful symptoms while on Synthroid, being dismissed by many doctors, and finally realizing she may have Hashi’s. With good research and a pro-active attitude, this story has a positive future.

Hi! I was diagnosed nearly 20 years ago, a few weeks pregnant with my first daughter. I had a goiter in my neck resembling a pro-swimmer/football player. Luckily for me, the goiter and TSH test results at the time was enough for me personally to be diagnosed. At least I THOUGHT I was lucky — till I realized that after all this time, I’ve been UNDER-TREATED for my thyroid due to the T-4 only thyroid hormone that I was placed on, called Synthroid.

Since then, I have suffered progressively worse symptoms of hypothyroid; and new symptoms not previously present keep coming into the mix. I was given several anti-depressants by my doctors, who I later learned were giving me SSRI’s which interfered with my Synthoid even more. I thought I had fibromyalgia at one point, or even rheumatoid arthritis. I was crying for days over the physical muscle and joint pains I was experiencing. I thought “I must have chronic fatigue syndrome”, as I could not function during the day, and had insomnia through the night. I was having mental and nervous breakdowns, etc. The docs only checked me for the non-significant tests, like the TSH and the Total T3/T4 tests, revealing nothing, while increasing my useless Synthroid dose. I was told I needed to change my eating patterns and exercise. THAT is what I was already doing. I had participated in three half-marathons. Training for each race became increasingly agonizing and I didn’t have the stamina, along with dizzy/fainting spells, pounding chest, air hunger… It got to the point where going outdoors to walk wasn’t fun anymore — and I LOVE nature.

Next, I went to an endocrinologist, thinking that surely he would have the answers for me, as they are the “experts” in the whole endocrine system. I went to one appt, and never went back. He had no answers for me and why I was having all these symptoms, when my labs results clearly revealed that I was in the “normal ranges”. He didn’t wish to run further tests, other than the routine useless ones. So I got fed up, fired him too, and began doing my own research, arming myself with knowledge. I see now, looking back, that I have been expressing signs of Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis. I had to educate MYSELF about eliminating things from my diet that were triggers of the swings and digestive issues I was experiencing. To date, I’ve never been tested for the antibodies. I have also never been tested for vitamin/mineral deficiencies, such as vitamin D, B-12, magnesium, potassium, sodium, or even ferritin and iron/TIBC panel levels, nor for adrenal fatigue. I am a mess these days…

I went to a new doctor that I found through calling a local compounding pharmacy. This new doctor is FINALLY going to test me for all the things that I should have been tested for ALL ALONG. I am going to treat any and all issues, and begin on natural desiccated thyroid hormone next month. Doctors need to go back to the basics of listening to patients’ family medical histories, personal experiences, and go by what is right in front of them. The classic signs are written all over our faces.

Thanks to Janie and her book, website, and forums. They were the first things I came across and got educated from. I know that because of her and the patients who paved the way before me, I am finally on the right track to getting my life back!! *muah* XOXO

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