Sarah is just one more example of how a “normal” TSH means squat for many–her free T3 was extremely low! With T3 added to her T4, she lives again.

I had been on Synthroid for almost 3 years, and my TSH was always within normal range. About 5 months ago, I felt like I was dying. My muscles were so weak I could barely walk, my hair was falling out, I was gaining weight that was not due to what I was eating, and sleeping all the time. My back was also killing me!

I found the STTM website and took the information to my doctor. She tested for my Free T3 and Free T4 and of course the TSH. My TSH came back within normal range. However, my Free T3 was nearly non-existent. My doctor added Cytomel to my Synthroid and I am alive again!!!

My doctor has had other patients in the same boat at myself, and when she ran the same tests on them they had the same results. She has learned to listen to the symptoms!! The lab tests are just a small part of the equation.

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