Had RAI, ballooned to 239 lbs, switched from Synthroid to Armour, and now wears a size 6!

Back in the late 1980’s, as a 95 lb. wild maniac female athlete, I fell off my horse and broke my back. I went to a doctor to fix it, but he decided I broke my back because of osteoporosis rather than height, gravity, and a cement parking guard. Apparently “the obvious” was a concept he missed.

So he gave me this little pill to “help my heart”. I thought it was some magic force field to keep my heart protected. I know, I know, STUPID, but I was ‘that stupid’ back then. That little pill was RadioActiveIodine and it completely destroyed my thyroid gland and my life for over a decade.

This doctor later put me on Synthroid (aka SynthCrap). I lost ALL my gorgeous hair and eventually lost all but 10 of my teeth, and other horrendous atrocities caused by messing up my once gorgeous metabolism. My metabolism shot to the bottom of the scale and years later (3+yrs ago, actually) I almost died.

Then I got myself on the internet and found a lovely Yahoo Thyroid group which saved my very life. Later on I learned about BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy), which proved helpful since I had an accidental complete hysterectomy at age 21 (patient mix-up).

After balancing ALL my hormones, I turned back into the feisty beauty queen I once was. From 95 lbs to 239+ lbs and then back down to wearing size 6 jeans and making all those size 18/22’s into curtains.

My view of doctors is that most are Insane PoopHeads where the thyroid/adrenal system is concerned. Synthetic minimal hormone thyroid meds (T4’s and T3’s plus their combos) should ONLY be used as sling shot ammo. Most Endos should do the world a favor and retire early. And no thyroid condition (other than cancer) is worse than having NO thyroid gland. I PROMISE!

I am now on 7 grains of Armour (no thanks to my doctor who wanted to stop me at 4), 5mg of Deltacortril (my doctor won’t Rx any adrenal support), and Bio-Identical progesterone cream, Oestrogel, and testosterone gel. My TSH is ZERO, Free T3 and Free T4 are way, way up there, substantially above the high normal range, where they should be, “for me” (but I dose by SYMPTOMS, not numbers!). My bone density is now fabulous, cholesterol is perfect, blood pressure is perfect, and so is everything else. And I’m NOT dead. Cool, huh?

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