Her headaches went away on Armour!

I had the most amazing realization today! I live in SW Missouri and we had storms and a cold front blow through today. The temps dropped from 60 degrees to 30 in a matter of a few hours. Before Armour I have always had terrible sinus headaches with a weather change or storms. Like the gray skies were reflected in my head and mood.

Well today I just realized that I have no headache! And I really can’t remember having one during the last month or so either! I have now been on Armour for 2 1/2 months and currently at 3 grains. YAY for Armour!! This has been like a gift to me! I just can’t believe that I hadn’t noticed before. I just know that little gifts will just keep on coming.

UPDATE: Missy agreed to keep a blog on her difficult adrenal insufficiency journey from 2006 to the present here.