Kate did fabulous on desiccated thyroid, then moved away. And thanks to TSH-loving doctors, it all went down the tubes. She found a much better doctor, is on desiccated thyroid again, and doing wonderful. 

I have been an undertreated/abused by the TSH and T4 only treatment since 1984.

I was switched to dessicated thyroid in 2007 and OMG I had no idea that people could feel this good! No more muscle pain, period issues,depression, brain fog, every single thyroid symptom known was GONE! I actually wanted to get up and live!

I recently moved and had to beg for dessicated T, force my new doctor to test my antibodies,T3, T4, reverse T3/T4 along with their favored TSH. They lowered my dose in the presence of antibodies and exhaustion. I freaked. They didn’t want to deal with me so they sent me to an endo who lowered it even further telling me due to the TSH only, I was over medicated. It did not matter how I felt because the TSH was tradition.

When I argued with the endo BY LETTER because she would not return my calls; she sent me a certified letter telling me she could no longer see me since I did not trust her.

I now have a doctor who listens to me, has me on an optimal dose only a grain higher than before, and it has made a world of difference! I feel like living again! He has also tested my adrenals and female hormones as they all work together! I am waiting on those results! Without the information from STTM and Mary Sholoman’s websites I would still be sick,crippled,unable to work, care for my family and enjoy life!