She’s 33, homeschools, and now feels great on Armour after only one month, so far!

Hi! I am celebrating here as I type and am feeling soooooo good now.

I’ve been on Armour about 1 month, and I cannot believe the difference between Synthetic T4 meds and Armour. I am starting to feel like myself again. 😮 My husband and older kiddos are noticing, and they’re happy for me! We have 4 kids and are homeschooling, too.

The horrible achiness is fading from my hands and arms. The backaches in the a.m. are going away. I’m off my Zoloft (anti-depressant) now, and feeling decent without it! Who knew I could go without it after 5 years of taking it for my post-partum depression and horrible PMS. I’m waking up feeling calm and not ‘grunting’ at everybody. The brain fog is lifting…I can actually think ahead a bit again, plan a little bit. It’s not so overwhelming to think about things. I feel like I have my ‘voice’ back. I have the energy and desire to stand up for myself with others.

So many positive changes since I switched over barely a month ago. I was taking 150 mcg. of Synthetic T4 prior to taking Armour, then then started at 1 grain Armour a day and divided the doses the very first day. I have just been listening to my body. As I get the hypoT symptoms back, I increase my daily dose by 1/4 grain. I did have the ‘honeymoon’ first week or so, and I felt amazing…and then started heading back down into hypoT land. But with the gentle increases, I have felt better within a couple days each time. 😮 I’m holding now at 3 1/2 grains, and feeling soooo good. And my a.m. temp today was 97.4. I couldn’t believe it…I’ve been 96.0 – 96.4 since I started the armour (and before on Levothroid). And I was actually a bit warmer this a.m. upon waking and not so achy! It will only continue to get better.

***Natural thyroid hormone is for real!*** There is a big positive difference between Armour and synthetic T4 meds! Every once in awhile I get weepy…for JOY! I’m getting myself back again. I felt like I was aging so fast at 33! I’m present now in different moments with my kids and husband. Where would I be if I hadn’t found the natural thyroid group and been ‘referred’ to it by some good friends???? I shudder thinking about it…the yuck of hypoT and T4-only meds…that horrible ‘heavy weight’–physically and mentally on my body–just crushing the life out of me.