From Brisbane, Australia comes this story of Judith and her journey of being underdosed, followed by her willingness to become educated thanks to STTM and find the right treatment.

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos 3 years ago. I was lucky in some ways: a Dr who picked it up and recommended desiccated thyroid. Sadly, though, she didn’t know the correct way to raise the medication, keeping me on 1 grain for 7 months, watching me get sicker each month and telling me it was just stress, or it would go away when I returned to work, which was impossible. I was so sick.

When my antibodies were over 5,000 um/L, she added .5 grain. I continued to be held hostage to blood tests with a high FT3, as I had been told to take the medication a few hours before testing.

I researched, tried diet alterations, and everything I could, but I was still incapacitated. I made a ‘mistake’ to get my desiccated thyroid to 1.75 grains. I was lucky the endo I saw was lovely. He had no issue with desiccated thyroid, but again, wasn’t skilled in how to use it. So even with open minded Drs, it can be a challenge.

Like Janie, I am not sheeplike and was determined this”nonlife” would not be my lot. I knew my GP was seeing me as a difficult patient. So when she suggested it wasn’t my thyroid after 3 years and wanted to reduce my dose .. it was enough. Jane’s story reminded me not to go through the revolving door of the medical system. I went through the checklist again. It screamed HYPO. I saw other Drs and they were even worse.

I saw another Dr at the practise who ‘got it’. She suggested a move to a T4/T3 mix. Given my experiences, I didn’t want to start all over again. What if I was only .25-.5 grain away from my optimum dose? It might be just a few weeks away.

I left with the script I wanted for a higher, multi dose .. what I needed and the solution I had been seeking for so long. I believe what made the difference this time is that I really understood what I needed, why and how it should be tested, and the importance of the formulation all thanks to STTM.

Its only a week but I can do things again. I hope to be well enough soon to have a life again. If this is achieved and I’m sure now it will be .. it is due to Janie. Revenge has a wonderful place and I get it. Thank you Janie and all associated with STTM.

With deep gratitude and a wish for your ongoing good health and continued success,


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