When Jen emailed me this story, I was so impressed that I got her permission to put her inspiring story right here! Enjoy!

I can not tell you how excited I am to find this website! I recently started on Armour a year ago and can not believe the change it has made in me! I was on Synthroid for 9 years and had been telling my primary care physician that something was wrong for the past 2 years. I told him that I thought it was my thyroid because I was dealing with the same symptoms I had when I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism. He insisted it was not my thyroid because my level was fine.

After a year of complaining he suggested I was depressed. Since I know exactly what depression feels like I knew I was not depressed and refused to take anti-depressants. I got a new prescription of Synthroid and vowed never to return to his practice.

I started working for a new company that year who is very into the wellness of their employees. Among other things they bring in doctors to speak to us about various illnesses, nutrition, disease prevention etc. One of these was a doctor who prescribes Armour. As he was describing the physical symptoms of someone with hypo, he explained that he would bet there was at least one person in our group that suffered from hypo, was medicated, still showing symptoms and had been told they needed to be on anti-depressants. He then pulled me out of the crowed and asked me if I could be used as an example of physical symptoms of someone who is hypo. He also asked me if I knew that I was hypo. Of course I did and he then asked me what I was on. He described the use of Armour to treat Hypos and I was shocked. After the seminar he pulled me aside and immediately made an appointment with me.

I have been on Armour for a year and I can’t remember ever feeling this alive. I almost describe it as feeling sharp, crisp, clear. I wish I could go back and do college over. I think I would have learned and retained so much more. I love to exercise again, walk my dog, get involved in major projects. I completed a 40 mile bike ride and wasn’t drained the next day. The weight
has slowly started to come off with exercise, but more than that I feel more alive than I have in years.

My parents and brother, who are also hypo, are still a little skeptical but I am going to make sure they see this website. It’s emotional to me to describe the change Armour has made in my life. I can’t believe I lived 9 years with out knowing that my life could be this way. I can’t believe there are others who have lived in the debilitating fog of hypothyroidism much longer than I have. Keep telling people about Armour and thank you for this supportive site!

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