This is Jacky’s incredible story of living with Spamodic Dysphonia and discovering it was due to her thyroid. She got rid of it with the T3 in desiccated thyroid!

Thank you for your website. I wanted to share my story with you and others.

In 1996, when I was 26 years old, I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Spamodic Dysphonia. It is also known as loss of voice or voice tremors.

In 1996, most doctors did not know about SD or how to treat it. I saw counselors and tried speech therapy. I did a lot of reading on the internet and just couldn’t find the right cure. I also did a lot of blood work and doctors told me that my thyroid levels were fine and that couldn’t be the cause to my voice disorder.

In addition to the voice disorder I was also experiencing lots of anxiety.

I pretty much had given up on doing anything about my SD until the summer of 2008. I found a story on the internet of a woman that recovered from her SD by helping her T3 levels. So I located an Integrative Nutritionist, shared with him the story I found online and he suggested a supplement that contained porcine glandular that would help T3 levels. My voice the following morning was clear and smooth and I did not have that smoker’s voice I always had in the morning. That was in April of 2009.

In 2010, I finally found an intergrative doctor that prescribed Armour. This doctor finally listened to me and my story and realized that despite my normal levels of thyroid in my bloodwork, my health problems were being caused by my thyroid. I am currently taking 120 mg of Armour a day (60 in the morning and 60 at night) and am feeling like I did when I was 15. Not only has my voice tremors dissappeared but also but my anxiety and depression are gone too. My energy level is back to what I felt at 15. I am looking forward to my next blood work to see if my cholesterol and triglycerides levels have gone down.

In the meantime, I wanted to share my story about how my SD was being caused by my thyroid. It makes me so angry to think that for almost 13 years doctors were going by my blood work of my normal thyroid level and not willing to listen to all my symptoms. I hope my story will help and I can help spare someone else from the nightmare I endured. Thank you again for sharing your story and this website.

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