Thanks to Natural Desiccated Thyroid, Elle has started losing weight, and feels especially better after correcting her low iron

As I write this, I’ve been on NDT for 4 months…only 2 1/4th grain right now….waiting for latest labs to see where my levels are.

I used to be very slim and lean before my HYPO set in 3 years ago. I then went from 112 to 140-145 lbs!! And I worked out 2 hours a day…nothing would work. Not dieting, fasting…nothing. Kept gaining weight and had HORRIBLE bloating, edema, and major menstrual issues. I am 32.

Now, since I started on NDT, I have seen a trainer and refreshed my weight training program. I do 25-30 minutes of cardio daily and 30-45 minutes of weights on various body parts on different days. I do exercise 7 days a week, so I am committed. But I don’t feel I have to push it at all!

Now, I have lost 10-12 POUNDS in 2 months! I feel so much better. I look better – everyone makes comments. I FIT BACK INTO CLOTHES THAT HAVE BEEN IN MY CLOSET FOR 3 YEARS! I am now at about 128 lbs or so. I hope to get to 115 at some point. My bloating is GONE! My menstrual cycles are COMPLETELY normal. I used to have to take laxatives and get colonics…now I am SO REGULAR (2-3x/day) and I have no more bloat, puffiness…I have LEAN
muscle mass…my arms are SHRINKING quickly…my legs are getting leaner….my cycles are normal.

Additionally, I am never cold, I have energy, 90% less edema and bloat and my appetite IS NORMAL…I never crave sugar and bad carbs…EVER! Before, I had a borderline eating disorder…I had horrible cravings and major hunger binges! Now, I only crave what my body needs, and it is so wonderful to NOT be obessed with food anymore.

I also feel that correcting my iron made a huge difference. After on NDT, my iron was so low and I FELT IT! Dizziness, fatigue…bad! I’ve been on iron for 2+ months and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I have energy to exercise and no more heart palps and fatigue.

I am a living example that NDT can change your life in a short period of time! NDT is amazing!

UPDATE: I have risen to 3.5 grains and feeling fantastic! Could care less about checking my levels or dealing with doctors. I may even increase, depending…but I just wanted to give you an update and let you know how great I feel and a HUGE thanks to you for all of your help and guidance this year. I feel I’m starting 2007 as a new person and leaving behind the HORRIBLE physical struggle that was my past 3 years. THANK YOU

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