An RAI success story with adrenal support and using Armour! Inspiring!

It’s been one year since I took the plunge and it’s been the absolute best decision I’ve ever made!

Quick recap – Had RAI 8 years ago and started on Synthroid. Later added Cytomel. Switched to Armour. Spent a couple years adding T4 to the mix. With every change, I might feel ok for a while, but it would never last. That’s when I found this wonderful place!

Looking back, I had classic adrenal symptoms–heart palps in a.m., so weak in the a.m., hair loss horrible, woke up at 2 am-hot flashes too, stomach kinda queasy, no feeling in muscles-very jiggly, dizzy when I would get up, couldn’t stand to be touched (I actually would instinctively pull away when my husband just put his hand on my knee), very depressed—laid on couch and cried—another horrible day. And this had all been going on for a few years.

Gosh, it makes me so sad to look back at all this. So much time wasted.

When I found this place, I was trying to balance my FT3/FT4 numbers. The first thing Janie told me was to forget about the numbers and go with symptoms. That was very hard to do after I’d spent endless hours going over my tests and trying to make some kind of connection. It was also hard for me to consider all Armour again because that is when a lot of the really bad symptoms started. Now I know it was the Adrenal/Low Ferritin thing, but it took awhile for it to sink in.

A turning point was when I read that 3-5 grains of Armour was a normal replacement .

I did a saliva test, started on Nutri-med adrenals, and ordered some Armour. When I started having the problems on Armour before I was at 2.25 grains. Now, by supporting my adrenals, I am up to 5 grains and have none of the problems. I’ve learned to rest when I need to and to adjust things based on when I feel symptoms return.

Here are some of the improvements I’ve seen:

  • no heart palps or overall weakness
  • hair loss is still more than it should be, but so much better–plus it has it’s wave and shine back, so I’m trying not to stress.
  • muscles aren’t jiggly anymore-and even tho I haven’t been exercising at all, they’re stronger than they were before
  • sleep deep all night-I’m even having dreams again
  • I can hold my husband’s hand again and have no problems with being touched.
  • No more crying all the time. I can’t remember the last time I cried over nothing. Now I cry at appropriate things
  • I’m able to be sentimental again. I look at my boys and *feel* the emotion, if you know what I mean.
  • I enjoy listening to music again. I sing along and dance around the house all the time.
  • We were able to take a few days vacation and I had a wonderful time. Also had 2 wedding receptions and enjoyed
    dancing and visiting.
  • My boys have their mother back. They don’t have to remember a mother crying on the couch all day. Now I can go
    outside and play with them.
  • My husband says I have my spirit back. I catch him looking at me and just smiling and he says he has me back.

Well, now I’m crying, but it’s a good crying! I am so eternally grateful!

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