Annie’s story underscores what thyroid patients have found repeatedly: that no matter how well you think T4-only like Synthroid is working for you, it will eventually bite you in the behind. Read Annee’s shocking story!


Not long ago, I was dying literally.

I ended up going to Mayo Clinic which ran every test possible. Cat scans, MRI’s, blood work, etc. My bowels stopped working and for over a year, I lived on non-fat yogurt and lettuce. Nothing worked. Supplements, colace and the like . . . did nothing. The colon lost its ability to work.

The thing is…I knew it was my thyroid. But the doctors wouldn’t listen. A total of 5 doctors wouldn’t listen. I received the same response from each one … “Your TSH is within normal range.”

The Mayo Gastroenterologist said I had Crohn’s disease and wanted me to start taking medication. Chances are, she explained, that I would lose a section of my bowel and have to wear a colonic bag. I refused to believe her diagnosis and insisted my bowels stopped because my Synthroid medication stopped working. She said it was impossible for the medication to stop working.

Another 3D CT Scan revealed I did not have Crohn’s. No other issues were addressed concerning my bowels because the doctor couldn’t figure it out. I was told nothing could be done.

A trip to the Gynecologist revealed a prolapsed bowel and rectocele (herniated bulge) from an improperly working colon. I asked, “Could it be possible that my bowels aren’t working because of I need for more thyroid medication?” He looked on the chart and said, “No, your TSH is normal”.

An hour before my next appointment with a Mayo Clinic Endocrinologist, I stumbled across information about Naturethroid on a STTM blog. Never knowing anything about desiccated thyroid, I felt a sense of hope.

When I got to my appointment, the Endo said my TSH is in the normal range. And…I broke down. I showed her the 20+ strands of hair that came out when I tugged my hair. My face and eyelids were swollen. I was unable to walk on my feet and my joints were so swollen that I lost the ability to pick up small things with my fingers. My body temperature was 94.6. I hadn’t slept in over 2 years. And although I had a normal body weight, I was out of breath, living on no-fat yogurt and lettuce, plus suffering high blood pressure and high cholesterol …and…now…my bowels stopped working.

I told the Endo, “You are my last hope. I just learned about desiccated thyroid before coming today. I know that the Synthroid stopped working and I am asking you to please, just let me give this desiccated thyroid a try.” She walked out and I just sobbed.

Then suddenly the door opened and she said, “We don’t do this here, but I’m going to do it.” And she wrote the prescription for Naturethroid.

That was 2 years ago. And I’m a new person today.

My feet stopped hurting within two days; my shoulder pain and hip pain stopped within 10 days. My fingers started working within 2 weeks; the headaches subsided. My hair is thick and lush after being thin and frail. I’m off high blood pressure medication. My cholesterol level is normal. My adrenals had suffered so much from my temperature being 94 for so long, but slowly I got stronger. And the crazy part is that I now sweat. I didn’t sweat for over 20 years.

My temperature is now 98.3. And Yes. My bowels are working again.

Thirty plus years I was on Synthroid. But it stopped working. And I started dying.

Today I’m alive and well because I found this site and discovered desiccated thyroid. Thank you STTM. And thank you, Naturethroid. I am forever grateful.

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