Amy is a great example of how the use of T4 like Synthroid can result in mental health issues, and desiccated thyroid takes it away!

After the birth of my daughter my thyroid became Hypo and my MD and Endocrinologist told me my only course of treatment was Synthroid. In the ensuing 8 years no matter how often I tried to explain to my Endo that I was “cycling” through symptoms (hair loss, hoarse voice,cold all the time,etc) she would tell me my “levels” of medication were fine.

Not long after this diagnosis, maybe a year or so, I was given a major mental health diagnosis and had multiple boughts with insomnia for 1-3 years at a time. My naturopath encouraged me to take Armour Thyroid 2 years ago and the change was rapid, within a couple of months! I have since been “released” from my mental health diagnosis and once I stopped taking Synthroid completely last fall, feel better than I have in a decade!