Sandra noticed that after doing the T3CM, she could go through a stressful meeting and not be shaking afterwards! She also stopped feeling exhausted when waking up in the morning.

I found that 6am is perfect for my T3 medication and after 5 weeks now I have to say that I ‘feel’ my adrenals are stronger as I no longer shake when I have a stress, and I no longer wake up feeling weird, sick and exhausted. I have to go by the way I feel as some doctors don’t believe in adrenal exhaustion even after I showed them the very low results of the 24 hour saliva test I had done privately.

I have just had a very important meeting this week and I sailed through it. I would not have been able to do that before without shaking, and that would wreck my concentration. It was after the meeting that I realized what had happened, and it feels great to have my confidence back, so I thank you so much!

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