Sadly, one of many terrible excuses a few doctors have stated over the years to justify being against NDT is along the line of “stressed pigs equal bad product”.

And STTM has sought out feedback on the slaughterhouse issue. Here’s one from a gal whose husband and daughter are in the industry:

My husband has a meat career, and now my daughter is in her graduate research program in meat safety. Both have both been in numerous slaughter houses and meat production facilities. If you would believe the sensational stories out there, these places are all torture facilities. That is so untrue – it is done professionally, ethically and with food safety in mind.

Are there bad examples out there? Yes of course, but those are extreme exceptions. They actually want calm animals. I have many friends who work in these big meat/agricultural companies and they are good people who want to put out a good product that their family eats.

Additionally, there are no hormones in pork by law and antibiotics (if given) must be cleared by many days, then is often tested, to ensure it’s gone from the animal.

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