The following information was written by Marvin, a patient who was infected with the same symptoms as Lyme, yet inconclusive test results.

I was diagnosed and treated for Human Granulocytic Ehrlichiosis stemming from a tick bite. HGE is very similar to Lyme. Two years later, following a tick bite, I experienced the same symptoms. The new doctor would not treat because the lab tests came back negative for HGE, Lyme, etc. My insistence (and position) resulted in a phone conversation with Tennessee’s surgeon general. He acknowledged that the county where I had picked up the tick was one of those being scrutinized for something they were referring to as Southern Tick Fever; they had not yet identified the parasite and therefore tests would NEVER reveal a cause. He then added that they were suspecting that ticks carry a variety of yet unidentified pathogens for which we have no tests; and that we should treat symptoms, not test results. Sound familiar? His support led to me being treated – – but not early enough.

Shortly thereafter, I would wake up at night sweating, yet when I would take my temperature it was 96 degrees.  I lacked energy, the outer margin of my eyebrows started receding.  . . .  . sound familiar? Part of the tick bite symptoms included swollen throat, I could hardly swallow – – the parasite effected my thyroid.