The following is a template letter to be used for a focused campaign by thyroid patients to Oprah Winfrey. You can use it as is, or change it according to your own wording. Read the below carefully.

We are hoping that with Oprah’s considerable influence (plus the fact that she will have to deal with her own thyroid issues), she might be a catalyst for both information and change! MILLIONS of women need to hear WHY they have lingering hypo symptoms with “normal” ranges and/or the use of the popular but inadequate T4-only meds.

Copy and paste it to your Word, add your name to the first space and your location to the second space (and remove the underline). And be sure and sign it at the bottom, and print it. Fill out an address label!

Then, take both your printed and signed letter, plus the address label(s) to your local Post Office, and purchase one of their padded colorful envelopes as shown in photo. The examples in photo below are just that–examples. You can pick any color, even if not shown. You need to be SURE and attach a mailing label so the address can be seen over the design or colors. They cost only 1.79 and will certainly attract attention to those who receive her mail!

Address it to: Oprah Winfrey; Harpo Studios; 1058 West Washington; Chicago, IL 60185
or Oprah Winfrey; P.O. Box 909715; Chicago, IL 60607

Yes, you can also email her, but sending these brightly colored envelopes will make a BRIGHTLY VISUAL MOUNTAIN in her mailroom and can do WONDERS to attract the attention we need! 🙂 If you do email her, go here.

padded colorful envelopes

Dear Oprah, I am worried about you!

My name is___________________and I am a thyroid patient from__________________. My letter is to let you know that thousands of us who are appreciative fans of you and your philanthropic work are concerned. Why? Because we see evidence that you may not be getting helpful advice about your thyroid health, and will only get sicker. 🙁

For one, your description of being hyper and hypo are classic symptoms of a die off of your thyroid, which is the result of a disease called Hashimotos–an autoimmune attack on your thyroid. And though you felt helped by a healthful diet, vitamins and the month-long rest, they will ultimately not stop the attack and you will fall into more chronic hypothyroid unless you adequately treat it. You can read about Hashi’s here: as well as several other fine sites on the internet.

And Oprah, it may be time for you to consider being on a thyroid medication. But here’s the crunch: the vast majority of doctors try to put thyroid patients on the most common thyroid medication around, such as Synthroid, Levoxyl, or other T4-only meds. But before you allow that, please read the patient-to-patient website which will explain five decades of the failures of both T4-only medications and certain labwork. It will also tell you about a far better medication called Armour, which is desiccated pig thyroid, and dosing by the elimination of symptoms first and foremost. Patients have learned a LOT!

I see a silver lining to your thyroid struggles. Namely, as the most influential woman in the world, you can also do a MIRACLE for millions of thyroid patients, especially women, by helping them be more aware of WHY they continue to have hypo symptoms due to the scandal of five decades of T4-only treatment. Additionally, you can help undiagnosed thyroid patients find out that the TSH lab takes YEARS to reveal their hypo, and that SYMPTOMS are the real clue.

I not only wish you the very best in your quest for good health, but I think your own struggle will work wonders to change millions of lives.


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