After years of it being a complete struggle to wake up and get going, Jaynine now wakes up with energy since starting the T3 Circadian Method.

I often say, “Janie (in reading the revised STTM book) saved my life and the T3CM gave it back to me.”

I was on Synthroid for about 10 yrs now. Yes I had other hormone problems, however after using NDT for only three days my severe brain fog lifted and indeed my family told me I looked like I was “all here”.

I was part of the STTM Facebook page and saw Janie say, paraphrasing here,“There is a man who is saying he has healed his Adrenals using a T3 protocol, so stay tuned.” The next thing I new I saw Paul posting on Facebook and thought,”How can this hurt. After all I have been through it might just make a difference.”

So I started using the T3 in my NDT as part of the Circadian T3 Method.

It was amazing what happened. I confess the NDT did wonders but I had and still do have a way to go. My adrenals were shot after about 10 years of Doctors throwing “mood” altering drugs at me including Adderal and Provigel both two times a day, saying they were shot is an understatement.

After starting the T3CM protocol I actually wake up and get out of bed. No sighing, crying or thinking and talking myself into getting out of bed. I wake up with the energy TO get up and out of bed; something that hadn’t happened in about a decade.I get things done, I am doing my Yoga again, losing “some’ weight and I thank God every day for bringing Janie and Paul into my life and so does my Husband and children.

You just can’t find enough words or ones that are sufficient to describe something that gives a person their quality of life back enough to actually enjoy it. I will be forever grateful. Yes I do have some way to go but so far so good and climbing upwards and onwards.

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