A forbiddingly silent yet profound medical scandal in the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism has adversely affected the lives of hundreds of millions of individuals all over the world for over 50 years.

…And it ticks Janie off!

A powerful and compelling message.

In 2002, Janie was ready to apply for Social Security Disability–too sick to work with bizarre and unexplained symptoms that had intensified over the years. Yet, just months later, her life made a huge turnaround–a change so profound that the rusty gears of destiny started to turn, launching Janie as a thyroid patient activist who contributes to one of the most powerful thyroid patient revolutions in the world.

“When my life changed so drastically, I had a tack under my seat about spreading the word”, says Janie.

Experienced in public motivational and information speaking.

Janie’s knack at motivational and educational speaking shined in the 1990’s when she led several self-help workshops at a local college, changing lives by her enthusiasm, strong teaching skills and ability to inspire. She now brings that innate talent to her thyroid treatment activism, easily speaking to either patient or professional groups about a half a century of poor thyroid and adrenal diagnosis and treatment, and about a far superior treatment protocol based on the successful experiences of thyroid patients worldwide. .

“Unlike a good friend of mine who trembles at the thought of speaking before an audience, I happen to enjoy it.” says Janie.

A charismatic and captivating speaker.

Janie is definitely not a wallflower. When she believes in something, she’s passionate and driven, both which galvanize her to speak the truth in the face of denial and misinformation. Janie intuitively knows how to connect with an audience, is fearless, fresh and informed.

“Someone once said I’m too outspoken. But as Pearl S. Buck said “The truth is always exciting. Speak it, then. Life is dull without it.'”

Author, Thyroid Patient Activist, Website creator and owner, Blogger, Thyroid group leader, Messenger.

Janie is just a regular person who stepped up on the thyroid advocacy platform at the right time with genuine gusto and perseverance. With her unique strengths and her own experiences as a thyroid patient, she has a mission to inform others.

“Throughout this entire path as a Thyroid Patient Activist, there’s genuinely been no ego looking for notoriety, even if I’ve enjoyed the pats on the back. Instead, I’ve just followed my heart and gut about what I think has been RIGHT: to stop this insane thyroid treatment madness.”

Speaking Fees

Continental U.S. & Canada: from $1500 for local presentations, up to $4000 for distances depending on time and effort involved to get there, preparation, length of engagement, etc. Contact Janie about your specific details and we’ll work out what can work for both.

International: $6000 US

Length: Depends on your needs. Keynotes up to 90 minutes, which can include discussion.

Expenses: fees do not include airfare, lodging, meals and incidentals.

Video/Audio Taping: 10% of speaking fee, and Janie will need the master.

Janie will include her books for sale at each and every presentation.

Written Agreement required.

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