Jacki has a great story of having her high cholesterol, high LDL and high triglycerides go down, and HDL go up, simply from treating her hypothyroidism correctly!

Just wanted to share this! My endocrinologist wanted me to start Statins last year due to high cholesterol (it was 276 and the HDL was low, LDL high, triglycerides VERY high – over 400).

I took her prescription and got it filled but never took the first pill after reading the side effects, etc. Plus, I’d gotten Janie’s book and saw that hypothyroidism could cause high cholesterol…

I’ve been taking Cortef for adrenals and Armour and then Cytomel (T3) for thyroid (due to high Reverse T3) for about 10 months now. I just had my labs done last week, and had the best results!

Triglycerides: 173 H (<150)
Cholesterol, Total: 196 (125-200)
HDL: 66 (> 45)
LDL: 95 (<130)
Chol./HDLC Ratio: 3.0 (< OR = 5.0)

My doctor – the one who is helping me with these adrenal/thyroid issues – NOT my endocrinologist, whom I have not heard from yet(!) – was amazed! Other than the slightly high triglycerides (which is still way down from
over 400!) – she said I have a GREAT lipid profile! My HDL is higher than ever; LDL is lower than ever… And I made NO dietary changes or other meds that would’ve affected this! So it HAD to be thyroid-related…!

Thanks SO much to all of you “pioneers” who are leading the way and teaching the rest of us how to properly treat hypothyroidism!

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