“Something went wrong with Gene since I last saw you”, said Kiki about her husband Gene after we had run into each other in the health food store.

Kiki’s husband Gene is one of those happy, cheerful kind of guys who always has a great laugh about anything. He has spent most of his adulthood running his own heavy machinery crane business throughout the county. Not a care in the world.

She explained, “He started getting tired in the afternoons, and would come home to take a nap. Gene never took naps! I just thought it was aging. And Gene started becoming depressed. I have never seen Gene depressed before!”

And it was a strange picture, thinking of jolly Gene as depressed.

But I had a strong idea what was going on. I knew that Gene was on Synthroid after having his thyroid removed a few years ago. I thought he was one of those who might escape the problems of T4-only–he was active, healthy-looking, happy. Wishful thinking on my part. During those few years, his cholesterol was also going up and up, as well.

I sent Kiki to the Stop the Thyroid Madness website. Today, he’s on Naturethroid. No napping. No depression. And normal cholesterol. He’s lucky, as he caught the reason for his problems quickly, unlike so many who end up bandaided with anti-depressants and statins for nothing more than symptoms of a poor treatment.



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