The Stop the Thyroid Madness website and books have never focused on female sex hormones, as there was simply too much to focus on related to hypothyroidism, meds, adrenal issues, low nutrients, and more.

But, we know that sex hormones can be negatively effected by one’s hypothyroid state in some.

So it’s time to have a page based on what patients have learned, and specifically from a former the Facebook Female Hormone group. Here’s the Summary:

The Cannots

Sex hormones CANNOT be tested or balanced while pregnant or breastfeeding. Please wait 2 complete ovulatory cycles after giving birth and/or weaning before testing.

Sex hormones CANNOT be tested or balanced while on birth control pills or implants. Sex hormones CAN be tested and balanced while an IUD is inserted but it can be very difficult.

For Ovulating Women Only

a. If you have had an ablation or a partial hysterectomy, you will probably need to track via basal temps since you don’t bleed to restart your cycles.

b. If you are not currently bleeding regularly, it could be due to PCOS, elevated prolactin, elevated testosterone, and/or very low estradiol (oestradiol). There are tests that will assist us in figuring out what is preventing your bleeding.

Estradiol (oestradiol) and progesterone must be tested 7 days after confirming ovulation by LH urine testing strips or basal body temperatures.

FSH and LH should be tested on days 2, 3, or 4. Day 3 is ideal

Testosterone (free and total), DHEAs, and SHBG can be tested with either FSH/LH, with estradiol/progesterone or by themselves.

For Menopausal Women

Estrone, estradiol (oestradiol), estriol, progesterone, testosterone (free and total), DHEAs, and SHBG can be tested anytime. The estrogens must be tested with progesterone.

For either group: If you are taking hormones, you need to schedule your lab test (or collect your saliva) 8-10 hours after your hormone dose. Hormones can be combined for 3 days prior to testing if needed. Saliva testing CANNOT be used when on any oral hormone (this includes DHEA and pregnenolone).

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