I’ve hesitated to post a success story until a few months have passed. The positive changes are now undeniable and I purchased Paul’s book as a gift to my GP, whom I will be seeing tomorrow morning.

First off, THANK YOU! Paul could have decided to keep this information to himself. The fact that he shared it is helping dozens/hundreds, and I suspect in the near future thousands of us Hypo-t sufferers.

So, where to start. I’ve been hypo/hashi’s for two decades. I switched to NTH last summer (2011). I started dosing as per the Circadian T3 Method second half of February 2012. The past 3+ months have been the most focused, stable and happy in the last 20 years. Symptoms I once thought I would have to live with forever have vanished, or subsided dramatically. I could go into them all, but it would just be sad reading.

There is no doubt my life has changed dramatically for the better! My focus, mental and emotional stability have improved like I never thought they would. And the best indicator of these changes is my wife noticing the improvements and telling me with tears in her eyes. Yikes.. I must of been a basket case before 🙂

It was interesting tracking my temps for the past three months and watching my daily average temps converge to within .2 degrees of each other as I worked the circadian method.

I know this journey is a long one. There is no end to learning, reading and adjusting our treatment. However, there is good management and people like you are the driving force behind the proper management and treatment of this disease.

I’ll be sure to post an update with more details in the future. However, I want to reach out now to let you know of the positive changes I’ve experienced.

For the reader’s information I use ERFA’s Thyroid (dessicated thyroid). Currently dosing 2 grains at 2:30am (circadian dose) and 2 grains in the early afternoon. Each tablet/grain of ERFA has 35mcg of T4 and 8mcg of T3.

Forever grateful,


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